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Packing Tips

Organization · November 21, 2012


It is no secret that I am an overpacker but that does not mean I am not a MASTER PACKER! I always have way more than I need and MOST of the time I stay under 50 lbs.


Recently I went to Chicago and had to put my great packing tips to motion because packing for a winter weather destination is tough as all of your clothes are a lot heavier.




1. PLAN ahead. To me this is stalking the weather channel app on my phone for weeks leading up to the trip and making sure that I have everything I need. I am a big fan of travel sized items because depending on how long you are gone for you can throw them out before you leave the hotel etc which frees up some room in your suitcase for the things you may buy ahead of time. This to me is also finding out things like are their drug stores near by if I need something I forget? etc.

2. Outfit Plan ahead. This is helpful when you get to the day of packing if you have already made a list. I ALWAYS make a packing list. My mom instilled this in me at a young age and I always have done it. This is helpful for making sure you remember things like socks, phone charger, moisturizer or other random things that maybe you’d forget. I also make a list of morning packing items that must wait til the last minute(phone charger, makeup, flat iron, snacks etc). If you plan your outfits ahead once you start pulling things out of your closet you will feel so much more organized.

3. Next: Once you pull things out of your closet lay them all out on your bed separately  Then start to put outfits together in piles. Leggings/pants/shorts with tops/tanks/sweaters/scarves and shoes. Some scarves and shoes would obviously go with more than one outfit and when you see that lay those outfits next to each other. My rule of thumb is for each type of outfit(day, night, dressy) I bring one extra. Why? Because we all have that “I look fat in this” moment or you may spill something and having a backup is good! This is a good way to avoid packing 12 tops you dont need, or 6 pairs of jeans for a 4 day trip. Remember jeans COULD be worn more than once if you dont get them dirty and I also wear my PJs two nights in a row. This saves space too. Then I pack my outfits together in the suitcase with all shoes on the bottom laying flat covering the bottom of the suitcase. I stuff socks and scarves into boots and flats to help them both keep shape and to save room. In smaller pockets I put bras, underwear, sports bras, extra socks etc. Then on top of clothes I put clutches, purses etc. I try to have my main purse on the flight with me and bring only clutch type purses for night time. I always leave a space for my toiletry kit, makeup bag, hair dryer, flat iron etc.

4. Finally, I look back over my list to see what needs to be moved from the main list to the morning of list and double check everything. I always take one extra pair of socks, underwear etc and always a bathing suit regardless of the destination or time of year…you just never know! I also travel with ziplock bags and and a foldable travel laundry bag so dirty clothes can be separated on the way back. I also take my jewelry in my carry on along with my travel papers.


Remember that most cities you can find things you have forgotten or if you are with friends can borrow something. I find the most useful of these tips to be placing outfits together because this tends to be where people over pack.

I just know that this way always works for me and I usually still have clothes I dont wear but I feel good about not packing too much unnecessary stuff!


What are your packing tips?

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  • 5 thoughts on “Packing Tips

    1. Kate

      I roll my clothes now, thanks to a video I saw on Pinterest of flight attendants packing. It SAVED us for Disney! 7 days, 2 adults, 2 toddlers, diapers, wipes, snacks, cups, plates…a disaster.

      Packing lists are essential. My aunt and uncle and their 2 kids are going to Hawaii tomorrow and haven’t started packing. That’d be nightmare inducing!

    2. Christina

      I have standard lists saved on my computer. By theme: Weekend-Warm, Weekend-Cold, Weekend-Romantic, Weekend-Family, Funeral, Family Event, Etc.

      For the most part they’re basic lists. Such as: Jeans+tank+ dark sweater+boots+long necklace; knee length skirt+silk shell+cardigan+dark heels; leggings +tunic + boots;

      That way if I have to take a quick trip somewhere, I can print them out and have basics ready.

    3. Kaileigh

      No matter how much I try to prepare for a trip, I’m usually up the morning of my flight trying to throw everything in the suitcase. I read all the packing tips I can and it still happens. I just need someone to come pack for me and make sure I’m ready to go.


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