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May Goals

Inspire · Life · May 2, 2016


Already time for May goals? How is that even possible? April was a pretty good month I feel. I did a lot of things outside. I turned another year older. My dad and husband both also turned another year older. We spent a lot of time with our families. We did some fun things to our house and we celebrated being married for a year and a half! Let’s see how I did on my goals!

In April I wanted to:

  1. Read 8 books. I swear one of these months I will read 8 books. I did finally read 8 books this month. I just finished my 8th 2 nights ago. I plan to do an updated list of must reads soon!
  2. Spend more time outside going for walks and jogs. Yes I spent a TON of time outside this month. Lots of trail walks, lots of time working on our porch swing. The weather has been lovely.
  3. Submit writings to new publications I’ve wanted to write for. Nope I did not do this.
  4. Write one personal blog post. Nope. Ugh. Maybe next month. There are things I really want to write about but I’m having a hard time getting the courage.
  5. Have non-birthday date nights with Andrew, at least 2! We went to see Wicked! So fun. We need a yogurt date soon!
  6. Spend less time on my phone at night. Yes. We have both been so much better about this.
  7. Care less about what people think. Can’t we all work on this? This is just a work in progress constantly.
  8. Cut myself some slack when I need to. Another work in progress but I feel like I was better this month.

Now let’s see what I would like to do in May.

In May I want to:

  1. Read 8 books. Let’s keep it going!
  2. Try a new workout-bonus if it’s an in the water workout!
  3. Do something nice for a stranger.
  4. Surprise Andrew with something.
  5. Keep flowers alive for more than 10 days. This is really wishful thinking.
  6. Cook something new to me.
  7. More veggies, less crap.
  8. More needs, less wants.

I would love to know what some of your May goals are! Tell me in the comments.

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