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DIY Glitter Nails and a Giveaway from Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk

Miscellaneous · December 28, 2012
Hi y’all! I’m Sarah, and I blog at Scissors and a Whisk.
You’ll find total randomness on my blog — recipes, crafts, my husband or puppy, teaching, and just life in general. You know how that goes.
I’m am so so so excited to be here today on A Complete Waste of Makeup. Neely and I are more than just bloggy friends. We’ve met (along with Sar and Stephanie!) and even made a Christmas lip syncing video together! That’s true friendship right there.
Back to what this post is really about.
Glitter nails, to be exact.
DIY glitter nails!!!
How cute would it be if you paired up these diy nails with a smokin’ outfit for New Years Eve?
Give your nails some bling!


Nail polish
Loose glitter (mine was purchased on Born Pretty — lots of colors to choose from)
Top coat (not quick dry)
Piece of paper
1. Paint your nails how you’d normally paint them, excluding your accent nail(s). Only put a base coat on your accent nail(s). I use Essie’s Grow Stronger.
2. On the nail(s) you want to apply glitter, apply your (non quick drying) top coat. Immediately afterwards, dip your nail in the nail glitter container. If this doesn’t work, gently pour/shake a generous amount of glitter on to your nail with a piece of paper underneath.
3. Gently tap off excess onto the paper or back into the container.
4. Paint on another top coat or two. Once it’s dried, gently press down on the glitter to keep it in tact.
5. If you missed a small spot, you have two options. One — Apply a small amount of top coat polish to your brush and dip it into the glitter and apply to your nail. Reapply a top coat if necessary. Important — clean off the brush with toilet paper before placing it back into the bottle so you prevent glitter from mixing with your top coat. Two — Apply a small amount of top coat polish directly to your nail and re-apply glitter. Clean off the brush with toilet paper before placing it into the bottle.

Not only that…

I have a totally awesome giveaway coming your way!



Please enter below with Rafflecopter and go check out Sarah’s blog cause YOU WILL LOVE HER-Neely

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