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17 Morning Habits For A Great Day

Inspire · Life · June 25, 2018

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I haven’t always ben a morning person. I used to be the kind of person who would rather sleep till 11. I always felt like crap when I did it though. I realized that by having great morning habits it would really make me WANT to wake up early. Today I am sharing 17 morning habits for a great day. I think if you are struggling with mornings this will help you!

17 Morning Habits For A Great Day

Wake up early: I know I know, sleeping in is the best. Or is it? Do you really feel all that great when you sleep in? Or do you wake up feeling like you’re already running late and then you feel anxious? I do. Wake up early! Start the day off right.

Don’t Snooze: The worst mistake. You never fully fall back to sleep and you’re just prolonging the inevitable.

Stay Off Your Phone: If you can, try to not look at your phone right away. Instead go ahead and jump out of bed.

Get ready: If you are a morning shower person do that. If not: wash your face, brush your teeth, put on makeup if you do, and get dressed. You will feel 100 times more awake.

Exercise: If you don’t have to be somewhere right away try to do some exercise. Even a slow flow yoga or a 20 minute walk!

Eat breakfast: I hear people say all the time they aren’t breakfast people, but it kickstarts your metabolism! TRYYYYY to eat breakfast.

Read: Not necessarily a book but maybe an informative article or just the top headlines of the day. It gets your brain going and then you also know what’s going on in the world for office talk.

Check In With The World: Going off the above, check in and see whats happening in the world. I love theSkimm for just this reason.

Check Email: Check your email and try to respond to as many as you can so it’s not stressing you out all day!

Make a to-do list: One of the best things you can do each day is have a to-do list. I honestly don’t know how people function without them. I would forget my head otherwise.

Drink a TON of water: Start the day by drinking a liter of water. I try to drink 32oz before I have any coffee. Pro tip: flavor it with lemon or cucumber for a better, more fun taste.

Take Vitamins: I take quite a few vitamins and supplements, but since I started doing that I feel A TON better. Things that were wrong are no longer an issue. Something to look into!

Be early: To work, meetings, coffee dates, whatever. Being early says a lot about you. I love the saying “Being early is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable.”


Pay It Forward: Buy someone’s coffee, hold open a door. It will make someones day.

Snack Healthy: When that morning snack time rolls around choose something healthy: nuts, fruit, yogurt, etc. So much better than something processed. Try to drink another liter of water too!

Get ahead: For the rest of the day and the following day. Make your lists, schedule meetings, etc.

What kinds of morning habits for a great day do you have?

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