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Today I Think That…

Inspire · January 14, 2014

Today I Think That…


Certain things can be solved with a talk with my mom or dad

Best friends are not measured by the time you’ve known them but how they treat you

Sometimes it really is too little too late

A comfy hoodie and yoga pants are just where its at

Curling up with a good book and a latte are just necessary to the day

There is nothing wrong with having an addiction to Chapstick or lip gloss

You don’t need to wear makeup to feel beautiful

The way he looks at me, can make my day better in a second

Sweet notes are the best gifts ever

You make decisions that are scary but they usually come at the best possible times in your life

A girls purse is a black hole for receipts

Friendships are a two way street not a one way road

Peppermints are the best

Nothing like lighting a candle and pouring a glass of wine

And finally…





What do you think today?



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  • 17 thoughts on “Today I Think That…

    1. Lexie

      Yes I agree to. Best friends are measured in how they treat you. I recently found that out the hard way. Flannel PJ’s by 7 pm are always ok, lip balm addictions are necessary in life and normal. and yes not every day requires make up to feel beautiful. I went out yesterday without make up and 2 nice looking men flirted with me. We do always have a choice which is why I choose to make choices to make my life better for myself.

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