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Favorite Apps For Organization

Organization · January 29, 2020

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I feel like it’s no secret I love being organized! I am way too busy to not have all the organizational tools. Between a toddler in preschool, a new baby, and working full time not to mention a husband, house, and other responsibilities like volunteering. So I am sharing my favorite apps for organization in case you need some too!

favorite apps for organization

Favorite Apps For Organization

Alexa App: If you have an Alexa/Echo etc and you aren’t utilizing the app you are missing out. Not only do we have it connected to our Nest and WiFi light switches, but its how we add things to our grocery list. Let me tell you that from being near our fridge and realizing we are out of milk to somehow getting to the physical grocery list (if I had one) I would forget. Being able to immediately say “Alexa add milk to the shopping list” is insanely helpful.

To- do list: Its a really basic app that lets you make to-do lists and check things off. It’s not fancy and if you JUST need an app for to-do lists this is it!

Google Keep: Andrew and I used to use this for shopping lists but I do use it now for lots of long term lists. It’s kind of like having a notebook with you all the time. I have so many running lists in there. Blog post ideas, shopping lists for the holidays/birthdays, things I want to accomplish, goals, etc. I love having it sync across all devices.

Evernote: So many people love Evernote and I have used it off and on. What I love about it is the way you can organize notes and tasks. I don’t really have that with any of my other apps. There are basic and premium versions. I have only ever used the basic version.

Actions by Moleskin:  It’s pretty similar to Evernote but I like it better! Probably because I love Moleskin notebooks ha!

I would love to know what your favorite apps for organization are! 



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  • 16 thoughts on “Favorite Apps For Organization

    1. Stephanie

      I think our Echo is used mostly for the shopping list and music. I love having the shopping list! I also use Evernote for all of my recipes. Another I like on the iPad is Notability. And we use a google calendar to keep schedules for the whole family, so the calendar app is a must for me!

    2. Eleanor

      Evernote is my go-to app for organisation. It’s just so handy! I love that you can download their Scannable app too so that you can keep all your documents organised on their too!

    3. Sally

      I never thought of using apps for organization. If I need to keep track of things with my travel schedule, I just use an excel spreadsheet.


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