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5 Lifestyle Changes I Made After The Baby

Fitness and Health · Life · Mom Stuff · July 7, 2017

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Having a baby changes you in so many ways. How could it not? After I had Liam I knew I wanted to be my healthiest self for him. I have been a pretty healthy person since about 2009 (before then I think I would workout once a week maybe!) But I have made a few lifestyle changes since having him and I wanted to share!

lifestyle changes

5 Lifestyle Changes I Made After Baby

Weight Watchers: I have mentioned before how I planned during my pregnancy that I would start WW after I had Liam. Well when he was 6 days old I signed up. Yes that sounds crazy, BUT I was not nursing and I knew I needed something to keep me accountable. I have to say it’s been amazing. I do not ever feel deprived and I am paying so much more attention to what I am putting in my body. This is a change I want to continue for a long time. I have 5 lbs of baby weight left and I have about 20 lbs to go to my ultimate goal weight (AKA wedding weight). Then I will just hopefully switch to maintain rather than lose.

Collagen: Another thing I started about 3 weeks after I had Liam was Collagen. I stir it into all of my coffee and I am obsessed! I read about it first on Peanut Butter Fingers blog. I think Julie is so sweet and knowledgeable so I am going to let her post explaining Collagen explain it 🙂 I see huge benefits with my digestion, hair, skin, nails, and metabolism!

Vitamins: I took a prenatal vitamin from the day we started trying for a baby. In fact I am still taking one because the benefits are AMAZING. I also added in an Omega 3 supplement recently because I am just not a fish person. I also take hair, skin, and nail gummies which I have talked about before and I am a HUGE fan of! I feel as though taking the extra couple of minutes a day to ensure that I am giving my body all of the nutrients it needs is EXTREMELY beneficial.

Exercise Changes: I have been a lover of exercise for a long time. I always dabbled with workouts, but in about 2009 I started to really fall in love with them. Right now I am taking Barre 2-3 days a week, working out weekly with a trainer at my gym, walking 7 days a week at LEAST 4 miles and hitting my gym 3-4 days a week for cardio/strength combo. Mixing up my workouts weekly is so great for my body and I have seen huge changes. I have seen parts of my body toned up that haven’t been in the past and I think this combo is really working well for me.

Hydration: I love water, but with a new baby sometimes I forget to drink it often. I got an infuser bottle and I have been making infused water 2-3 times a day. My favorite combo is pineapple and cucumber. This really makes me drink a lot more water and I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend it! This is the bottle I got and it’s REALLY inexpensive!

These lifestyle changes are for sure things I want to continue with for a very long time. I am not one to do quick fixes or temporary changes. When I do something I go all in.

Have you made any lifestyle changes lately? I would love to hear about it!

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  • 40 thoughts on “5 Lifestyle Changes I Made After The Baby

    1. Kristin Cook

      I love this post. It’s so impressive to me how often you exercise. I want to start being more active NOW so that it’s not the most awful experience of my life after I start having kids!

    2. Samantha

      I’ve heard a lot of good things about Collagen as of late…maybe I’ll have to bite the bullet and give it a shot! Does it make your coffee taste any different or does it absorb well? That water bottle looks awesome, too! I’ve found that my S’well bottle keeps me drinking more water than I used to, but it’s still something I struggle with regularly.

    3. Trish

      You are doing great! I am a big fan of Weight Watchers, especially in conjunction with a good exercise program. Your barre classes sound wonderful.

    4. Alina Orozco

      I also started to put collagen in my coffee, but I noticed that my skin was super red afterwards. What a bummer. Maybe I need to try a different brand. What do you use?

    5. Caitlin

      These are fantastic, good for you for getting healthy after baby. Most people are so wrapped up in the new baby they neglect themselves at this stage. I need to focus on working out more. Barre sounds really fun, I would love to try that!

    6. Divya

      That’s awesome 🙂 I’ve heard great benefits about collagen.
      I have been adopting a shake into my diet each morning. I think the super-dense nutritious shake has contributed to a lot of my energy increase!

    7. Charlotte

      I’ve heard great things about collagen–will have to look for this next time I’m in the vitamin store. Also! That’s amazing re: Weight Watchers and being so close to your goal already! Go you!!

    8. Marcie W.

      I have really gotten lazy with my health and wellness routine over summer break, but I am already making plans for upcoming changes once the kids head back to school. This is the first I am hearing of collagen, so I am especially excited to explore that further.

    9. Ashley

      My biggest lifestyle change has been my workload and the amount of times I say “yes” to things I don’t commit to as opposed to saying “yes” to things that honor who I am and my health. I don’t have the time for things that no longer serve me.

    10. Liz Mays

      It sounds like you kept your health in mind. That’s a good thing! So many things change after a baby so it’s good to take care of yourself.

    11. Meg

      Way to go you for taking care of your baby post-birth. Sometimes it’s so easy to let taking care of the baby dominate things, but it’s so important to care for momma too!

    12. Brittany Putman

      Great changes! My baby is due in a couple of months so I need to think about how that will change things for me as well. Losing weight will be a must, but I don’t know how I’ll do it yet.

    13. Sara

      These are all great lifestyle changes. After reading this, I bought some collagen on Amazon and can’t wait to try it out!

    14. Sarah Ricker

      yes yes yes to infused water! I have the hardest time remembering to drink water but something about infusing it makes it exciting to me! I will have to try the pineapple/cucumber combo! That sounds delish!

    15. Melanie

      I’m three years postpartum and still feeling like I’m adjusting to the “new me.” Your changes all sound like great ways to feel your best. I know I feel way better when I drink the recommended amount of water.

    16. Chel

      I think these are great changes to make even if you haven’t had a baby. All these things are so good for your health!

    17. Robin

      Good for you for setting a routine and sticking to it from so early on! I really admire that. Whenever things get crazy in my life, exercise tends to be the first thing to go. I had to find something I enjoyed–daily walks around Boston during my lunch break–to finally be able to stick to it!

    18. Annemarie LeBlanc

      I will check out that link about collagen. You had me interested in it. I mean, I am no longer in that child-bearing age but I do want to maintain a youthful appearance. and maintain my current weight. I will share this post with my daughter. She still has a long way to go to shed that baby weight from her last pregnancy.

    19. Shani | Sunshine & Munchkins

      These are some great changes! I recently started running after not really exercising much for the last 6 months and while I don’t love running, I do love the sore muscles that show I’m actually working out. 😉

    20. Ashley

      This is a great list of mama care ideas! I need to work on hydrating and strengthening. I have taken more vitamins for my hair since after the baby and breastfeeding it falls out so much!


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