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Thoughts On Judgement

Fitness · Inspire · Sponsored Post · December 2, 2016

I feel like judgement is happening everywhere. From who you voted for, to what you look like at the gym, to being #TeamLogan or #TeamJess (we all have opinions there). We are constantly judged for our positions on things, our views, our appearance, it goes on and on and on. Today I am partnering with Planet Fitness to share some thoughts on judgement with you guys.


Thoughts on Judgement in blogging…

I know in the blogging world judgement is EVERYWHERE. We are judged mostly by other bloggers but sometimes just people who read blogs. As a blogger I feel I have been judged for topics I have written about, topics I have not written about, lately I have even been judged for not blogging more about my pregnancy. Yes, it gets to me because I am human. You’d have to be superhuman to not let judgements get to you, but I try to remember that when people make judgements on me it has nothing to do with me and everything to do with them. It’s a really great reminder. If you are a blogger and you feel the urge to judge another blogger, try to remember that we are all here trying to do our thing and we shouldn’t be judging each other, we should be helping each other.

Thoughts on Judgement with appearance…

This one is my biggest pet peeve. I am not someone who puts on makeup for the gym. Thankfully Planet Fitness is a Judgement Free Zone®! I should not be judged for this. I also don’t feel the need to put on makeup every day or to go run errands. I don’t need to do my hair everyday (a pony tail suits me fine). This is OK. Why are we judging others on their appearance? This is more and more prevalent with the social media age and celebrities. We even judge celebrities for not putting on makeup. I was flipping through a magazine recently and came across a spread about celebrities out without makeup on. So? I go out without makeup on. Why should they have spend an hour to get ready to go drop their kids off at school or grab a Starbucks?

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Thoughts on Judgement with opinions…

Lord this election season was brutal. I feel like I was bad about judging others and I know others judged me. We have to remember that we all want the best for our country, and while that may not always align with what others think we are all on the same team. But even beyond the election I feel like we are constantly judged on opinions. I have had people even pass major judgement on me for shipping certain TV relationships. You guys this is silly! Having different opinions even on the silly things makes the world a more fun place. We are all entitled to our own opinions and we in no way should be judging others for theirs. Something I need to remind myself of OFTEN! Planet Fitness believes You Belong®.

I would love if you shared your thoughts on judgement with me and vow to be a part of the Judgement Free Generation®.

This post is sponsored by Planet Fitness and The Judgement Free Generation®. All words and opinions are my own.

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