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Currently August

Life · August 29, 2016

I am a huge fan of any “Currently” post. I see different variations of them all over blog world and they are always so much fun to read! I feel like it gives you a little insight into a person. So here is a Currently August edition for you guys!


Currently August….

Food: Pretzel Crisps and Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies are on constant rotation for my salty food loving baby on the way. I also eat Horizon String Cheese everyday! Hot chocolate has been a bit of an addiction the last month. Yes, it’s August.

Music: I have been listening to A LOT of Counting Crows because we are going to the concert in September! Other than that I mostly listen to podcasts and sports radio-football season!

TV: Andrew and I have for the last year or so been going through every season of Survivor. I have seen them all but Andrew hasn’t. We are watching them completely out of order though. Ooops! I really want to start Stranger Things, so we may do that soon. Oh and Bachelor in Paradise DUH!

Movies: I have now seen Bad Moms TWICE! It’s so good! Lots of upcoming movies I am looking forward to! We want to see the Edward Snowden movie!

Podcasts: My new favorite podcast is Dear Sally, which is a Felicity Podcast. I also love Here to Make Friends which is a Bachelor recap podcast. So funny! For my favorite podcasts check out this post and for the best podcasts for bloggers check here.

Clothing: Current weekday uniform: Lululemon crops, comfy t-shirt, sports bra, Nikes! I still don’t look SUPER pregnant, but this is the most comfy thing to wear right now.

Makeup: I recently picked up a new Burberry Mascara and I LOVE IT! I have only used it a few times but so far so good! I am also using Softlips Chapstick like it’s my job to combat my super chapped lips!

Books: I just read Everything We Keep it was VERY good! I have a lot on my to read list, and there will be another books post coming soon! Check out my books section of my blog if you need a suggestion!

Wishlisting: I would love a leather jacket for fall. That’s number one on my wish list right now!

What are your currently August edition favorites?

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