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Dear Chicago

Miscellaneous · November 14, 2012

Dear Chicago,


Thank you so much for the wonderful time I spent with you 2 weeks ago. Especially these things….

Dear Bloggy Boot Camp, especially Tiffany and Fran you rocked it. I learned so much and I am already implementing some of the great tips(hello Lynette and google + Im on it). Thank you also for introducing me to wonderful new friends that I know I will cherish. I met some of the most amazing girls and I am so happy I got to spend time with them…code word Kittens! The adventures Jen and I had finding starbucks, sans coats and nearly dying trying to cross Michigan ave will live in my heart forever. The time at Gibsons and my love for Carl, the waiter who like Morgan Freeman can read me anything any day …Carl you missed your calling in life. I highly recommend you attend a Bloggy Boot Camp in 2013…I know I will be…probably more than one.

Dear Meghan, I am so sad I did not get to spend more time with you. But having dinner/drinks at the Four Seasons was so much fun. Especially when drinks are comped and red velvet cupcakes and donuts are involved. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend and always showing me a good time on my visits. Shout out to Julie and Sally as well. Love y’all!


Dear sickies, I do not appreciate you ruining my last 24 hours in Chicago with vomiting, a 102 fever and the chills. It was not enjoyable.

Dear Kells, Thanks for taking me to brunch and showing me Jasons restaurant. I love how I can hang out with high school friends like nothing has changed and having a blast with mimosas and more donuts…whats up with the donuts Chicago? I loved spending time with you and I cant wait til we live in the same city. Jason thanks for the super special friend discount at Crosby’s.

Dear Hyatt Regency Chicago. I have no words for you other than…you are the most amazing hotel I have stayed at ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Being upgraded to a suite was priceless and that view was AMAZING! My room was perfect, the service I got was perfect and everyone was wonderful. I will tell everyone I know to stay there upon visiting Chicago and I will definitely be back. I love that your room service is reasonably priced as I was very sick the last 24 hours so all of my meals were room service. I love that you have Tazo tea in your rooms which is my favorite. I love the comfy robes and soft towels. I love that the TV swiveled from my living room to bedroom. I love that down in the lobby you can buy goldfish crackers by the lb, and also bagels. I think the barista and I were on a first name basis on day 2. I think your Wifi was amazing and I never had issues. The bed was so comfortable that it was legit hard to get up in the mornings. Also thank you for not over charging me for the juice I needed from the mini bar when I was sick. I also think its really great that I needed scissors and someone brought me some in about 5 minutes. I have never had such great service at a hotel in my life. Seriously if you go to Chicago…STAY THERE! They are AMAZING! Oh so helpful and have fantastic food. Plus the location….I mean its ON MICHIGAN AVE! Oh and Big Bar…Major Win.



So once again Chicago, thank you for the fabulous time. I can’t wait to see you again soon and Hyatt Regency…keep that room ready for me 🙂





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  • 10 thoughts on “Dear Chicago

    1. Stacie

      I am so jealous that you got to go to another BBC!! So glad you had fun. Bummer that you got sick, but at least you had a mostly fabulous time. I’m till deciding on Blissdom in March. Just might see you there! Stacie xo

    2. Heather @Cookies For Breakfast

      OMG lady, so when’s the big move?!?! 😉 Chicago is like, my most favorite place in the world, aside from Disney World. I got chills just reading this post.

      Also? Freaking love that little chickadee sweater!! You’re killin me with the sweaters this week, between that and the polka dot IG one. Must. Go. Shopping.

    3. Maya D

      Great post, I’ve never been to chi-town but I plan on going someday. I have that writing pad and pen also, they are my go to… I absolutely loved the quote on the book, that’s what made me purchase it… did you catch yours on sale at Target? I got two of them for under $2.00 (but this was a few months ago)


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