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10 Baby Products I Swear By

Baby/Parenting · August 5, 2020

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I have shared a lot of fun lists the past few months of products I swear by in different categories. Today I am focusing on baby products I swear by. After two kids I feel like I have a handle on the products and items we use a ton and I think are absolutely ones you want.

10 Baby Products I Swear By

First up is this sound machine. It’s nothing crazy expensive or fancy and it’s what we’ve used for both kids. Liam is 3.5 and still sleeps with it on. We have had them both sleeping with it since day 1. I love that it cues to them that it’s time to sleep. Plus it’s very easy to travel with. It plays all night, which we love.

While I love the Nose Frida I may love this snot sucker more. I love that it’s automatic and honestly I think it does a better job. We started using it for Charlotte in February when she was hospitalized with para-influenza and it’s been a game-changer!

I really wish the Lovevery play mat existed when Liam was born. We are big fans of any Montessori based items since Liam goes to a Montessori school. This playmat has been a HUGE hit with Charlotte and we LOVE it.

We didn’t really use sleep sacks with Liam because he didn’t love them and runs pretty warm. Charlotte however wants to be snuggled so we use a Kyte Baby sleep sack for her and I LOVE THEM! They come in different thicknesses and we use the 1.5 tog. We have 3 and they are amazing!

This is one of those things that I didn’t realize how much I needed it until I had it. With Liam, this bath seat was ALWAYS sold out but with Charlotte, I snagged one. It’s great if you have a smaller bathtub too and this allows them to play in the bath together!

The stroller and car seat combo we have used for both kids is the Uppa Baby Vista and Mesa. We have had our stroller since 2017 and it’s held up so well. We did opt to get a new Mesa infant seat for Charlotte. It’s also great as a double stroller for both kids!

Another product I did not know I needed until I had it is a gathre mat. I had friends who raved about them but I never really got it until I bought one. This was ESPECIALLY helpful when Liam had swimming lessons and I needed to put Charlotte somewhere to play with her while we watched Liam. We have also used it a ton in the back yard. It folds up great and fits easily in our diaper bag and to travel with.

Oh my goodness do I love our diaper bag. I have used the same diaper bag since Liam was a baby. It’s the Fawn Designs backpack and it is AMAZING! It holds everything I need for 2 kids and has held up through travel, trips to the hospital, etc. No wear so far!

If you read this post you know I have been making Charlottes baby food. The beaba baby cook baby food maker is amazing and for sure a baby item that everyone who wants to try to make baby food needs.

I have tried A LOT of baby wash products and Earth Mama is my favorite for Charlotte. Charlotte has VERY sensitive skin and the Earth Mama products have worked so well for her. With her allergies and eczema, I love knowing that this won’t cause her to get any irritations. Plus it smells amazing!

After having 2 kids there are A LOT of products and items I love and most can be found under this tab.

What is a must-have baby item for you?

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