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Everyday Items I Swear By

Life · October 19, 2020

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I have shared lots of my lists of things I swear by in different categories over the last few months. Today I really wanted to share the everyday Items I swear by since these are the things I use most and really feel are worth the money.


Everyday Items I Swear By

  • Mixing bowls: I will sing the praises of these mixing bowls FOREVER! We got them for our wedding and I use them several times  week for all sorts of things. They are under $40 for a set of 3 and seriously one of the best gifts we’ve ever received.
  • Shark hand vacuum: We got this shark vacuum when we lived in our first apartment because it had stairs and I wanted something that I could use to easily vacuum stairs. Well since then it has become a MUST for clean ups! It seriously lasts forever and is perfect for crumbs after dinner and kiddo messes. Also great for cleaning car seats and vacuuming the car out.
  • Extra long phone cords: I think everyone probably has one of these but if not what are you doing? 10 foot cords are A MUST! We have them in every room and I seriously would not function without them.
  • Character sandwich cutters: Liam used to refuse to eat sandwiches which made for interesting school lunches. I randomly came across these sandwich cutters and it’s been a game changer! They are super inexpensive and really make lunches fun for kiddos.
  • Chappwrap blankets: I have talked again and again about our obsession with Chappywrap blankets. We have 4 large ones, then the kids each have 2! They are the softs, coziest blankest ever and I really want one of the holiday inspired ones.
  • Acrylic organizers: I love acrylic organizers. We use them in our kitchen drawers and I also use them in our bathrooms, my vanity for my skincare items, and then by my bed for everyday things like a hair tie, lip balm, hand lotion, etc. Most of my favorites I have found on Amazon and they are a fraction of what you will spend at big box stores.
  • Vitamix: This was another gift we got for our wedding and I really didn’t get the Vitamix obsession until I used one. Now I can never go back! Plus 6 years later it still looks and works like its brand new.
  • Customizable cups: We ordered custom “Stadium cups” from Sequins and Lipstick last summer and they have been such a great thing to have. We use them for smoothies, or drinks outside, and they are great to have when people come over. Ours say “The Moldovans.” We are even doing some for Charlottes first birthday.
  • Echo show: Andrew insisted on getting an Amazon Echo show a while back and we keep it in our bathroom! I have really loved it for listening to music, or CNN, Podcasts, etc while I’m getting ready. I love having the screen showing the weather, and time first thing in the morning as well! This would make an awesome Christmas gift.

I feel like any of these things are great things to have around and things we personally have used for years and will continue to use for years. I think really thats the most important thing to invest in, something you’ll really use.

What is your favorite everyday item?

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  • 16 thoughts on “Everyday Items I Swear By

    1. John

      Yes, yes, yes on mixing bowls! This beginner cook loves to place chopped and dice ingredients in them instead of trying to sequester them in one corner of the cutting board. That never ends well. Yes to mixing bowls!

    2. Megan Elliott

      Ok, these are some amazing essentials!! Those mixing bowls look amazing. A long phone cord is an absolute must, and hand vacuums are perfect for a quick clean up! Thanks for sharing!

    3. Stephanie

      We have a set of mixing bowls that I love, too! And the echo show plus echo dots all around the house. One of my everyday must-have items is my kindle. I read every single day, and always on the kindle. Plus sunglasses, I won’t go outside without them! Other than that, in the kitchen, we were gifted a stand mixer for our wedding and I still use that all the time, almost 10 years later!!

    4. Joline

      Funny, we were just looking at vacuums on Saturday! Debating between a Shark and a Dyson. I need to get myself those phone cords first tho!

    5. Stephanie

      I love learning about the “basics” that others can’t live without. I definitely have my fair share of these in my home as well – and they include mixing bowls, a Shark vacuum, and long charging cords as well haha! Great choices on your list for sure. Those custom cups are fantastic!

    6. Clarice

      Yes to character sandwich cutters! My daughter is also a picky eater thus I had to be creative so she’d enjoy it. It is definitely made lunch fun for kids. Thank you for sharing the link. I am planning to get more shapes. 🙂

    7. Caitlin

      The Shark hand vacuum is on my wish list this Christmas. We stayed at my moms for a few weeks and I used hers almost every day cleaning up my kids’ crumbs + random messes. What a great list!


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