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Second Trimester Pregnancy Favorites

Pregnancy · August 19, 2019

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Hard to believe I only have a few weeks left of my second trimester. Everyone says the second pregnancy flies by, and while the first few weeks made me think otherwise it’s crazy to me that we are a little over 3 months away from meeting this baby girl. I feel pretty ready as far as things we need for her. We have the main stuff: car seat, stroller, onesies, crib, diapers, etc. Big brother is sleeping great in his big boy room, and while her nursery is FAR from being done, it’s coming along. Before the rest of this trimester flies by I want to share some of my second trimester pregnancy favorites.

Second Trimester Pregnancy Favorites

Foot massages: When I was pregnant with Liam I kept meaning to go to foot spas and get massages but never did. After our move I was so incredibly sore so I treated myself to a 40 minute foot massage. For $26 it’s such a great deal. Dallas people I go to Yaya Foot Spa and can’t recommend it enough! I will be going back often!

Boppy Wedge: This was my lifesaver during my pregnancy with Liam. I am not a body pillow or pregnancy pillow person but def need some belly support so the wedge is great for that. I have two!

Honestly, I am not reading any pregnancy books this time because I feel like I’m good on that front. I have been doing a refresher on 12 hours of sleep by 12 weeks which I stand by being the only baby sleep book anyone needs to read.

For a girl with small boobs naturally having my boobs grow upwards of 4 sizes the first trimester will never not shock me. I really don’t love regular bras during pregnancy so sports bras and these Ingrid and Isabel bralettes are my go to. They are SO soft and comfortable.

No matter being pregnant or not I love a good lounge outfit! Early in my pregnancy I discovered these non-maternity lounge shorts at Target and I just size up 2 sizes for it to be comfy for my growing belly.

I did however splurge on two pairs of Lake Maternity Pajamas during their sale. These are so soft and comfortable and really make a girl feel good about herself. I have had several pairs of their non maternity pajamas and the maternity ones are just as wonderful.

The most random thing on this list is probably the strawberry popsicles from Outshine. Andrew introduced me to these early in my pregnancy when I was so sick all the time. They really seemed to help my nausea and I have one after dinner almost every single night.

On another food note I got a random granola craving a few weeks ago and I have been LOVING it as a snack!

I am still loving the The Bump and What To Expect apps for weekly updates, tips, and videos.

Did you have anything you were obsessed with during pregnancy?

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