10 Things To Buy During Amazon Prime Day

Tomorrow begins Amazon Prime Day so this is definitely the post you want to save and reference back to! I have purchased all of these things over the past several years and they are all things I would absolutely suggest…

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Weekend Reading

Happy Friday friends! I am definitely ready for this weekend. We have some fun family swim time tomorrow, and honestly not much planned otherwise which if you know you know, I love! I do have a little casual dinner with…

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7.8.24 26

8 Things To Do Every Sunday

I feel like there are two types of people when it comes to Sundays: those who dread it and those who love it. Those who get the Sunday scaries and those who just love the start of the new week.…

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July 2024 Goals

Hard to believe it’s July and yet here we are! My kids go back to school in 6 weeks which is wild because I feel like summer just started. July is always a favorite month of mine because July 4th…

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6.17.24 13

8 Ways To Feel Successful Each Day

To feel successful is going to be different for everyone. I like to end my days feeling like I accomplished something and did the most I could with my time. Sure, that doesn’t always happen and some day I am…

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