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Favorite True Crime Podcasts

Life · January 12, 2018

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I have been on the BIGGEST true crime podcast kick! I first listened to Serial when it was super popular, then a few months ago I got really into Dirty John. But lately I have been listening to tons of different podcasts, and when I asked my Facebook friends for recs I realized a lot of people are into True Crime podcasts right now. So I thought I would share my favorite true crime podcasts! I have shared my favorite podcastspodcasts for momspersonal growth podcastsguilty pleasure podcastsblogging podcasts and healthy living podcasts.  So check those out if you are curious!

Favorite True Crime Podcasts

Dirty John: So if you haven’t listened to this, it’s super short, only 6 episodes. Almost like a mini-series. It’s about a woman who falls in love with a con man and it really happened in California. It interviews with all the people involved and narrated by the writer from the LA Times who wrote about it. Pretty great binge!

Real Crime Profile: This I actually found because of Dirty John. They did a few episodes on it. They cover a lot of real crime like Amanda Knox, OJ, Making a Murderer etc. It’s fascinating.

True Crime All The Time: Every episode is a different case and it’s very similar to a few of the ones on my list where they talk about different true crimes.

True Crime Garage: Pretty similar to true crime all the time. I really like the hosts.

Up and Vanished: This one is SO good and so addictive! But don’t listen to it on walks alone in your neighborhood or you may be looking around you every 20 seconds.

Once Upon A Crime: This is becoming a fast favorite. I really like the way she gives such backstories on the people too.

Casefile: Different cases each episode. Pretty similar format to a few others.

True Crime Obsessed: Again, just another podcast with different cases each episode! However, their commentary is a little on the funny side. The guy and the girl are hysterical.

White Wine and True Crime: OK if I was to create a podcast this would be it. I love the hosts and they are so relatable and the way they talk about cases is how I would with my friends.

Generation Why: The newest to me. I devoured about 12 episodes in 3 days. Hundreds of back episodes to keep you occupied!

Last Podcast On The Left: So about a week ago I was listening to Once Upon A Crime episode about Kurt Cobain and I guess I’ve been living under a rock because I had no idea there was a conspiracy. So I found an episode about it on this podcast and I’ve been loving it!

So these are my favorite true crime podcasts. I have a feeling the list will grow. A few of these I just started and I am loving. I had a LOT of suggestions so once I listen to more I may add to this list!

Do you have any favorites I should check out??

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  • 24 thoughts on “Favorite True Crime Podcasts

    1. KV

      The Dirty John story is going to be on Dateline this Friday. I listened to it recently. I also listen to My Favorite Murder & And That’s why we drink. Thanks for the suggestions.

      1. Laura

        I’ve recently been really digging True Crime Brewery. A hubby and wife team, very mellow conversations and come with a beer review at the start of the podcast.

    2. Abby @ WinsteadWandering

      I’m also obsessed with true crime podcasts! I love several you mentioned, including True Crime Obsessed, Serial (just Season 1), and Dirty John. A few of my other favorites are: Slow Burn (about Watergate), Crime Writers On… (a panel of four writers discuss various crime-related shows, documentaries, and podcasts), Criminal (each episode is about a different intriguing crime), Ear Hustle (produced by inmates at San Quentin), In the Dark (about Jacob Wetterling), and Accused (just Season 1, about an unsolved murder).

      If you’re into Law & Order, you need to check out These Are Their Stories: A Law & Order Podcast. I’ve also enjoyed Done Disappeared, which is a hilarious spoof on a lot of the most popular true crime podcasts. And if, like me, you sometimes need a break from the darkness of true crime, you’ve got to listen to HGTV & Me and The Popcast.

    3. ALEX

      My Favorite Murder! Its the reason I even became interested in podcasts. Karen and Georgia are the best – I always end up laughing out loud (with plenty of people staring at me haha) while listening to them on the train to and from work.

    4. ShootingStarsMag

      Oh yeah, definitely a conspiracy about Kurt Cobain, but listening to it would be interesting! I’ve only listened to My Favorite Murder, but I love it – those girls are hilarious too – but I need to get out walking more so I can keep listening and check out some of these too.


    5. Scott

      It’s funny how this has become popular again. I enjoy listening to a couple old time radio apps, and they have crime stories from the 30’s/40’s on there all the time!

    6. Rosey

      When I think of podcasts, I think of school (online course work). I really should expand and listen to one for motivational reasons or personal enjoyment.

    7. Rachel M.

      Sword & Scale. Check this one out! Tons of content (I want to say 200+ episodes) of various types of true crime. Disclaimer: some episodes pertaining to child abuse and/or homicides can be difficult to listen to, particularly if you have kiddos like me. Even so, this podcast brings a very human element to each crime it explores.

    8. Southern & Style

      If you love true crime podcasts, you’ve got to listen to My Favorite Murder! Karen & Georgia are HILARIOUS and it’s the perfect mix of true crime and comedy, it’s great!

      xoxo, SS

      Southern and Style

    9. Laura K Wampler

      I can’t believe my absolute favorite of all time isn’t on the list! Check out True Crime Brewery. Dick and Jill are WONDERFUL. Super cool married couple who tackle all the best known cases and some you haven’t heard about yet

    10. Nancie Newby

      True Crime Brewery is at the top of my list. The wife and husband team take a different approach compared to other podcasts by sharing more info about the victim(s). Their voices are also nice and soothing. Give it a try. Be forewarned this podcast is addicting.


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