Currently Loving: January 2022

I am a big fan of random posts. I love roundups, favorites, etc. So I always love the feedback I get on my currently loving posts. It’s been a minute since I have shared one and I have TONS of…

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1.18.22 1

How To Tame Curly Toddler Hair

When Liam was a baby we noticed his hair was super curly, however, we have always chosen to keep it cut short. When Charlotte was a baby her hair seemed VERY straight but boy were we wrong! Her hair keeps…

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1.17.22 26

Valentine’s Dates You Can Have At Home

So Valentine’s Day is not something huge in our house. Liam turns 5 the day before and our weekend will be filled with celebrating him. Plus, with Covid still crazy we are not comfortable in restaurants. Even before we had…

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1.13.22 5

19 Ideas For Healthy Living

Living a healthy life is very important to not only me but my family. I think healthy living is pretty subjective depending on your goals, lifestyle, etc. But I wanted to share 19 ideas for healthy living that we try…

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1.11.22 4

Luxury Wish List

I love a luxury piece. As I have gotten older I have tried to invest more in luxury pieces that withstand the test of time vs one-off, one-wear pieces. I also love the idea of cultivating a collection of things…

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1.10.22 43

How To Set Realistic Goals

If you’ve been reading here for a while you may notice that I post a list of monthly goals each month. The next month on my monthly goals post I recap the month before. I also do a yearly goals…

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1.7.22 1

Weekend Reading

Happy 2022 friends! I hope your first week of the year went great! Sunday, Andrew and I are heading to Antigua for a week and I am so excited! This weekend will really just be spent getting ready for that…

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