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4 Ways To Have More Of A Work/Life Balance

Blogging · Life · February 21, 2018

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Something everyone strives for is balance. When I made balance my word of the year I knew work/life balance was something that I really needed to work on. Work/life balance is tricky for a full time blogger. My work and home life are one. I often times am working on the couch, from bed, or in the playroom. Since this is something I have been working on I wanted to share my 4 ways to have more of a work/life balance with you guys.

4 Ways To Have More Of A Work/Life Balance

Separate Yourself: As I said above I am horrible about working in all the places with “live.” I will even work at our island while Liam is eating! So my biggest tip is to separate yourself. Sometimes this is NOT possible and I get that, but do it as much as possible. That might mean an office, or a room you don’t use a ton in your house, or even a Starbucks!

Unplug when you can: I try A LOT to unplug on weekends. Or at least for most of the weekends. I may use nap time to write a post, work on Pinterest stuff, or take blog photos, but the rest of the time I try to be involved with my home life. That means house work, grocery shopping, swimming lessons, etc. The fun stuff 🙂 I also try to unplug once Andrew is home from work so that we can spend time as a family. So set a daily time you are going to unplug and just let work be.

Schedule the work, schedule the life: This sounds silly to schedule the life stuff but sometimes you need to. We schedule date nights, partly because we have a child and we need to find a sitter etc, and partly to ensure it happens! We also schedule outings or special things we want to take Liam to do. I also schedule in my work! I schedule in things that are just for me too. If I want to see a movie alone, have lunch with a friend, take a yoga class etc, it goes in our calendar.

Fake it till you make it: Yeah like with some things in life you just have to fake it till you make it. Finding balance is something that is ever changing and always happening. You have to MAKE it happen. Life only gets harder and busier. Having babies, getting married, working, etc, it all takes balance.

What are some ways to have more of a work/life balance you’ve found?

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