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June 2020 Goals

Inspire · Life · June 1, 2020

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June already. I swear March and April just crept by but May flew. We are deep into the summer swing here but I wanted to share my June 2020 goals and also see what I got accomplished in May.

June 2020 Goals

What I wanted to do in May…

  • Continue workouts, WW, and 10K daily steps and also lose 6 lbs- SO I continued but I am pretty much having a hard time breaking past my current weight. Clearly I need to work out a little harder!
  • Read 5 books- Yes! New book post coming soon!
  • Work on reorganizing my Pinterest boards and deleting boards that are no longer relevant- Ugh fail. I have not even started.
  • Figure out summer at-home activities for the kids (my assumption is we won’t have camps)- We ended up hiring a nanny part-time and opted to not send Liam to camp. Camps opened here but I did not feel ready for that.
  • Try to find a swim class for Liam and Charlotte once it’s safe- Yes, Liam started swim lessons last week!
  • Work on summer blog content- Yes working on this!
  • Do something special for my mom for Mother’s Day- We got her a digital picture frame and uploaded all of our pics of the kids! She loves it!
  • Have at least 2 at-home dates with Andrew (without phones)- I feel like we are getting better at having dinner together without phones and watching things together. I need to have a real date night soon!

What I want to do in June…

  • Focus on working out a little harder, lose body fat, and try to lose 5 lbs.
  • Drink more water-this is becoming a real issue for me
  • Go on daily walks with Charlotte (Liam won’t stay in a stroller) before its too hot
  • Expose Liam to more opportunities to swim and be in the water
  • Work on organizing my Pinterest boards
  • Clean up some cabinets in our kitchen-way too much crap we don’t use/need
  • Finish my summer editorial calendar
  • Read 4 books
  • See my grandparents as much as possible even on FaceTime

What are some of your June 2020 goals?


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