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Why this year is different

Miscellaneous · November 9, 2012

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite Holidays. I love the traditions. I love pie. I love carbs. I love that there is no religion behind it. I just love it.


I love that I spend the first half of the day with my dads family. I love that we watch football and eat dinner at halftime. I love that my cousins and I drink together and there are lots of giggles and laughs.

I love that my mom invites lots of friends over, both past and present and anyone that has already eaten or doesn’t have a place to go is welcome at her house.


This year has been tough for me and for my family. Especially my dad for obvious reasons. All year I kept saying “I cant wait til Thanksgiving because dad will be better.” Well here we are just a couple of weeks away from Thanksgiving and dad is not better. He has had a really rough few months and though he is on the upswing. I know this year is different. I know this picture of us that was taken just one year ago is far from where he is now….


Thanksgiving 2011

I am so thrilled with how far he has come in the past few months. There was a time in early August where I did not think he would make it through the night and now each passing day I am so thankful that I still have my dad.


This year is different. This year I feel as though I truly have so much to be thankful for. I am thankful for your thoughts and prayers for my family and I. I am thankful for my friends and their love and support. I am thankful for my mom and how much I can lean on her. I am thankful for my extended family. I am thankful most of all that my dad will be sitting on that couch with me Thanksgiving Day, cheering on the Cowboys, telling me to slow down on the wine, and fighting over the rolls.


This year is different.



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  • 13 thoughts on “Why this year is different

    1. Maya

      Every given moment we spend with our loved ones is truly a gift from the Most-high himself. You are doing the right thing, giving your dad his flowers now. Family is definitely a gift that we should all cherish and not take for granted. I hope this Thanksgiving turns out to be one of the best ones yet.

      Maya D.

    2. Amy G.

      So happy that your daddy is on the up and up! Prayers to continue for sure. I absolutely love how Thanksgiving really brings of blessed and grateful we are to the front of our minds. We have so much that it’s easy to take things for granted! Happy Friday my love!

    3. Jules

      What a sweet post and how lucky that your Dad is strong and still here for you. Enjoy the time and all the small things. Slow down on life, not wine.

    4. Jess @ PrettyPhysicist

      It’s great that your dad is doing better. I’ve learned since I lost grandparents that you need to treat each day, holiday, special occasion, etc like it will be the last because it might be. A little sad to think about, unless you think about how much you should be focusing on enjoying your time together rather than making everything perfect and missing out on that time. Because it is the PEOPLE that matter, not the small things. XOXO

    5. Kate

      Hi Neely, I’m a new follower. This post really hit home a little bit. My dad is also not in the greatest of conditions. Since I went off to college in 2006 he has steadily declined and been in the hospital constantly. Just this past year he was forced to undergo a hip replacement at the age of 50. I hope you father is doing better.

    6. Amanda

      It’s crazy how much a difference a year can make, but I’m glad that this holiday is a reminder of how grateful you are for the time that you get with your dad and that he IS on the upswing! Lots of love being sent your way 🙂

    7. Mrs in Training

      Aw, love, you do have so much to be thankful for, but I know we all can’t wait til the day you post that your dad has kicked ass and life can go back to normal. I hope you have an AMAZING thanksgiving and can keep as many traditions as possible 🙂 xo


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