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7 Valentine’s Dates You Can Have At Home

Holiday · Life · Married Life · February 14, 2020

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Happy Valentines Day! Valentine’s isn’t a HUGE thing in our house. Liam’s birthday was yesterday (he’s 3!!!!) and his party is tomorrow so Valentine’s seems to get a little lost in the shuffle. But even before kids we never put a ton of focus on it. We would much prefer special dates and showing love all year than focusing on one day. However, we like to do SOMETHING. So we usually do something at home together. If you are on the lookout for Valentine’s dates you can have at home this is for you!

7 Valentines Dates You Can Have At Home

The cooking date: This is SUCH a fun date idea. You can either use a recipe you know or get a meal kit from somewhere and try a new recipe or an old favorite. Turn on music, pour some wine, and really enjoy the process together.

The movie date: We love a good movie night! It’s fun if you pick something new you both have an interest in or maybe each of you picks a movie you love and share it with the other.

The game night date: I love games! Andrew not as much but I think it’s because I always win ha! But playing games together like Scrabble, Scategories, Uno, etc are so fun!

The puzzle date: We love doing puzzles together. The past several New Years’ Eve’s we’ve done a big puzzle while watching all the stuff on TV and enjoying wine/drinks together. Such a fun way to spend time together AND work together and communicate.

The wine tasting date: Get a few different types of wine and set up a little wine tasting in your own house. You can even make a cheese plate to go with it!

The project date: Maybe you have a house project you’ve both been dying to finish, well no time like the present. Get those projects out and work on one together. Try not to argue.

The order in date: Sometimes you need to just order in food, and veg. No time like Valentine’s to do that together. Try a new place or an old favorite and order some of your favorite dishes to split.

Hopefully one of these sticks out to you! If you use one of these Valentine’s dates you can have at home please let me know! I would love to know what you guys end up doing!

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  • 13 thoughts on “7 Valentine’s Dates You Can Have At Home

    1. Joline

      We’re not big on Valentine’s either. Though that wine tasting at home sounds like a pretty good idea! PS: Can’t believe Liam is 3!

    2. Holly Lasha

      Board games and ordering in is definitely my kind of valentine’s date! We typically avoid fighting crowds to go out on holidays anyway!

    3. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      My husband and I stayed home for Valentines and we did a movie binge night. It was fun to watch our favorite movies over again, and we also watched some new ones. For the food? We pigged out on pizza and popcorn. 🙂 Maybe we will do a wine tasting date next time – maybe on Mother’s day or Father’s day. That sounds fun too.

    4. Stephanie

      We never do much for Valentine’s Day either. Even when we were dating and married before children. Now, the focus seems to be on them. They both had a party at school so we went from one straight to the other. Then the kids stayed the night with my in-laws so my husband and I could go help set up for the Pinewood Derby event we will be at all day with the Cub Scouts. So that was our romantic night! But we do a lot of these during a regular week anyways, including cooking together, playing games, and watching movies.

    5. Glenda

      These are some great ideas. Valentine’s Day is my wedding anniversary. Because I live in the East Coast I prefer to stay home during the winter months. My husband and I stayed in, had take and watch a few romantic movies. It was amazing.

    6. Melanie williams

      There are some really good ideas here for sure. We had a valentines night in and enjoyed cooking and movies too xx

    7. Elizabeth O

      I love how you turned these outings into date events. So true, it really is all in the eyes of the beholder and how we choose to make any event special.


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