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It’s OK Thursday

Miscellaneous · November 15, 2012

Its Ok Thursdays

Another week another It’s OK Thursday another chance to say what’s OK with you this week!

Note we WILL be having It’s OK Thursday next Thursday on Thanksgiving so make sure you schedule your posts ahead of time cause the linkup will be happening….consider making it themed thats always fun no?

It’s OK….

To have a bout of cleaning OCD…true story I cleaned every single surface over a 3 day period….god knows what I will be like pregnant and nesting(No I am not pregnant!)

To be disappointed in the season premiere of Teen Mom 2…I wanted MORE!!!

To put the computer away at 6 PM and strictly use the iPad…its how I roll

To feel good after taking a car full of clothes, shoes, and random odds and ends I dont use to good will

To feel even better about donating all of my ad money to the Red Cross. Did you know if you purchase an ad space right now and use code HELP for 50% off all the money goes to Red Cross for Hurricane Relief 🙂

To splurge on some sweaters now that its colder

To have a thing for fuzzy socks…they are the best

To also have a new thing for wearing 2 pairs of socks with boots

To be happy that daddy is done with CHEMO!!!!! Stem Cell transplant in January and then he’s done(Hopefully) Forever! BEST NEWS EVERRRRRR

To think some of the user made someecards are not funny at all

To think pinterest should be considered an addiction for which people need rehab…yes me

To be shocked Spencer and Heidi are still married

To think if Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner get divorced I will be shocked and probably not be consolable….

This…just this…

What’s OK with you this week? Link up with Amber and I and dont forget to link up next Thursday on Thanksgiving!!!

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  • 17 thoughts on “It’s OK Thursday

    1. Tarole

      Love that picture hahahaha! That’s great about your Dad being done with treatment 🙂 And I’m totally shocked about Spencer and Heidi. I forgot about them until now! Linking up!


    2. Diana

      I found you from Steph at The Vintage Modern Wife! I love Its Ok Thursday!! I love fuzzy fun socks too and how funny is the taco photo!! PS glad to hear about your dad, what a wonderful Thanksgiving your family will have to celebrate good news! xoxo

    3. Kait

      Donating ad money to Red Cross? You are so freaking outstanding. Is there a way to nominate you for compassionate blogging? #ButReallyThough

    4. Helene

      haha, the last picture, awesome.
      I am so so so glad to hear your Dad is ok, we have a lot in common. My fingers are crossed for my dad, he is just starting chemo, but this isn’t our first bout with chemo in my family.
      I am splurging on tons of sweaters too, it’s bad.
      but it’s especially ok that I get to see you today!

    5. Amy G.

      I’ve put on fuzzy socks every night that I’ve come home this week and LOVE IT! I’m so excited to hear the news about your daddy! That’s amazing. Tons of prayers continuing to go his way though!

    6. Amber

      Okay a few things.. that taco meme?! I die. Seriously, dying laughing.

      I’m so glad Marky Mark is done with chemo!!!! Wooo!!!!!!

      Also, you totally should’ve let me pick through your clothes before you donated! 😉

    7. Rikki @ A Woman, Her Cats & Some Books

      I also love fuzzy socks! I wear boots with skirts to work almost every day in the winter and while I look very professional and put together on the outside, I always have a little secret – super comfy, brightly colored, fuzzy socks over my tights inside my boots. It’s amazing when I travel for work and have to take said boots off at the airport – half the time my socks don’t match one another (and certainly don’t match my outfit!) and the security guards always get a kick out of it!

    8. Jackie

      Two pairs of socks with boots=how I roll.

      OHMYGOSH I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT YOUR DAD’S NEWS! That is so amazing. It actually brought tears to my eyes to read b/c I remember reading your post last year about everything and just feeling my heart break for you. I am so glad he is doing better, Neely. So glad. What a difference a year makes!

    9. Julie

      Are there rumors floating about Ben & Jen?? I would be devasted too if that happens – however I haven’t heard of anything if its out there.

    10. Kallay

      LOL!!! I saw that pic the other day on Facebook and was eternally grateful that I wasn’t in a library. I could NOT stop laughing.

      Hooray for no more CHEMO! 😀 Congratulations!

    11. Brooke

      Girl, you had me laughing at the Spencer and Heidi things…haven’t thought about them for a couple of years, but WOW…are they still together. Never saw that happening.

    12. Shelley

      I thought you didn’t want kids!! 🙂 You said “WHEN” you are pregnant. Ha!

      I love the taco pictures.

      I LOVE the news about your dad! Yay!!

      I think that’s awesome you donate so much. Good for you!

      Love you, girly!


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