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Home Maintenance Essentials For 2017

Organization · Sponsored Post · January 20, 2017

Does anyone else get the urge to completely deep clean and reorganize everything at the beginning of the year? I mean it can’t just be the pregnancy urge to nest because I can remember last New Years Day in 2016 all of the sudden feeling like I needed to dust the entire house. I’m so weird I know. So today I am sharing my favorite home maintenance essentials for 2017 in case you, like me, feel the need to clean all the things.

Home Maintenance Essentials For 2017

A good ahem…flow: No one wants to talk about toilet maintenance but it’s a thing and so is sink and shower maintenance. We all have toilets, sinks, and showers. I have been using Liquid-Plumr for years. It’s a product my parents always had at our house and something that as an adult and someone out on my own (married) I continue to buy. I have really thick hair and whenever I shower or dry my hair I feel like it goes everywhere and usually down the drain. Pouring some Liquid-Plumr to clear up your drains is a great way to unclog everything to start the year off. It’s also a great product to keep on hand all the time because the moment you don’t have it is exact moment you will need it. Plus one great bonus of Liquid-Plumr is they make your drains smell fresh. Have you ever just noticed a gross smell in your sink? THE WORST! I hate having clogged drains and Liquid-Plumr works for all drains!

An easy way to clean the baseboards: Don’t laugh at me but the top item on my Christmas Wish List was a Baseboard Buddy. Andrew and I were watching TV one night and I saw an ad for a Baseboard Buddy which is essentially a long pole with a cloth attached to clean your baseboards. This made me weirdly excited. I am telling you, get one. I rarely cleaned baseboards before but now it’s super easy which makes this whole nearly 9 month pregnant girl pretty happy.

Change those filters: I am so lazy when it comes to this thankfully my husband handles it. If I were left to my own devices I would never change filters. A new year is a great time to change all your air filters, water pitcher filters, etc. Plus it instantly makes your house feel clean and fresh!

Do the things you don’t normally do: Maybe you don’t normally dust blinds, or clean mirrors, or clean window sills. Doing those things always makes me feel great. For me it’s cleaning out the fridge. I hate having to take everything out and clean each shelf but I feel so accomplished when I do it. I always do it at the beginning of the year. I do it other times too, but it makes the new year feel like a fresh start am I right?

Have a great playlist: Because cleaning and organizing in silence is not fun. I personally listen to podcasts and since I am about 50 episodes behind I am never running out of stuff. Before I know it I have listened to 3 random podcast episodes and my house is super clean. I highly suggest having some go to podcasts or a great playing for cleaning.

These are just a few of my┬áHome Maintenance Essentials that I feel like would make anyone feel clean and fresh in their home! It’s a great way to start a new year or a new season.

What are your home maintenance essentials?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Liquid-Plumr. The opinions and text are all mine.

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