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Favorite Holiday Date Night Ideas

Holiday · Married Life · December 4, 2019

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Now that we are into the happiest month of the year it’s time to get some date night ideas together. Today I am sharing my favorite holiday date night ideas because honestly, I think the holidays are the most fun time for date nights.

Favorite Holiday Date Night Ideas

  • Drive around and look at Christmas Lights: This is one of our favorite things to do! We love to go just us but we also loved taking Liam the last 2 years.
  • Go Ice Skating: I love to ice skate but Andrew isn’t a huge fan. If you both like to ice skate this is such a fun date night.
  • Go see a holiday movie: So many holiday movies come out this time of year and it’s such a great date to get a warm drink and see a holiday movie. We have a theater in Dallas that plays old movies for quote-alongs too so going to see Home Alone is one of our favs.
  • Go on a fancy dinner date: We did this last year and it was such a great time. The restaurant was decorated for the holidays and being so chilly it felt very romantic.
  • See a holiday performance: Three years ago when I was VERY pregnant with Liam we went to see Trans Siberian Orchestra and it was MAGICAL! There is no shortage of holiday performances though.
  • Have an at-home movie marathon: Get all snuggly, pop some popcorn, light a holiday candle and cuddle up to watch holiday movies together.
  • Taking a holiday-themed cooking class: SO many cooking schools offer holiday-themed cooking classes and I think this would be such a fun date night.
  • Take a carriage ride to look at lights: We did this 4 years ago and while I don’t know if it was super worth the money it was fun!
  • Go to a Christmas village: I haven’t been to one in years but they are so fun and cute.
  • Go to a tree lighting: I’m sure your city or town has a tree lighting-go to it! It will get you in the holiday mood.

Do you like to go do fun holiday dates with your significant other? If so let me know which one of these you’ve done!

What is one of your favorite holiday date night ideas?


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  • 12 thoughts on “Favorite Holiday Date Night Ideas

    1. Eileen M Loya

      I like that idea of driving around and looking at Christmas lights. There is a residential village near us that really go all out decorating their homes with Christmas lights. I think we can give this date idea a try!

    2. Stephanie

      Well, we are doing a few of these! My husband and I are watching through all of the Star Wars movies in anticipation of our upcoming date to see the new Star Wars movie. It’s a quad date with friends, but no kids allowed! We will walk around the neighborhood on Christmas Eve to look at the lights as a family.

    3. Marysa

      We haven’t made enough of an effort to get out on dates. These all sound like so much fun! I love the idea of getting out during the holidays.

    4. Christa

      I’ve skating and Christmas lights sound like a perfect date night to me! I’ll need to plan a night out with my husband soon.


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