5.13.24 13

Best Places To Shop In Dallas

Who doesn’t love to shop? While I do prefer online shopping, Dallas just has so many great options. Plus it’s a fun thing to do with friends, or even alone. I love taking my daughter shopping because she just thinks…

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5.6.24 18

Summer Shorts Guide For Moms

At 40 years old finding shorts that work for not only my body but my age and stage of life can be tough. Most of my days are spent with my kids and I always want to make sure I…

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5.1.24 11

May 2024 Goals

Happy May! School is wrapping up and it’s almost summer time here in Texas! We are going to the beach in a few weeks and I am ready for the month! So many exciting things ahead but first I want…

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4.29.24 1

10 Things April 2024

I had a lot of random bits and pieces to share and I thought one brain dump post would be a good plan. I always love reading posts like this from other creators. This is just 10 things for April…

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Weekend Reading

Happy Weekend friends! We have a busy one up ahead with 2 soccer games, 2 parties, and a fun activity for Liam. But before we all head off into the weekend it’s time for some weekend reading! Weekend Reading What…

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