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Cozy Holiday Linkup with Neely and Nicholl

Miscellaneous · December 21, 2012


The Cozy Linkup with Nicholl and I is finally here! Today please copy and paste our button above, link it in your post and make sure you are follow ing both Nicholl and Myself (by RSS for me) in order to be able to win the Starbucks gift card which will be given to one person that links up! Only requirements are you follow both of our blogs and you link up! Easy Peasy!!!!

So these are the things that make me feel cozy:

Starbucks Red Cups obviously


The glow of a Christmas tree or Christmas lights or my favorite Christmas Decorations…yes I’m Jewish

Cozy Socks with leggings

photo (94)

Comfy Sweaters

Being wrapped up in blankets watching my favorite Holiday movies such as Love Actually and The Holiday

photo (92)

Cuddling with my guy on the couch

Holding Hands



Hot Cocoa

photo (81)

Being surrounded by my loving family and amazing friends


Walks outside in chilly weather

A romantic dinner

Laying in bed on a freezing day

What makes you feel cozy?

Come link up with Nicholl and I and follow our blogs for a chance to win a Starbucks gift card to help keep yourself cozy!!



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  • 5 thoughts on “Cozy Holiday Linkup with Neely and Nicholl

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    2. Amber @ Momma In Bloom

      Can I just say, that I am so excited that you consider “Love Actually” a HOLIDAY movie! I wanted to watch this SOOO BAD the other night… told my hubby it was one of my favorite (not my most favorite, cuz that goes to The Muppet Christmas Carol) holiday movies, and he said it wasn’t a holiday movie!!! I am so dragging his tush over to the computer tonight to show him this! Thank ya’! 😉

    3. Nilda

      I adore Love Actually and haven’t gotten to watch it this holiday season. Your list of cozy things is absolutely fabulous! Have a great holiday!


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