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Happies and Crappies

Miscellaneous · February 1, 2013

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up
Aside from my own linkups this may be my favorite….but I also love linking up with Steph and Sarah so theres that
Time for this weeks Happies and Crappies 
This weeks Happies:
Everything about last weekend
Rainstorms when I dont feel well…oddly it helps
New Sheets on my bed…the best
Alone time when I really need it
Wine, Couch and A combo….my favorite
Ice Cream on cold nights…again oddly helpful
Superbowl parties this Sunday
Being proud of myself for not buying anything all week!
Super successful #trendyontwitter first party 
A in general cant help it he’s the best
This weeks Crappies:
Daddy having an awful week and not feeling well
Missing A the nights we dont see each other
Being overloaded with work since I did no work last weekend
Realizing Tuesdays aren’t the same when Parenthood isn’t on
The horrible changes in weather in Texas…making my sinus’ kill
Being forgetful
What are your happies and crappies??

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  • 5 thoughts on “Happies and Crappies

    1. Lexie

      I love rain to when I am down. My crappie is that horrendous cold I have had all week, the weather has been in the 70’s and I have been indoors.
      Crappie-3 nights of being kept awake by coughing.
      Crappie-running out of kleenex when you have a runny nose
      Happy-Good friend bringing said kleenex and ice cream to the rescue.
      Happy The Carrie Diaries. First time my TV goes on on a Monday ever. And Dallas, oh Dallas how I love you. Its an hour of pure indulgence.
      Crappie-The Vampire Diaries-is it just me or is it just the same thing every week. The bloom is off my VD romance.
      Crappie-4th day of cold and not feeling any better.
      Happy=Walk on the beach and seeing over 100 newly hatched baby seagulls last weekend. Beauitful.
      Crappie- The Stuipdbowl-am sick of hearing about the dumb game and could care less. The hype is nausating.


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