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Thank You Note Etiquette and Ideas

Life · Sponsored Post · September 28, 2016

My mom taught me at a VERY young age to properly thank people for gifts and for nice things they do for you. Whether that is thanking someone for holding a door open or writing a thank you note immediately after receiving a gift. With a baby boy on the way in just 4-ish months I have been writing lots of thank you notes for sweet gifts. I remember back when we got married wondering what thank you note etiquette for gifts was. I am partnering with Minted today to bring you some great ideas for thank you notes and a few tips on thank you note etiquette.


Thank You Note Etiquette

First I wanted to share the thank you notes we chose to use for baby gifts that we receive as well as for baby shower gifts! I think these turned out so cute. I wanted something simple and for a baby boy on the way.


I also really love these:


For baby gifts whether given before, during, or after a shower the proper thank you note etiquette is before the baby is born or within two months of the birth! I tend to try to write thank you notes as soon as I receive the gift. I think it’s so much easier to stay on top of it that way. I did that with our wedding gifts and even after showers with a lot more gifts it was just easier to do it ASAP!

If you are getting married the proper thank you note etiquette is 3 months from the receipt of the gift. Not one year from the wedding or 3 months from the wedding but from the day you receive the gifts. FYI, I got this information from none other than Emily Post. I love these wedding thank you notes from Minted!

I love the option of having a photo of the two of you on the cards. Either from the wedding itself or maybe an engagement photo. If not then the basic thank you note options are always a winner!




For weddings or babies don’t forget to properly thank people who threw you showers or lunches. I can’t imagine how upsetting it would be to put in all the work for a shower and not get a proper thank you. Those kinds of events I would write a thank you note ASAP! Try to send a note the day of or the day after a shower while details are fresh in your mind.

What do you think proper thank you note etiquette is or should be?

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