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Wedding Wednesday: Check it off the list

Wedding · January 15, 2014

So I would like to think I’m a rather unconventional bride. I have a planner but not until the month of our wedding. Or well 6 weeks before. Her name is Kristin and I love her!

We got engaged on a Wednesday and Thursday morning I was up and making things happen. I was all about lets Check it off the list. Why? Because our wedding is during the biggest football weekend in Dallas AKA TX/OU weekend! Yeah if you know what that is you are probably thinking…YOU ARE CRAZY!  Well that date also has meaning! Its one year from the date A and I moved in together and we loved that idea. So the date was set and I got on top of things because I did not want things taken for that weekend and I knew they would be. Within 17 days I had our venue for the ceremony and reception, our photographer, videographer, Rabbi, Rehearsal dinner spot, my wedding planner, bridesmaid dresses picked out, menu set, DJ, piano player for ceremony, etc. The only MAJOR things I have not done are the cake and my dress. We even have our Save the dates done. They are being mailed out next week!

Plus our website is up and running 🙂  OH and we have registered

Some think oh wow she’s on top of things, or Oh wow she’s really doing things super fast. But let me explain some things to you:

1. Its TX/OU weekend…please look it up

2. I have a full time job, a full time blog and a full time fiancée that all need my attention. No one told me wedding planning was ALSO a full time job.

3. I would like to eventually have some free time back

So Checking it off the list was just something that HAD to be done!

I do feel a huge sense of relief even though I have tons left to do(those tiny details).

This is a pretty general guide but can be helpful to some brides that may need it


How long did it take you to start planning your wedding?

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  • 12 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: Check it off the list

    1. Meg O.

      Giiiiiirl, you are really impressive! I planned a wedding in nine months and it was so stressful! You have done so much in a short time that the last couple of things should be a breeze! Haha.

    2. Julie

      By the time we got married, I had all my ideas ready to go for our big day because we had been in so many weddings by then that we knew what we wanted. My goal was to have everything done by the time I went away for my bachelorette party, the weekend before, so I’d have a full week to relax…and that goal was met!

      You’re doing good! 🙂

    3. Vicki

      I’m right there with you. I have my dress, venue, Photopgrapher, Videographer, DJ, officiant … The only BIG thing I have left is the favors, invites, and my sisters MOH dress!

    4. Sara

      I considered Texas/OU weekend for our wedding… and then I got the hotel rates from the hotels we were considering blocks at.

      You are in for an adventure, but the weather will be ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!!

    5. Shannon Gosney

      I am engaged too and totally know what you’re talking about. We’re getting married on a cruise next February and I already have my wedding dress and have the budget for the cost of alterations, etc. So excited to be marrying the love of my life!


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