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Miscellaneous · November 13, 2012

Last Week I asked a simple question on Twitter: What is your dream job?


I expected to get a lot of general responses but I loved what I saw/heard so much I had to share it.




Over the course of my life my dream has changed a few times as it does as  you get older. The one thing that never changed is I have always wanted to be a writer. Books, articles, for a newspaper, magazine, website, screenwriter etc. Writing is in my soul. I love it. This is why having a blog is so wonderful.


Something I have gotten into with Social Media is content writing. This is not only blog writing but also writing for all realms of Social Media. I absolutely love this! Its so fun to be creative and think outside of the box. I want to write a book, I want to be a regular contributor for Glamour Magazine, I want to be a travel blogger.


I love that I am living one of my dreams, and I cant wait to fulfill the rest of them.


What is your dream job?

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  • 12 thoughts on “Dreams

    1. Brit

      I love this! I landed a job at my dream company (TOMS) just a few months back in Marketing. I must admit it is a pretty amazing job/company. I live in La-La-Land literally so I would love to own a production company with my husband one day and help him make movies. That would be the life!

    2. Whitney

      I wish I knew! Haha. I’ve always been a creative person, so I want to be a writer/photographer/boutique owner like Kiki La Rue. I’ve always wanted to work for myself, and hate working for others. I always feel take advantaged of and not given credit for when credit is due. Maybe one day!

    3. Rhonda

      How fun to see my tweet at the top of your blog post!

      I forgot to add Writer to my dream jobs as well! I have been doing it for so long – unpaid – that it’s second nature and I forget it sometimes!

    4. Social

      Love the topic!! I am currently doing my dream job, but I would love to be a finger nail polish tester! Getting my nails done or doing my nails is a pure delight! I could get used to that job!!!

    5. Sam

      Being more successful with my real estate business… Creating one big business where I offer real estate services for buyers & sellers, along with home organization, staging & design.
      Also, collaborating with Jeff Lewis Designs (was super surprised to see someone else mention this above!


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