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Friday is my Second Favorite F Word

Neely Lately · September 27, 2013


Well its actually its my first favorite F word…


What I love about this Friday you ask? THE STATE FAIR OF TEXAS OPENS TODAY!

Its extra special this year for two reasons:

1. A and my first year to go together

2. Big Tex burned down last year and for those of you who grew up in Texas, Dallas specifically you know how upsetting that was so the unveiling of the new big tex is a really big deal.

Here is a picture of Big Tex last year….a few weeks before his untimely death…tear



Also on the docket this weekend….Some Cowboys football, some really nice weather, some College football(WHOOP go Aggies), Buying a trashcan for the new place…yes this is the last item on our list besides a few odds and ends we will buy post move.

Also actually relaxing 🙂


Then Sunday…

Oh Sunday….the SERIES FINALE of …




I dont know who else of you watches it besides my friend Ash Bowers but good lord if you haven’t I highly suggest watching it now…like stop reading this post, and go watch it.

Its one of my all time favorite shows and its so amazing! Im sad its ending especially since Dexter had the worst ending ever last week and I still haven’t recovered from that and How I met your mother is ending this year too. God TV stop taking the good shows AWAY!


So what are your weekend plans?

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  • 10 thoughts on “Friday is my Second Favorite F Word

    1. colleen

      I am so jealous! The State Fairs in the Midwest and South are BIG deals, the State Fair in Maryland SUCKS! I get so sad every September and super homesick because I want to be home (in Kansas) for the State Fair :)! Have a blast and pretty please take lots of pics so I can live vicariously through YOU :)!

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