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Habits That Have Changed My Life

Fitness and Health · Life · September 8, 2020

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First things first, happy first day of school to so many! I know everyone came to their conclusions about school for their own reasons and I wish everyone luck no matter how you are going about it. Liam starts back at school today and I am just thrilled for him!

Now, with school starting it’s a great time to get into some good habits. There are so many habits that have changed my life that I am so grateful I started doing and I really want to share those with you. If you need to change some things up in your life maybe see if any of these make sense for you.

Habits That Have Changed My Life

  • Waking up early and moving my body: I mentioned in this post all about my morning walks I have been taking. I think waking up early( before my kids around 5:45 AM) has really changed my day. The days it doesn’t happen I really feel sluggish and not my best self. My mood is completely different and my motivation is crap.
  • Tracking my food: This is not for everyone but using WW to track my food and lose weight works great for me. You can find all my posts about it here.
  • Lowering my sugar/carb intake: I notice when I do not eat many carbs and sugars (other than the natural carbs/sugars of fruit) my body reacts completely different to when I overload on those things. Don’t get me wrong I love bread, pasta, cookies but in moderation and not every day.
  • Night before prepping: I do not mean just food. Yes I make Liam’s school lunch the night before but I also mean laying out his clothes for the next day, making sure his backpack is packed, laying out my clothes and cleaning up the house. I love waking up in the morning to a clean house, and everything prepped and ready. It takes SO MUCH stress away from mornings.
  • Delegating: This has been huge in the last 2 years when it comes to the blog. I now have a photographer, a manager for my partnerships, and a VA. It has been huge for me to delegate tasks so I can focus on content and also focus on my kids. I am not someone who asks for help easily so this has been big.
  • Focusing on water intake: I am not perfect at this by ANY means. I try really hard to drink about 80oz of water a day. I notice the more water I drink the less I get migraines which is something I really struggle with. Drinking enough water is also very important for your skin!
  • Vitamins: I went a lot of years not taking vitamins. Pretty much most of my life until I was about 25. At 25 I started daily vitamins and fish oil (I do not eat fish). Then in the past 5 years I have added other vitamins that I was lacking: B, D, Probiotics, etc. I feel like overall since then I have felt a lot healthier. Especially during my pregnancies. I am someone who is very Vitamin D deficient so having that supplement helps a ton. I suggest getting blood work with your Dr to make sure you aren’t lacking in any vitamins. They could be causing other issues you don’t know about.

I think it’s great when we can change and grow and having these habits that have changed my life have greatly improved things for me. If you have a chance you need to make I hope this motivates you!

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  • 12 thoughts on “Habits That Have Changed My Life

    1. Kate

      My daughter went back to school 1.5 weeks ago and she was definitely ready to go back! So it’s time for me to get back into good habits too now I have more time!

    2. Jennifer Prince

      I need to start prepping the night before. So smart! I also need to start keeping track of my food. I’d be shocked with a list, I’m sure!

    3. Stephanie

      My boys have been back on campus going on 3 weeks now, and the entire district did two weeks of virtual before that. We’ve made some good habit changes, too, including some the same as yours. My husband and I wake before the kids to workout together and get ready before they are awake. I have also been focusing on my water intake as well. And we get things ready the night before if it’s a day I am subbing at the school and we need to leave a bit earlier than usual.

    4. Ronnie

      I’m back on WW after a very long hiatus and I’m down 11 pounds since last Tuesday. I’m also increasing the number of steps I take by 1000 each day on the first of each month. I’m up to 7000 steps a day now. A little discipline and tracking goes a long way!! 🙂

    5. Natalie

      Thank you so much for sharing your healthy habits and your experience. These are really helpful tips. I love waking up early and going for a walk. It clears my mind and preps me for day ahead.

    6. Lauryn Hock

      Couldn’t agree more about waking up and moving & tracking food intake. Those two things helped me realize how badly I was treating my body while expecting it to preform well

    7. Tyler Hyde

      It’s funny that so many of the items on your list are things that I’ve been implementing (and loving!), too. I need to get better about tracking my food more consistently because it really does help me realize how much sugar I consume every day, and I’d also like to get better about moving in the mornings. Morning walks sound lovely, and I’ll have to start waking up earlier to squeeze one in!

    8. coco

      i can definitely relate to many of these including waking up early and move my body, lower sugar intake (i’m vegan so carb is life), and delegating (at home and at work). 🙂

    9. WanderlustBeautyDreams

      I’ve been trying to increase my water intake as well. I’m an early bird, so I’ve always woken up early. I love to get a head start on my to do lists . I need to track my food, I’m starting a weight loss journey and I’m sure that will help me a lot. These are great habits to implement!

    10. Deborah

      I’ve always been an early riser and I can’t tell you how lucky that is for me because it makes me feel so productive when I can start on my tasks early! I am trying to keep a food diary of sorts so I can eat healthier. I’ve been getting physically ill a lot lately which never used to happen so I’m seeing if I have any food sensitivities that I just haven’t known about.


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