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Newborn Essentials: What You Need The First Month

Baby/Parenting · January 20, 2020

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Now that I have done the whole newborn thing twice I feel like I can easily say what you do and don’t need the first month you have a baby in the house. I remember my first time thinking we needed ALL THE THINGS. Which we just didn’t. There are a lot of newborn essentials you need in general but this is what you need the first month.

Newborn Essentials: What You Need The First Month

As far as clothes I feel like even though both times I’ve had “outfits” for the babies the majority of what they wear are footie pajamas and side snap t-shirts. I will say Charlotte has not worn these because she likes to be warm but Liam only wore these LOL.  I recommend the side snap shirts to everyone. We also LOVE the Magnetic Me Pajamas. We didn’t have these with Liam but Magnetic Me sent me a few this time and I got a few as gifts. They are super soft and thin plus magnetic! No buttons or zippers! I have also LOVED Kickee pajamas with Charlotte. She is a slim tiny baby and they fit her so great.

As far as swaddles we use two different kinds. The first few weeks with both we used SwaddleMe Swaddles with velcro and we also use Love to Dream Swaddle Up because it has zippers and allows their hands to be closer to their face.

We are big pacifier believers. For one it reduces the chance of SIDS and for another, it’s a great way to soothe. We use Avent soothies as well as Wubbanubs.

For bottles, we LOVE Avent anti-colic bottles and used them with both of our kids.

When Charlotte is NOT in footie pajamas I always have socks on her since it’s winter. We love Gerber socks! But my mom also bought these for her in pretty much every single style.

We use the Dockatot a ton during the day for baby lounging. We also have the toy arch. Both our babies have loved the Dockatot. But we NEVER use it in the crib or if we aren’t right there watching.

For baby care, we love Noodle and Boo products and Aveeno Baby products. We also love Fridababy snot sucker and nail clippers.

For our stroller and car seat, we are using a Nuna Pipa car seat which the brand so graciously sent us. We are still using our Uppababy Vista stroller we had with Liam which is great because it acts like a double stroller.

Of course, we also use bibs, burp cloths, washcloths, bottle sterilizer, diaper bag, and some other favorites I have linked below!

My favorite diapers with Charlotte have been Honest Company diapers. They are so precious!

I would love to know what newborn essentials you find the most handy?

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