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Gift Ideas For Your Blogging Buddy

Blogging · Life · July 5, 2016

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I have written a few gift idea posts lately. I did one for your friend who loves all things beauty, and your friend who is a little fitness obsessed. But today I am giving you gift ideas for your blogging buddy! We all need gift ideas throughout the year, not just during the holidays right?


Gift Ideas For Your Blogging Buddy

First of all we have mugs. Us bloggers love mugs! Even the ones that don’t drink coffee love mugs. I, being a huge coffee drinker, have a LARGE mug collection and these are two of my favorites. Blogging Day from Francesca’s was a must purchase as soon as I saw it. I love nearly everything Lindzi from The Trendy Sparrow does and I love my blogging is my cardio mug!

Next, we have notebooks. I am a notebook hoarder. I used to buy them nearly every time I went to Marshalls, Homegoods, Target, etc. I have stopped buying them recently, but I still have a ton. I love this one from Trendy Sparrow that says Girl You Better Work! So cute. I have two of her notebooks and they are the perfect size. Also this, But First Coffee notebook I want soooo badly, but I just cant justify the price tag.

I love these cute pencils from Design Darling which are currently out of stock, but I am hopeful they will come back in stock soon!

What blogger doesn’t need a few Instagram photo props? An Instax Camera and this Jonathan Adler Zebra Tray are blogger favs. I actually have the tray in blue that someone gave me years ago, and I use it for my daily jewelry! These cameras are a hit with both bloggers and non-bloggers.

I always think a cute phone case is a good gift for a blogger friend because we are always on our phones. I love getting phone cases as gifts. In fact I am really in need of a new one!

Lastly, a planner. I am a huge fan of Day Designer Planners and I think this one is SO CUTE! Perfect for your blogging friend who is constantly go go go and needs to keep her life organized!

What are your favorite gift ideas for your blogging buddy? I would love to know!

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  • 60 thoughts on “Gift Ideas For Your Blogging Buddy

    1. Christine Tatum

      These are FANTASTIC! I never know what to say when my husband asks what would I like for my birthday. Here is a link I can send him since he can’t come up with an idea on his own. HA. Yay for me!

    2. Jasmine Eclipse

      I love everything you included here! (I want it all for myself haha) I would also add in a Starbucks gift card too! I love going there to get work done (or stopping in before a Target run…) I absolutely adore the Day Designer planners. I’ve never had one, but it’s on my Christmas wish list this year for sure!!

    3. Nikki-ann

      Great gift ideas. I know I’d be pretty happy if I was given any of these. I’d love an Instax camera and a girl can’t have too many notebooks! 🙂

    4. Ashley LaMar

      That zebra tray is adorable!!! I love safari animals but there is such a balance you have to strike to keep your home and wardrobe from looking trashy or gaudy when you use those prints. That tray seems perfect though. Too cute!

    5. Tami

      I want the mug with “blogging is my cardio” written on it. I sit way too much in my chair, yet I’m not getting much blogging done. LOL

    6. Shann

      Mugs are definitely a favorite of mine. I’m a tea drinker, but I love all different ones. I also would love that camera, and that tray is awesome!

    7. Chel

      So many wants. I know that I would be so happy with either of these gifts. I think my favourite has to be the mug “blogging is my cardio.” I totally snorted when I read that. Also loved the pencils as well. Super cool.

    8. Crystal // Dreams, etc.

      Mugs are a great gift for any blogger! I love the two you included here. 🙂 Those notebooks are cute, too, although I don’t think I’ve purchased a notebook since I bought my traveler’s notebook. It’s just so handy that I don’t feel the need to get notebooks anymore, just the moleskine’s when I fill them up. 🙂

    9. Jiawun

      Great gift ideas! I read through the whole list, nodding in agreement at everything – they are all things I’d love! Great post 🙂 x

    10. Ave

      What a great round-up! I’d love to have the Instax Camera, it’s so cute! And I really like the mugs too, they are so inspiring!


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