Podcasts Worth Listening To 2021

I have been a big podcast person for about 6 years now. Some of them I come and go on and some I religiously listen to no matter what. With the new year I am trying to focus on a…

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1.20.21 1

My Lust List: January 2021

Over the past month or so I have discovered or rediscovered some things on my lust list and I really wanted to share them with you guys. These are always some of my most popular posts so I know everyone…

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1.18.21 28

Clean Makeup Products For Sensitive Skin

It’s no secret that I’ve been on a mission to switch to as many clean products as possible. Pretty much my entire skincare/body routine has switched but makeup has been much harder. As someone with very sensitive skin, I am…

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1.15.21 3

Weekend Reading

Happy Friday friends! You may notice my weekend reading post is going up today vs. tomorrow. I am going to start posting it on Fridays now yay! I hope you guys have a fun weekend. We don’t have much on…

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1.14.21 4

Influenced By Influencers

Right before Christmas, I saw a handful of influencers talk about this one product. It was not expensive and it seemed to be amazing so I purchased it. It got me thinking, how many things have I purchased because I…

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1.13.21 11

Best Baby Product Investments

Before Liam was born I asked several friends who had already had babies what I needed to have. Everyone has opinions right? I registered, Liam was born and we realized some things just weren’t worth it or didn’t work for…

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1.8.21 5

RMS Beauty Review

When I did my all clean makeup routine several months ago I mentioned some RMS Beauty products that I use a lot. I have had a few people ask me questions about RMS Beauty so I wanted to do a…

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