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It’s OK Thursday

Miscellaneous · December 27, 2012

Its Ok ThursdaysHey Friends! It’s OK Thursday time!!!

So obviously we have two crazy short weeks which is awesome but how much is week after next gonna suck? Right?

It’s OK….

To have been overly excited when A got back from Houston

To be hoarding my Christmas gift cards

To be pumped for a super low key New Years Eve with friends and wine

To be ready for 2012 to END

To know 2013 is going to the best year EVER

To think everyone should use discount code NEW and get any ad space on my blog for 50% off right now!!! Shameless plug

To miss the bestie who has been gone for like 10 days already grrr come back

To be in shock that monkey will be 2 next month!!! How did that happen??


To be glad that dad gets his stem cell transplant in a few weeks then all of the crappy cancer stuff will be OVER…yay Daddy!!!

To think this is just pure fantastic-ness

Source: via Neely on Pinterest




Am I right or am I right?

What’s OK with you this week?

Link up with Amber and I!! We love having you!!!

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  • 7 thoughts on “It’s OK Thursday

    1. Kenzie S

      I can’t believe New Years is right around the corner.. Time flies! Especially with kids, one minute they are a baby and the next they are all grown up. That is such a cute picture of Monkey! Aww 😀
      That’s great that that will be your dad’s last go round and he will be done with cancer!

    2. Amber @ Momma In Bloom

      Love pics of brand-stinkin’ new little babies! Sending good vibes your father’s way that his stem cell transplant goes well and takes and that he makes a quick, speedy recovery! Love your e-card… funny story, my sister-in-law got the Hubby and I a bottle of wine for Christmas, I had a glass last night, got super tipsy from it, guess that’s what happens to your tolerance when you spend the last 3 1/2 years mostly pregnant or nursing, HA!


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