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Bloggers, Barre, And Bar

Life · Sponsored Post · June 25, 2016

If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time you will know I love barre classes. You will also know I love me an adult beverage. Mix those two things with bloggers and influencers in Dallas and you’ve got yourself a winning event of bloggers, barre, and bar!

Dallas B2B_1

Recently, I attended a event for the new Baileys Almande drink launch! If you don’t know about Baileys Almande let me paint you a picture. It is a gluten free, dairy free drink. It is made with real almond milk and tastes like the most perfect drink ever. Plus the bottle itself is BEAUTIFUL! It would look amazing on a bar cart and in your liquor cabinet. It can be enjoyed in several ways. A few of my personal favorite recipes will be in an upcoming blog post. The perfect drink for girl’s night out and summer events! Think about July 4th coming up and it’s the perfect mixer!

Dallas B2B_8

It was such a fun and gorgeous event. The barre studio was transformed with copper, gold, beautiful flowers, and of course a bar. There was a table set up with lots of toppings for drinks such as granola and fresh fruit! Just to let you know, the Baileys Almande is delicious in the form of a smoothie bowl. More on that in an upcoming blog post.

Dallas B2B_2

After all of the local bloggers and influencers arrived, there was a fun Pure Barre class taught by the amazing Taryn, one of my favorite instructors. Her classes are challenging and fun and that’s why barre classes are some of my favorite ways to work out.

Dallas B2B_5

After the class, us bloggers were treated to trying two different drinks made with Baileys Almande and mixed by the most fun and funny bartender. She is actually a mixologist at one of Andrew and my favorite restaurants in Dallas.

Dallas B2B_7

Dallas B2B_4

The bloggers also got to mingle and chat with the Baileys team, which was very informative.

As we were leaving we got the CUTEST gift bags. Canvas totes that said “Barre Tender” on them in gold. Seriously now my go to tote for summer. Inside the bag was a drink recipe card, a cute tank top, some facial cleansing wipes, Vita Coco, and a bottle of Baileys Almande.

It was probably my favorite event I have gone to in my nearly seven years of blogging. Thanks to Baileys for making the launch of Baileys Almande such a fun event and the best way to break up the week! Bloggers, Barre, and bar are always a great combo!

I am a Baileys Partner and received compensation for writing this post. However all opinions are my own. 

Photos Courtesy Of Amanda Kate Photography

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