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9 Things I Am Doing More Of

Fitness and Health · Life · May 21, 2018

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I feel like when I find myself in a funk or my anxiety gets really bad I have to look at what I am doing every day and see what I need to do more of and less of. Usually that makes me feel A TON better. So I wanted to share 9 things I am doing more of. They may help you too!

9 Things I am Doing More Of

  • Yoga: I was really great about yoga practice at the beginning of the year and it just kind of fell apart in March and April. Towards the end of April it got a lot better and I notice such a difference in my mental state when I even do 15 minutes of yoga a day! I try to do it before Liam wakes up because I feel like my mood is good all day!
  • Meditating: Just like with yoga I started so strong and then just got busy! Here’s the thing about meditation; it really does help! When I do it I feel less anxious and I feel like I sleep better. My overall health feels better.
  • Eating salads: So this may sound weird because I love salads and I probably eat them more often than most. I even have a favorite salad chopper (you need it, it’s life changing). But I have been making more fresh summer chopped salads and I love love love them!
  • Asking for help: With EVERYTHING I need help with! Sometimes we suck at asking for help and we work ourselves to death trying to do everything. You can’t do it all.
  • Reading: Reading calms me. It makes me happy. It makes me feel good! So I have been trying to read every single day. Some days it’s 2 hours some days it’s 10 minutes.
  • Putting my phone down: When I get in bed at night I have been trying to just plug my phone in and be done with it. Watch TV with Andrew, or read, or both! But I have been trying to be on my phone less. The result… much better sleep and more quality time!
  • Calling my grandparents: So I call and see my grandparents pretty often, but you know what, there’s no such thing as too much. I am so lucky to be 34 and still have both my dad’s parents!
  • Seeing my friends: So when you are married, and have a baby, and have a full time job seeing friends is hard. Thank god for friends with babies the same age! It really makes seeing them a lot easier. Also thank god for friends that always say yes to Tex Mex and cookie dough dates!
  • Taking Liam on outings: I have spoken a little about the anxiety I felt when Liam was a baby about taking him places alone. I had a lot lot lot of anxiety. I thought the worst things would happen and we stayed home A LOT or we went places with others. I have tried to take him SOMEWHERE every single day. Even if it’s the grocery store or Starbucks. We have so much fun and he loves car rides.

These are things I am doing more of in hopes that maybe my quality of life will improve just a little and my anxiety will dissipate 🙂

What is something you are doing more of?

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