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Favorite Apps For Parents

Baby/Parenting · January 13, 2020

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Being a mom of two under three is about what I thought it would be. Crazy. I love every second but having a 6 week old and an almost three-year-old is exhausting. I honestly don’t think I could stay as organized as I’ve stayed without some helpful apps. Someone asked me recently what apps I am using for the baby and I figured I would share my favorite apps for parents in case some of you are looking for helpful ones too!

Favorite Apps For Parents

BabyConnect: We used this app when we had Liam and it was amazing for tracking everything from weight and height to feedings, diapers, medicine, etc. We each had access to it and it was great for the other to see when the baby last had a diaper, food etc. Using it this time has been even better!

Wonder Weeks: If you aren’t using Wonder Weeks you must! I remember someone telling me about it when I was pregnant the first time but then Liam at 10 days old was acting like a lunatic and I finally GOT what it was. A leap. Wonder Weeks takes you through all the leaps babies go through developmentally and their associated behaviors with each leap. It also tells you what they are able to do and recognize after each leap.

White Noise App: Any white noise app will work but this comes in super handy for car rides, naps on the go, etc.

What To Expect: I use this for both pregnancies as well but once you have the baby it takes you week by week and lets you know an overview of the baby development.

Google Photos: Andrew and I use this to share pictures of our family with each other. It’s great for both of us since sometimes we aren’t together when we have pics of the kids. This way we have all the pictures and videos that each of us takes.

Baby +: This is a great app for baby growth and development tracking!

One Second Everyday: This is so great to see what your year looked like. I started this in January of 2019 and did it every day and it was so fun to see how much Liam grew over the year. I plan to do it every year!

Kidizen: If you are like me and are obsessed with buying cute clothes for your kids but don’t want to pay full price this is a great app! I actually found 10 sets of Hanna Anderson pajamas for Charlotte at about 20% of the retail price. You can also sell your kid’s clothing they have grown out of on the app too!

If you have any favorite apps for parents you would add to this list please share below!


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  • 12 thoughts on “Favorite Apps For Parents

    1. Clarice

      This is such a wonderful list. The White Noise App sounds handy for moms like me who have challenges putting a kid to sleep. Thank you for sharing these. Downloading it now. 🙂

    2. Stephanie

      I had the Wonder Weeks app after it was suggested by someone when my oldest was going through a leap. It really helped to know when to expect those. I have been doing Project365 which is a photo a day for a while now. I think next year I am going to add video so I’ll have to get the app when I am ready for it. I looked and I haven’t done a video everyday so far so I don’t know if I want to start it when I won’t have the entire year.

    3. Eileen M Loya

      The white noise app is fantastic. We don’t have little ones anymore but this app helps me and my husband get a more restful sleep at night. I will recommend these apps you mentioned to my friend whose daughter just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

    4. Maryaa

      These are all great apps to have. My kids are older, and now my favorite parent app is Life360. I track the kids on their phones and I always know where they are, and then they leave and arrive at school, sports, friends houses, etc.


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