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9 Ways To Destress

Fitness and Health · March 13, 2019

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I feel like stress is such a common word we hear. Seriously, find ONE person who isn’t stressed. It’s just part of our normal life now, right? I know for me working full time, being a full time mom and wife, volunteering at Liam’s school a lot, and trying to keep up with friends, and family, not to mention myself can be stressful. Add in a toddler who gets sick or a sick husband or any sort of other thing that pops up and it just becomes A LOT! I want to share 9 ways to destress so that when things get hard, or you feel stressed, you know the tools to use to hopefully make it a little easier.

9 Ways To Destress

  • Talk to someone: I don’t necessarily mean a professional someone, but talk to your mom, a friend, or your spouse. Sometimes talking through our stress and what we have going on helps!
  • Take stock of what’s going on and decide what you can cut out: For me this is huge. I am HORRIBLE at saying no and taking on too much. So look at what you have been doing and ask yourself what can go. If nothing can, then try not to commit to new things.
  • Make a list and start with the most important things: I make a daily to do list and always try to do the hardest task first. OR do a ton of the easy quick tasks. Seeing a ton of things crossed off your list will make you feel so much better!
  • Carve out time for just you: Even if it’s 15 minutes to read, or go for a walk alone, or do a face mask. Just something that is just for you. You may think that this will add stress but doing something for yourself to center yourself will calm you down and make you feel like you can get the other things done.
  • Ask for help where needed: Again, something I am awful at, but ask for help. Maybe you need a babysitter one or two days a week for a few hours, or maybe you need to ask your spouse to take on a few more errands or house chores. Whatever it may be, ask for help.
  • Take a nap even a quick one: It’s amazing what a 10-15 minute power nap can do. I used to feel super guilty napping when Liam napped. Like “shouldn’t I be doing XYZ?” It has taken me two years to realize that his nap time SOME DAYS has to be my recharge time too! Not always, but at least once a week I use at least part of his nap for a rest for myself.
  • Read for 30 minutes: Again carving out this time may not be feasible each day. It may not work for everyone but engulfing yourself in another story or another world can really ease your mind and take away some stress.
  • Do a workout: This is my biggest destress time! I try to work out for an hour each day. Some days that is shorter. Recently I only had time for 20 minutes but it was better than nothing and still did the trick!
  • Give yourself a little grace: When all else fails, remind yourself that we all feel this way. Everyone has stress and not everyone can get everything done every day. Don’t beat yourself up if the kitchen is dirty, or the laundry isn’t put away, or XYZ errand didn’t get accomplished. Just try again tomorrow.

What are some ways to destress you find helpful?

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  • 16 thoughts on “9 Ways To Destress


      I do find that exercising can be a great way to de-stress. Not always easy to fit in around the kids, work and bad weather but I do feel better for it when I exercise regularly.

    2. Stephanie

      I am so bad at saying no too. I try to go lay down about 30 minutes before sleep and read. I notice that I don’t sleep as well the nights I don’t read and let my brain shut off for the night.

    3. Amanda @ Healthy House on the Block

      My go to is calling my mom or working out. They almost always do the trick when I really need to just chill out. I also try to work in some alone time every day for at least a little bit to just turn off my brain and be me (not mom). These other ideas are really helpful.

    4. Lauren McAdam

      Great tips! Last year I took on too much and struggled to keep on top of everything. This year I’m cutting back and feeling so much better for it. I’m going to try some of your tips, the nap idea is sounding pretty good!

    5. Tami

      Carving out time for myself is so important as an introvert. Despite that, I’ve recently realized just how valuable a few close friendships are. I have a lot of stress and do all I can to alleviate it.

    6. Christa

      Yes to all of these! I find list making really helps me to focus and de-stress. Planning in general eases a lot of my anxieties.

    7. Courtney

      Great suggestions!!!! I love to work out. It definitely distresses me and makes me feel more confident in myself

    8. Clarice

      I needed to read this as I have been so stressed for the past weeks. I would love to go back to reading and working out. I guess being too focused in work just makes us more unproductive. Thank you for sharing all of these tips.


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