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5 Shows To Binge Right Now

Life · February 20, 2019

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I feel like the only way I actually really enjoy watching shows is if I can binge them. I have a few I watch weekly (This Is Us, Grey’s Anatomy) but in general I like a show that I can watch many episodes of at once. I want to share a few that we have watched (or mostly I have) that you guys may enjoy too! These are great shows to binge right now.

5 Shows To Binge Right Now

Jack Ryan: Andrew and I really wanted to find a show to enjoy together and we stumbled upon Jack Ryan on Amazon. There is only one season so far and we were hooked from the beginning! If you liked 24 you will LOVE this. Plus John Krasinski!

Dynasty: This is for sure just a me show. I started watching out of sheer curiosity when it premiered and now I am obsessed. I usually wait and watch 3-4 episodes at a time and if you love a good trashy drama this is for you.  This airs on the CW and season one is on Netflix.

Friends From College: This is a Netflix original and I knew when I saw the trailer I was going to love it. It’s about a group of friends from college (and their spouses). There are definitely some drama elements and some subjects may not be for everyone but the cast is great and it’s really funny.

A Million Little Things: A lot of you probably already watch this but if you don’t season one is about to end and I highly suggest binging it before season 2 starts. I don’t agree with those who compare it to This Is Us as I think the only similar aspect is a large cast and the fact that you will probably cry. It’s really great and I love that they touch on things like mental Illness which should be shown more.

Catastrophe: This is an Amazon original and there are 4 seasons. It is about a man and woman who didn’t know each other well but end up having to once she gets pregnant. It is really heartwarming and funny.

I would love any TV suggestions you guys have. Clearly I love a little bit of everything so tell me your favorites below!

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