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8 Ways To Feel Successful Each Day

Inspire · Life · March 20, 2019

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Feeling successful is so relative to the individual person, but I know for me personally there are certain things I try to do every day to FEEL successful. I want to share 8 ways to feel successful each day, even if you don’t get the entire to do list done.

8 Ways To Feel Successful Each Day

Clear out email: I feel like there are two types of people. Those who can handle red notifications and those like me who get anxiety looking at them. I will never understand when people say they need HOURS to respond to emails. But maybe I am weird because I respond to mine ASAP. If you never let them get out of control you never have this issue.

Reply to comments: I try to respond to every social media comment I get. If a blog comment has a question or a really thoughtful comment I usually try to email the person directly! I think it’s important to respond as much as you can.

Prep for the next day: I have talked before about how I lay out Liam’s and my clothes at night, make his lunch, pack my purse, and do as much “prep” as I can. I think it’s a great habit to get into and you will go to bed feeling A TON more productive and less stressed for the day ahead.

Cook for yourself: Listen I do not make a 3 course meal daily and that’s not what I am talking about, but one thing I used to love doing was to go to Salata or Whole Foods and getting a massive chopped salad. So 2 years ago I bought my favorite purchase ever, my salad chopper. Now when I want a salad I make a very delicious chopped salad for myself. Something about this makes me feel very productive and successful! Also I saved $9 each time.

Meditate: Why will this make you feel successful? If you are in a work lull and you feel like you’ve stared at the computer for 2 hours and haven’t done a thing? Meditate. You will have a newfound sense of what to get done and be twice a productive. Trust me.

Do something for you: This could be a 15 minute walk mid-day or a face mask while you work through lunch, but do something for you so you can remove a bit of your stress.

Stick to a to-do list: For me crossing each item off my to do list makes me feel successful. When I go to bed at night knowing I have accomplished all I need to that day I feel like so much stress is lifted. I feel productive and successful with my day.

Get ahead on the next day/week: Each weekday night I make my list for the next day and if there are one of two things I can start I try to start them! But even making the list for the next day or in Friday’s case, making a list for Monday I feel already successful for that day!

What are some ways to feel successful each day that you try to get done?

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