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This Weekend I…

Miscellaneous · November 19, 2012


This weekend I had so much fun! It was the perfect mix of relaxing, time with friends and family and everyone who matters to me and Neely time….plus I made new friends!


This Weekend I….


Had a lovely Friday of getting laundry done, relaxing, watching The Hunger Games and eating some yummy pizza and wine….


Woke up early early Saturday morning, did a Pure Barre workout at home, showered, got dressed in many layers, grabbed a Starbucks and went to the Young House Love book launch at West Elm here in Dallas. I got there at 8:30 and the signing started at 11. I was 20th in line and made some fabulous new friends. We spent our 2.5 hours chit chatting about blogging, books, DIY, Dallas, our blogs, ourselves, and laughing at the people who decided to show up at 11..sillies.


I met John and Sherry from Young House Love and they could not have been nicer, cuter and more welcoming! I heart them.

I ate a giant heart cookie and a giant house cookie and yummy cocoa that was catered at West Elm.

I spent Saturday afternoon running errands and blogging and watching the Aggies


I also added my new book to my nightstand fav books

I bought some new Sperry boots

I went to see Twilight at iPic with the best friend and had yummy food and wine and after we went to Dulce for yummy tres leches cake



I watched Love Actually

I watched the Cowboys in comfy clothes and spent Sunday relaxing….thank GAWD they pulled that win out….


I am pretty sure this ranks as one of my favorite weekends as of late…it was the perfect mix of what I needed.




What did you do this weekend?

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  • 15 thoughts on “This Weekend I…

    1. laura

      awww man i would have so loved to have stood in line to see them…i could have made the cookies hahaha

      as for weekend..i can’t remember…weekends are the same as weekdays here..i never get a break

    2. Chelsea

      Sounds awesome!!! Love that you made bloggie friends in the lineup 🙂 Too good.
      Also, after I saw that pic on your Instagram I literally requested all but one of those books from the library HAH!


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