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13 Most Used Baby Items

Baby/Parenting · February 8, 2018

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Now that Liam is a year old (almost) I thought it was wise to share the 13 most used baby items from this first year. Obviously there are more things and some of these things we used at different stages, but these were probably the most used, most loved items.

13 Most Used Baby Items

Monitor: We have a camera in Liam’s room but we wanted a monitor we could carry around the house, have in our bedroom, even take into the backyard if we are out there. We LOVE this V-tech Baby Monitor. The price is great and it works amazing. Once he was a little older we could adjust the sensitivity on the unit to only can hear him through it when he cries. That way every noise he makes doesn’t wake us.

Wubbanubs are something we have used a TON this year. We don’t use them as much now that he’s older but sometimes if he’s sick, fussy, or we are on a long car trip he has them.

The Rock N Play was our lifesaver the first few months. Liam took great naps in it till we moved him to his crib and he honestly just loves being in it. I tell all my mom to be friends they MUST get one!

The DockATot as well was wonderful. We NEVER used it in the crib as our pediatrician didn’t recommend it. But it was great the first few weeks for couch, our bed if I was doing laundry and even our bathroom floor a few times when I needed to shower. Liam loved it.

Liam loves his lambie. We have MANY of the angel dear loveys and 3 lambies (for backup). He sleeps with one and we always have it if we go somewhere. I love a good lovey for babies and these are our favorite.

To this day the Avent Soothie Pacifiers are the only one Liam would use. We tried a ton and these are his favorite. He sleeps with 4 currently haha.

This walker was AMAZING. He still uses it as he’s still learning to walk. We call it his “car”, he says car when he wants to go in it!

The Zoli mash bowl and spoon has continued to be one of our favorites to use! They were great when we first started giving Liam food. We also LOVE Nuby bowls, plates, spoons, and cups! These are the ones we use every day for Liam and all of his meals. He loves his Nuby sippy cups.

Aden and Anais burpy bibs are the best ones ever. I tell everyone to get them and I give them as baby gifts all the time. They are insanely absorbent and can be used as a burp cloth or bib. We still use these!!

I can’t say enough great things about the Avent bottle Sterilizer. We have used it every day since we got home from the hospital to sterilize bottles, spoons, and pacifiers since Liam was born.

The Swaddle Up swaddles were the best investment we made in swaddles. They are very thin which is great because Liam runs pretty warm. The 50/50 style is a great transition to have arms out and get him used to sleeping without a swaddle. We used this product from 1-4 months!

Our Keekaroo peanut changer continues to be the best money we spent. It’s a little pricey but if you think about buying a changing mat, and several covers it’s the same cost. This wipes down with baby wipes and is so comfortable!

This Homedics sound machine is used for every nap and at night. We only use the white noise setting but it has others as well. I have spoken about it TONS.

I would say our most use baby item though has been Pampers Diapers and Pampers Sensitive wipes. I have talked about them about a million times and I just wanted to mention once more that these are the diapers and wipes we have used this entire year and I could not recommend them more highly.

If you are a mom I would love to know one of your most used baby items!

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  • 21 thoughts on “13 Most Used Baby Items

    1. Katie

      While I don’t have a baby, I may need that sound machine for myself! haha! I always sleep with a fan on and it’s mostly just for the sound. It’s so soothing and puts me right to sleep.

    2. Aria | Blogs by Aria

      my youngest is 9 years old which is still so hard to believe. Both of my babies loved their swing, it was a papasan style swing that went in different directions and it was my hands down favorite thing for a baby. They both loved being in it from newborn until they were too big for it haha!

    3. Annemarie LeBlanc

      If we only had these when my kids were babies! The homedics sound machine would have been a big help. I think I sang lullabies for hours until my babies fell asleep.

    4. Aileen

      It seems like forever since I had a baby since my “baby” is turning 6 this year. However I still remember that first year like it was yesterday! In no particular order here are the things I used the most.
      Muslin Cloths (I just used any I was given or if I was in Tesco would just buy a cheap packet but the ones you suggested are the best!).
      Avent Dummies (pacifiers) Amy wouldnt take to any others.

      Bouncy chair such as this one

      An activity centre like this one. Amy had hip issues so found it difficult lying down from an early age. This helped her get her hips into a better position (and I was allowed to take her brace of 3 months earlier because we had worked so hard. However always speak to your Dr!)

      A jumperoo

      Im sure there were loads more but I definitely remember my life being made much better because of these things!!

    5. brianne

      This is such a great list! There’s so many things you don’t need for a newborn, but these are definitely the essential! I especially love the dock a tot!

    6. Jeanine

      Iโ€™m dying to get a dock-a-tot for my newest little one coming in April! These are some great item. I need to get a few still for myself!


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