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Things I Just Don’t Get

Life · April 19, 2019

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So YEARS ago I did a post about things everyone else loves but I don’t. Recently at a Dr appt I was chatting with my nurse about something and we got to talking about things we aren’t into but other people are. So today as a fun, lighter post I want to share things I just don’t get. Maybe you can relate to some too!

Things I Just Don’t Get

Music Competition Shows: So these have been around for a long time but they just don’t do it for me. Watching bad singers and then mediocre singers. Sorry just not my thing. I will say I was never into any kind of cooking competition show until my husband got me hooked.

Game Of Thrones: OK we are probably the only people who don’t watch it, but Andrew and I can’t get into Game Of Thrones. I could probably tell you everything you need to know about the series including the red wedding just from social media though. This can also be said for The Walking Dead. Zombies also not my thing.

Chipotle: My husband loves him some Chipotle. In fact when I was in labor he had my dad bring him some and I distinctly remember NOT wanting it. I was starving and even that didn’t appeal to me!

Rosé: I love a good wine but rosé nah. I mean it’s fine but people FREAK out for it and I don’t get the mass appeal. Tell me the truth do you really like it or are you being trendy? Don’t worry I wont tell!

Most holiday candy: So candy corn, cadbury eggs, sweet hearts, etc. Just most candy that is holiday specific never does it for me. I am a peanut butter cup girl through and through….also snickers!

Now in the comments below tell me at least one thing you just don’t get!

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