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5 Things You Should Organize Today

Organization · August 20, 2020

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I love to organize. Honestly, if I did not do this I would be a professional organizer. I think it’s so fun and I live for label makers! One thing that has really calmed my anxiety during COVID-19 is organization. We spend SO MUCH TIME in our house and when things aren’t organized it drives me nuts. There are 5 things you should organize today that will make such a big difference in your home and mental state.

5 Things You Should Organize Today

Your car: I am one of those people that needs my car to be clean and mostly organized. I have 2 kids and I know some may think that is unrealistic but I have managed. I have a small container we keep car toys in. I also keep my console super organized. I feel like my car just needs to be organized for me to feel good in it. Plus we almost always use my car for road trips or any kind of time we have both kids in it so having it organized just makes me feel better.

Your nightstand: I do not keep my nightstand messy. It makes it hard for me to sleep. Weird, I know. I have an acrylic organizer for hand cream and lip balm, I have a coaster to put my water on, a picture from our wedding, and usually my iPad and glasses. I just don’t like to keep stuff on top. I have medicine in a drawer and other random things organized in the drawers. It’s calming to look at an organized nightstand.

Your purse: I either wear a small crossbody or a giant tote. I have no in-between. But one thing I do is keep it crazy organized. I actually am sharing a what’s in my purse and how I organize it post soon but I use a lot of small bags from The Daily Edited and Mark and Graham to keep everything in it organized. No fun digging around for a ton of stuff just to find your keys.

Your junk drawer: Oh we all have one. It’s that end drawer in the kitchen where you keep stamps, tape, and other random crap. Every couple of months I go through ours and organize it, throw away the coupons we never used, and random paper that got thrown in there. It’s oddly satisfying to see an organized junk drawer.

Your workspace: Maybe your workspace is an actual office, or maybe it’s your coffee table or kitchen counter. Whatever it is it should be organized. I don’t like a lot of clutter and distraction while I work. I mean my house is already full of both (#kids). So having a clean workspace just helps me focus on the task at hand.

I think having spaces you use often organized can really calm a lot of stress. I am someone who looks at mess and disorganization and immediately feels anxious. Keeping small spaces organized really helps keep the big spaces organized too!

What’s one thing you need to organize?

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  • 7 thoughts on “5 Things You Should Organize Today

    1. Stephanie

      I absolutely love to organize things, too, and have thought about the professional organizing thing! I keep my car very organized as well as my desk area. My husband’s desk is always a mess and it drives me crazy, even though it’s his desk! Actually, my boy’s rooms are the worst, but they are young and we help them do a good clean/organization about every 3 months. It’s their space, so I let them do what they want.

    2. Natalie

      I’m so bad at organizing lately. But these are really great tips that will get me back on track. Organizing car and junk drawer is such a good idea. I might do that over the weekend.

    3. Beth Berger

      I really need to organize my dresser. I try to keep a pretty minimal wardrobe but my dresser is pretty huge and I just end up throwing all sorts of stuff in there — skincare, accessories, etc. I really need to do a thorough decluttering and then figure out a sustainable system to keep those drawers in check.


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