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Where To Find Strength As A New Mom

Mom Stuff · Sponsored Post · May 23, 2017

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I don’t think anything can really prepare you for motherhood. Books, articles, weekly updates telling you what fruit size your baby is, all of those things are great but they don’t REALLY prepare you. I remember friends telling me “Just wait…” I used to roll my eyes but now I get it. As moms we always put others before us. Our babies, husbands, work, everything. I am partnering with Similac to share what gives me strength as a mom and also a bit about their StrongMoms® program.

Where To Find Strength As A New Mom

My Mom: My mom is AMAZING. She has always been my biggest cheerleader, biggest support, and best friend. Becoming a mom gave me a new respect for her and also a new need for her. The amount of questions I have asked her in the middle of the night or frantic phone calls I can’t even count. The night before we brought Liam home I begged her to meet us at the house the next day and she selflessly did our laundry, unpacked us, cleaned, did dishes, and helped get us settled. She has encouraged me and supported me since day one, and now as a mom I feel she does so much more than she even realizes.

(early weeks of mommahood so excuse the hot mess)

Mom Friends: It is so important as a new mom to have other moms to lean on, vent to, and confide in. I have met some amazing moms in my area as well as reconnected with friends who ended up having babies the same week as I did. It’s been so helpful! Being able to text a mom friend when you are at your wits end, having them show up with wine and coffee when your baby is sick because they know what you need. Having them text you and tell you “you’ve got this!” It gives me so much strength! So much strength as a new momma. I highly suggest joining some kind of moms group in your area. I have found it so wonderfully helpful!

Online: A great resource for moms is Similac’s StrongMoms program, which offers up to $400 in rewards, as well as regular emails with tips and your baby’s growth and development! Another great resource is joining Facebook groups for moms that gave birth around the same time you did! I love the few Facebook groups I joined at the encouragement of a mom friend. So great to ask for advice, vent, and connect with moms all over.

As moms we have to remember we are in this together. We can’t judge each other, or compete with each other. We MUST lift each other up and give each other strength in this journey called motherhood.

Sharing this video again because it’s SO GOOD

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