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10 Biggest Travel Essentials

Travel · September 23, 2019

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We love to travel and even though this year has probably been our least travel-focused year yet I haven’t stopped planning! Next year I am determined to do a trip to see a friend, a trip with just Andrew, and a trip with both kids! So today I am sharing my 10 biggest travel essentials. These are JUST mine not having to do with kids (I will share a travel essentials for kids post later).

10 Biggest Travel Essentials

Packing Cubes: I didn’t start using packing cubes until about 2 years ago and I don’t use them for every trip. If we are taking a longer trip or I am packing quite a bit more than normal I will use them. I find them really helpful as well for times I can’t fully unpack. We were in a hotel room last year where we didn’t have the room to unpack so it was great to be able to almost have “dressers” in my suitcase. I have underthings in one, pajamas in one, workout clothes, bottoms, and tops/dresses. So it was really easy to find what I needed.

Anker Plug/Chargers: I am a big fan of the Anker dual USB port charger for travel. I am able to charge my phone and Fitbit at the same time! I also love the Anker portable chargers. These last so many full charges. Perfect for travel.

Collagen packets: I put Collagen in my coffee every day. So when I travel I don’t want to miss out on the benefits. I was so excited to discover the Collagen packets a few years ago. I take them on every trip and I even keep some in my car!

Small crossbody/large tote: When I travel I always take a large tote on planes and bring a smaller crossbody for day time/walking around. My favorite larger tote is this one and my favorite smaller crossbody for travel is this one.

Comfortable shoes: I feel like this is a no brainer. I can’t pack uncomfortable shoes when I travel. A few of my go to shoes are my Adidas swift runs, my Vince slip ons, and these mules for more business attire.

Makeup remover cloth: I have raved about this so many times. This is such a staple for me at home and for travel. What I love about it for travel is it’s gentle so you don’t have to worry about scrubbing your face with a hotel towel. It gets ALL your makeup off with just water and then you can cleanse as usual.

Rollerball perfume: I use this at home too and I keep one in my purse. BUT I love this for travel because you aren’t spraying and potentially offending someone with a smell they don’t love and you aren’t being wasteful.

Silk hair ties: Another item I use all the time but I love for travel because they don’t crease so it’s easy to throw your hair up while walking around and take down for a picture without it looking terrible. They are also just super cute.

Barefoot dreams cardigan/socks: I always take a Barefoot Dreams cardigan on flights. It’s like wearing a blanket and they are so soft and cute. I also love their socks and pack them in case I get cold in hotel rooms.

Cheap Sunglasses: The last thing you want to do is lose or break expensive sunglasses on a trip. So I love taking a less expensive pair with me when I travel. If they go missing no big loss.

What is one of your biggest travel essentials?



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  • 19 thoughts on “10 Biggest Travel Essentials

    1. Stephanie

      Comfy shoes are a must! I travel with backpacks instead of totes just because it’s easier to have my hands free. One of my essentials is my kindle reader because I always have to have a good book with me!

    2. Christa

      I haven’t tried collagen in my coffee but I hear it’s such a great habit. I always travel with my kindle, especially on long flights.

    3. Melanie williams

      Ooo not thought of roller ball perfume before. also I could not agree more sensible flat shoes are a no brainer for sure xx

    4. Shar

      That’s true! Always make sure that you’re well-equipped with the essentials before travelling. It can save you from many regrets on the way.

    5. Ashley_STW

      Great list! I never thought about the cubes or the roller ball perfume. I always take more than 1 pair of sunglasses. I am the worst at loosing them… Thank God for for cute cheap Amazon & Target sunglasses! 😆

    6. Lina

      I have to confess that this is one of the things that I have a harder time deciding, no matter how long my trip will last, I usually carry with me at least three pairs of shoes. I know, it’s a big mistake, but today with the passage of time and bad experiences, I’ve learned to be more efficient! Excellent tips

    7. Valentina

      This is such a great post. I’ve never used packaging cubes so will definitely look into them. As for the other things you talked about , I always bring them with me as well xx

    8. Courtney

      My list is pretty similar to yours! I have a trip coming up in a few weeks. I will have to keep this in mind when packing

    9. Arun Dahiya

      Thank you for writing this list. Certainly, large tote, comfortable shoes and hair ties keep you sane and these small things make a big difference on your comfort while travelling.

    10. Reliable

      Comfy shoes are a must! I travel with backpacks instead of totes just because it’s easier to have my hands free. One of my essentials is my kindle reader because I always have to have a good book with me! use full information this blog


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