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5 Things That Make Our House A Home

Life · Sponsored Post · July 11, 2017

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When we bought our house like any normal person I couldn’t wait to decorate it. Of course we didn’t do everything at once because, as my dad so lovingly said to me as a child “money doesn’t grow on trees.” But over the nearly two and a half years we’ve had our house it’s slowly become a home. I wanted to share the 5 things that make our house a home to me.

5 Things That Make Our House A Home

Photos: I am a big picture taker. Sure now my phone is 99% pictures of my child but once upon a time my husband and I used to take photos together haha. No we still do! Our house is FILLED with photos. Every room has walls of photos, every surface is covered in frames. I tend to like the photos that weren’t staged the most. So random selfies from trips that turned out well, silly photos of Liam in the bathtub or making faces, a photo someone snapped of my dad and I at our wedding etc. These things just give me all the feels. When we bought our house I really wanted more tables and shelves to put frames and important things on so we considered renting some furniture until we decided what we wanted. CORT Furniture Rental is a great solution for this! You need special furniture to house special items and it’s not always in the budget to buy tons of furniture at once. The ability to rent furniture is a great compromise to this!

Flowers: Sure fresh flowers are wonderful but for a lot of special occasions my mom has purchased antique hydrangeas. Which are one of my favorite flowers. So for our wedding, my baby shower, Liam’s baby naming, even my college graduation party I have dried antique hydrangeas from those special times. They are in special to me vases all over.

Special Trinkets: The baccarat butterflies from our wedding gifts, things we have purchased on vacations, Our wedding invitation. These things and more are spread throughout our house and each one has such special meaning and a special story. I love seeing them on shelves when I pass by.

Books: Specifically coffee table books. I have been collecting them since college. I probably have over 100. They are all over our house and I love knowing exactly when, where, and why I got each one. Sure it isn’t Andrew’s favorite but it’s homey to me.

Family Things: My grandmother’s candy dish, my great grandmother’s trinkets, my mom’s vase, a figurine from Andrew’s nursery as a baby (residing in our baby’s nursery). These family things really make a house a home. They may not be expensive, they may not mean anything to anyone else, but we know why they are important. We feel the presence of those no longer with us when we see them.

I would love to know the things that make your house a home!

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  • 21 thoughts on “5 Things That Make Our House A Home

    1. robin rue

      I have a bunch of family heirlooms that have been passed down to me and I LOVE having them in my house now. They are some of the most meaningful things I own.

    2. Lecy | A Simpler Grace

      I’ve never been one to collect a lot of trinkets because I’m a minimalist (to a fault) but I do love keeping books and fresh flowers or plants everywhere. It definitely makes it feel like home when you add these special touches.

    3. Marcie W.

      We definitely have a few special family heirlooms throughout our home and really treasure those pieces. I also feel the photos we display mean a lot, as they represent our memories and our ongoing journey.

    4. Kylie FitzGerald

      Your decoration style is so cute! Living overseas with the military we don’t have to option to hang anything, but we have lots of bookshelves. So I found that having lots of books and little trinkets that I love (Harry Potter pop figurines) or little things from places weve gone, really turns our place into a home.

      Kylie <3 |

    5. Joline

      I agree with photos. Our home is filled with them! Especially that my family lives far away, seeing them in every nook and cranny smiling at me definitely makes me feel home.

    6. Liz Mays

      Having lots of family photos is a good thing! It definitely helps when you have lots of different pieces of furniture you can present them on.

    7. Tiffany Griffin

      Your photos are beautiful! After four years of living in our house, we’re still working on making it feel like our home. In the beginning, my decor what I thought a house *should* look like. Over time, I learned that those things weren’t my style. Now that I’m implementing my style into our home, I’m much happier with the way things are looking.

    8. Emily Smith

      I definitely think that family photos and books are one of the best ways to cozy up a home and give it a personal touch!

    9. Annemarie LeBlanc

      I have a night stand with little drawers made from hardwood. It belonged to my grandmother and she had it in her house for a long time. She gave it to me before she passed. It is still so pretty after all these years!


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