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So We’re Having A Baby

Life · Pregnancy · July 28, 2016

So we’re having a baby! Thank you everyone so much for all of the sweet messages, emails, and comments. We are really excited and I wanted to share some frequently asked questions today. Some of these were comments on my posts, or emails, tweets, or general questions from friends.


So We’re Having A Baby

Was this planned? Yep! We have actually been trying since February of 2015. After a lot of months, 3 surgeries, over 100 shots, and what feels like 3 million blood draws, I got pregnant via IVF and a FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer). It was our first round of IVF. I do plan to do a more in depth post about our fertility journey.

When did we find out? We found out on June 10th. I was 3 weeks and 6 days pregnant and it was 8 days after our FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer).

How do you already know it’s a boy? Andrew and I did PGD/PGS testing of our embryos because we are both carriers for a certain genetic disorder. It was recommended by several doctors that because we were both carriers we have this testing. During the testing we also had the option to find out the gender of the embryos. While we had no preference on gender and no plans to choose we still were curious. Turns out every single embryo was a boy. So we can safely assume we are having a boy 🙂

What are you symptoms? So far just super tired ALL THE TIME. I haven’t been sick but I get nauseous at night a lot. I have found that consistently eating small meals helps a lot.

Are you families excited? Yes very! For my parents this is the first grandchild so they are beyond thrilled. Andrew’s parents are super excited too because this will be their first grandson.  All of our close friends and family members have been so supportive of our journey with infertility so there were a lot of hugs and tears when we finally got to tell everyone we were in fact pregnant. None of them knew when we did the embryo transfer. We kept it a secret from everyone

How did you tell your families? We called my mom right after we found out and told her. She cried. Then we called Andrew’s mom who also cried. Then we called Andrew’s dad who was at work. We waited nine days and told my dad on Father’s Day. We actually have a video of this. We told the grandparents after we heard the heartbeat at 6 weeks 2 days. Then we started telling some close friends. By about 8 weeks we had told all of our close friends and family members.

When am I due? February 18th

Do we have a name picked out? Yes we do! But we are still figuring out the middle name.

Will I be blogging about my pregnancy? Yes and no. I do NOT plan to do weekly updates. I may do an update once a month or so. I do not plan to share a lot about our baby publicly. I have created a private Instagram and private section of the blog for close friends and family to read about it. There will be posts here and there about my pregnancy and the baby once he is here, but this is a part of our life that we do not feel comfortable sharing too much about with the world.

Any cravings or aversions? All of the salty foods all the time. I also am big about carbs (mainly breads, crackers, pastas, cereals). My main aversion has been oddly coffee. Yep starting at five weeks coffee made me very nauseous, so I have not had it since. I have heard from a lot of friends that after the first trimester they were able to drink coffee again, so I have high hopes. Also, chicken cooked particular ways is not my favorite. For a few weeks I was also really into sweets (cinnamon rolls, brownies, cookies) which was odd because I am not a big sweets person. I don’t really eat them often. Also randomly last weekend I wanted a milkshake which I hadn’t had in probably a decade.

Do you know how you will decorate the nursery? Yes we do! We have already painted it, and by we I mean Andrew. Other than that not much has been done yet but we have picked out furniture and we know what decor we will be using.

Are you still working out? Yep every day! I feel really good in the mornings. So I head to the gym first thing, but I’ve tried to lower the weights I do and just really listen to my body.

If you have any other questions please comment below and I will try to answer them!

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