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15 Things I No Longer Buy + Amazon Giveaway

Life · October 28, 2020

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I have seen people do these on Youtube and I find it so interesting. I used to buy a lot of things that I just no longer buy. Some of these is functionality and some of these is that I just don’t have a need for more of the same. So here are 15 things I no longer buy and I really want to know if any of you relate to anything of these!

15 Things I No Longer Buy

  • Jeans: First of all where am I going? Haha kidding but seriously. Also, I have like 5 pairs of jeans and I don’t really understand owning more than that.
  • Heels: I do not find them comfortable and at 36 I want to be comfortable. I love flats!
  • Seasonal decor: We moved to a smaller house in a better location so we lost some of our decor spots. There’s no need to buy more.
  • Fun earrings/jewelry: I have so many cute pairs of earrings and I prefer things I can wear daily. I do love to dress up with a great pair of fun earrings but again, I don’t really feel like I need to buy more.
  • Non-clean makeup: I have NOTHING against it but for the most part I try to stick to clean beauty. About 3 years ago I made the switch to clean products and I have been slowly transitioning everything since.
  • Paper books: Don’t hate me for this but I rarely read a paper book unless it’s sent to me. I prefer reading on my Kindle app or phone because I find it easier no matter where I am.
  • Planners: I use Google calendar for EVERYTHING and buying an expensive planner every year just stopped making a lot of sense because I rarely used them. Keeping everything digital just makes more sense.
  • Tumblers: I got a huge Yeti a few years ago and really just don’t buy tumblers anymore. I love this water bottle so much so I gave away all my old tumblers or ones I bought and never used and I just use this now!
  • Coffee mugs: We have SO MANY and when we moved I donated probably 30 of them! We still have a ton but I really only kept ones I really love. Buying mugs used to be something I did all the time and there was just no way I would ever use them.
  • Extra phone cases: I have a great one from The Daily Edited that I love and I pretty much only use that. I would say I may buy one a year when my current one looks a little too rough.
  • Sunglasses: I have about 4 pairs. 2 of them are pricier ones I have had for years and the other 2 are from Amazon. I really just don’t need more than that. I do like having a backup pair in my car in case one breaks.
  • Non-functional handbags: This is a mom thing. I basically ONLY use crossbody handbags or belt bags. I need the freedom of having my hands. I do have totes that I use when Andrew and I travel just us or when I am out by myself.
  • Music: I have an Apple Music subscription which has been one of the best purchases. I got 3 months of a free trial when I bought my iPhone last winter and I kept it after that. I love having access to any song I want without having to buy new albums.
  • Magazines: For the longest time I had digital magazine subscriptions but I really never had time to read them. When I did a subscription audit (highly recommend) I realized that I had not read a magazine in over a year and I was still paying! I have not missed them at all and read anything I want online.
  • Movies: We have Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Youtube TV, etc. Why would I buy movies? Seriously they are always on! Plus we rarely watch movies which sucks but we are so tired at night that we pretty much stick to mindless TV shows.

Some of the things on here were total wastes of money for a long time and some were what I like to call “the blogger trap.” I see things on Instagram or I think I should have a new planner because as a blogger that’s just what we do? So I took inventory of purchases and realized there were just things I no longer needed to buy.

I would love to know if any of the things I no longer buy resonate with you, or what are some things you no longer buy are. Let me know below!

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