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My Sleep Routine

Life · June 22, 2018

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Liam started sleeping through the night super early on. By 12 weeks he was sleeping 7-7. Once his sleep was under control I had to start working on my own. While I am the epitome of a morning person, and prefer to get in bed by 8, falling asleep doesn’t always come easy for me. I want to share my sleep routine for those of you who may need a little help winding down.

My Sleep Routine

First of all, I think the most important thing is being on the same page with your significant other if you have one you live with. I know Andrew and I don’t necessarily GO TO SLEEP at the same time, but we wind down and get in bed at the same time.

First of all, after dinner I try to clean up the kitchen ASAP. That way it’s not too late when I am wanting to get ready for bed and the kitchen is still a mess.

Then I head into our bathroom and do my skincare routine (updated routine coming soon), brush and floss my teeth, and get clothes ready for the next morning. I always love having my clothes already out when I wake up! Pro tip!

Then I get in bed and spray my pillow with this stuff. I swear it works!

I try to drink a ton of water before bed as well.

Then I read for about 30 minutes. I know my eyes will start to get tired around that time.

Andrew and I also try to always do our question book before bed.

Sometimes we will watch a show for a bit and usually one of us goes up to check on Liam one last time before bed.

Usually I am asleep by about 9 PM. I know that’s pretty early for most people, but we get up at 5 and I have a very active toddler to keep up with.

I feel like the spray, reading, drinking a lot of water, and getting in bed early really help me to get a great nights sleep. I feel like lately I have been falling asleep a lot easier.

What is your sleep routine like?

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