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Weekend Reading Vol. 4

Weekend Reading · August 18, 2018

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Happy Saturday! What are you guys up to today? How is it already over halfway through August? Can I bring all the pumpkins out yet? Kidding sorta! Time to share another round of weekend reading!

What We’ve Been Up To: I was BUSY this week. Liam had his 18 month check up (healthy as can be!) Then Wednesday he got a stomach bug that quickly made it’s way through our house. Bleh. I was in Ohio for work Tuesday-Thursday and yesterday we had orientation at Liam’s school. Phew. I am tired. Today is the back to school get together I planned. I am the room mom for Liam’s class, aka I plan the parties! Other than that I am hoping to catch up on sleep (ha) and relax a bit this weekend before Liam starts school Monday! Possibly go see a movie with some friends. I guess we will see what our new normal is like.

Favorite Articles/Posts This Week:

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Summer beach reads

On My Wishlist:

These stunning earrings

Pretty fall dress

The best jeans

Shoes I absolutely do not need

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What are you up to this weekend?

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