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6 Healthy Attitudes To Adopt

Fitness and Health · February 26, 2020

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I am a few months postpartum and I’ve been really trying to get back into my uber-healthy lifestyle. I feel like I stayed mostly healthy during pregnancy aside from more splurges than I normally have. Today I wanted to share 6 healthy attitudes to adopt because I think having a healthy attitude is key to being a healthy person.

6 Healthy Attitudes To Adopt

You Never Regret A Workout: I try to tell myself this ANY TIME I don’t want to work out. I was cleared to work out again in January and I try to move my body daily. I either go to the gym and do cardio, go to a barre class, or workout with a trainer. I also love to get out with Charlotte and walk daily! It’s good for Charlotte and I to both get out. Sometimes we walk in the neighborhood or go to the mall and walk. But pregnant or not I reminded myself that I never regret a workout just the ones I don’t do.

Save it for a rainy day (or a house or car): A healthy attitude about money is important. If you don’t NEED it save it. Treat yourself as you can but save money too!

Food is not a bribe or a punishment: As someone who hasn’t always looked at food in the best light I am here to tell you that food is to nourish you and enjoy! I need to tell myself this more. If you concentrate on WHOLE foods that nourish your body you will be fine. Don’t bribe yourself with food or punish yourself because of food.

Why put off till tomorrow what you can do today: Being productive is something I actually enjoy. Sitting around doing nothing is only fun to me when I feel ahead on work and life stuff. Putting things off till later if you can actually get it done today will make you more stressed trust me.

Don’t go to bed with your makeup on: If I could go back and smack my 23-year-old self I would tell her to wash her dang face before going to bed. Going to bed with makeup on is terrible for your skin! A great habit to get into sooner rather than later as your skin will look younger much longer if you take care of it. Bonus if you implement a great skincare routine.

80/20: I really try to do this for everything. Food, exercise, fun, etc. 80% of the time I try to eat really well, exercise, use clean skincare products, etc. But life is about balance and you can’t NEVER have the queso, or the cake.

I really try to live by these healthy attitudes but I am so far from perfect. I am trying to remind myself of all of these constantly! I would love to know which healthy attitudes to adopt you do?


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