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Post Travel Routine For 2019

Fitness and Health · Travel · May 22, 2019

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We love to travel and try to travel as often as we can. Even if it’s a short weekend trip. Obviously with a two year old who’s in school and another baby on the way we won’t be doing as much travel this year. However, I wanted to share an update on my post travel routine for 2019. The last time I shared one was over a year ago and it’s a bit different.

Post Travel Routine

  • First of all I think it’s important to have a great post travel routine. This way you are getting back on track as quickly as possible. The first thing we try to do is travel back on a Saturday. This gives us Sunday to get things done before a new week starts. We also try to travel back as early in the day as possible. We’ve discovered that when we travel back later in the day the day is almost wasted because most times you are just getting ready for the airport anyways.
  • Next thing is to unpack ASAP! I am one who can’t look at suitcases. It’s just not good for my OCD/anxiety. So I will usually unpack us and start laundry once our suitcases are in the house. We almost always put all the dirty stuff in one suitcase and clean stuff/toiletries in another when we are traveling home which makes it a lot easier.
  • Next is to grocery shop. Andrew will usually head to the grocery store first thing the next morning or if there is time that same day. Stocking the fridge with clean, healthy ingredients is key to get you back on track.
  • Meal prepping usually follows by making tons of chicken, hard boiled eggs, veggie bags, and breakfast muffins for the week. We also meal plan before we even grocery shop.
  • Next is a workout. I will usually not work out the day we travel but I will always work out the next day. Either a barre class or treadmill workout/weights.
  • Detox the skin: With travel in cars or on planes your skin can get clogged and gross. I will usually have a few makeup free days as well as doing an exfoliant and a face mask or two. My two favorites are the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask (perfect to have on in flight) and the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask.  I have found these are the two best suited for my skin post travel.
  • To do lists: Making a to do list for the next day, and the following week always sets my mind at ease and makes me feel more organized!
  • Sleep: Getting a good night’s sleep right when you get home is great. That way you start the next new day energized and ready to tackle everything!

I hope my tips for a post travel routine gave you some guidance as to how to cultivate one for yourself!

What is your post travel routine?


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