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Neely Lately

Miscellaneous · December 26, 2012

Happy Day after Christmas to everyone!


Time for a much needed dose of Neely Lately 🙂


I know when Holidays are Mondays AND Tuesdays because look its already Weds and that means its almost Friday and we have another Holiday week next week! LOVES IT!


First up I have a NEW AD CODE DISCOUNT! You should totes be using because the new year is bringing a crap ton of new traffic to the blog. So many big things just prepare for your mind to be blown! Use code NEW for a major discount! Pageviews and Social Media traffic are growing like crazy so you should def jump on board 🙂


The best friend gave me the cutest Kate Spade purse for Christmas


Clearly you know I have a new man in my life but you know what….he cooks! Just A cooking me dinner and being awesome….and adorable 🙂


Also A fixing my laptop and adding new memory…he can do it all girls!


We went last week and Saw This is 40…it was OK…a little too long but if you are OK with long movies its worth watching.



I got some goods for Christmas including a lot of Kate Spade, clothes, Gift cards to Northpark, JCrew, Starbucks, My mani/pedi place and more…I feel unbelievably blessed

photo52 photo51 photo50 photo44 photo42

Pictured above are items to review from Kendra Scott Jewelry!!

I also got a new Kate Spade iPhone 5 case sadly its back ordered…womp womp

Im still waiting on pathology reports from my surgery which is really frustrating!



 My annoyed face


The LLC paperwork has started for my blog/social media business and freelance writing! Can’t wait til its official!!!! EEEEEK! Doing shiz the legal way!


I think I watched the Holiday 12 times this Christmas season…whatever I watch it all year round!

We are celebrating New Years with one of my favorite couples, Don and Meg and I am thrilled to have a low key night in at their place with games and wine and of course to start the New Year off with my man!




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  • 12 thoughts on “Neely Lately

    1. Jennifer

      Love this post. I love the bag your friend got you. Again, happy for you with A! We are also having a low-key NYE. I asked Aaron last night, what do you think the chances of us actually being awake at Midnight are? He said , most likely NONE.

    2. LWLH

      We saw This is 40 this week too and I agree.
      I thought it was a good movie but yeah, they could have wrapped that shizz up a half hour earlier.

    3. meghan

      Looks like you got great stuff! Can’t wait for the new year. Something about it always gives me such a sense of purpose and a chance to start fresh on new goals!

    4. Illegally Blonde

      New man is cute! Also saw This is 40… i just felt like some of the scene were unneeded and awkward like the two dads and some other ones… it dragged but when it was funny it was great! Glad you had a great Christmas.

    5. Liz

      We saw This is 40 on Christmas as well and agree, it was just okay.

      Any chance that you’re doing more of the ‘Sunday Socials’? I’d love to get involved with that!

    6. Niki

      Looks like an awesome Christmas haul. That is awesome that A was able to fix your computer. 🙂 Men that are handy = awesome. 🙂

      I have been trying to decide if I wanted to see This is 40 or not. The previews never really jumped out at me.

      New things for me? well trying to get my new blog up and running. Waiting for my new school laptop to get here. I am getting crafty. I am trying my hand at jewelry making. We will see how it goes. 🙂

      Have a good one. See you around on twitter. 🙂


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