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Coffee Date Anyone?

Life · September 26, 2016

Coffee Date posts are some of my favorite and most well received posts. If you are new here I got the idea from my friend, Lisa¬†and it’s basically just what it would be like if we met up for a coffee date!

coffee date

If we were on a coffee date….

I would probably order a nonfat pumpkin spice latte because fall. I would ask you what you think of Starbucks new spicy fall drink.

I would probably want to sit by a window because I love to people watch. If the weather was nice we could sit outside. Gotta love breezy days and drinking hot coffee. Pure bliss.

I would tell you that I am so glad I am drinking coffee on a regular basis again. I feel like I get so much more accomplished. I would ask you what you do to get things accomplished daily. Is it coffee? Or are you more of a soda drinker? Sometimes I just want a hot chocolate!

I would tell you that on Thursday I will be 20 weeks pregnant, aka half way cooked! That’s crazy! How has it already been 20 weeks!? I could swear its been more like 10.

I would ask you if you have gotten your flu shot yet? I had to get one this year, but I swear even when I do I still get the flu! Last year and the year before I had the flu. Ugh. Also my arm is still kind of sore from my shot on Friday.

I would also ask you if you’ve seen any good movies lately? What did you see? We saw Snowden! It was INCREDIBLE! I highly recommend it! Although I warn you, your computer might scare you after.

I would want you to tell me what your favorite workouts are? I am always looking for new ones!

Do you see those guys in the corner laughing? What are they laughing about??

I would ask you if you’ve tried the pumpkin scone yet? It’s pretty dang good! Should we split one?

We would discuss fall TV and what shows we are giving a chance to and how much we are missing Scandal. I assume you watch Scandal cause it’s awesome! But I am really loving This Is Us, Notorious, and Designated Survivor. I have Pitch and The Good Place on my DVR to watch ASAP!

What kinds of things would you want to discuss if we were on a coffee date?

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