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Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For The Tech Lover

Holiday · Life · November 13, 2017

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Even though I don’t consider myself a huge tech lover, I think I inadvertently became one. I blame my husband. So today I am sharing my gifts for the tech lover holiday gift guide!

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For The Tech Lover

A few years ago for Christmas Andrew had this thing on his list called a WeMo switch. I sent it to my mom and said “you can get him this, I don’t know what it is.” Well they have changed my life and made me lazy haha! WeMo’s can control lights, fans, outlets, etc. from your phone over your home internet. Ever wake up on a cold morning and need to turn on the light but getting out of bed sounds terrible? Get a WeMo!

A phone case is always a fun idea for someone! I need a new one so bad (hint, hint).

I know for me, I love having the phone wallets. Where you can stick your phone in, and your cards, cash, ID, etc. It makes running quick errands so easy! A great gift to give!

Popsockets are super in right now. I have one on my Christmas list and it would make a great stocking stuffer!

I talked about how much we love our TV mount and I think this would be a great gift to give someone. Honestly, I am considering getting one for my mom! They have so many options and you can find the perfect one for any TV by going to the mount finder page! So even if you aren’t the most tech savvy you can still figure out which one to get. You can also get Echogear US-based customer service team members 7 days a week to help you out. The Echogear blog has great info too!

We got Amazon Echo dots a few months ago we love them SO MUCH! I ask Alexa to play Roar by Katy Perry for Liam about 30 times a day (it’s his favorite song). We also ask it to order diapers pretty often too! But now you can mount them so they don’t have to take up space on side tables or dressers! The dot mount from SANUS is absolutely on our Christmas list! You can keep the Echo in great condition and have it look super cool mounted on your wall! The dot mount doesn’t take away from the sound of the device either! BONUS!

I think headphones/ear buds are a great gift for anyone. I always need a backup pair for the gym, or travel. Plus I lose them pretty often!

Our house came with a Nest and being able to control the air from our phones is amazing. Plus, when we travel we can set it to away and then change it back when we are on our way home. It has really helped with our electric bill a ton! Great gift to give.

Some other great ideas from Echogear are a sound bar mount (want!), a streaming device mount, and outlet shelfs! The outlet shelf would be great at helping organize small spaces!

Last, but not least a great tech gift is an iPad case! Or any tablet case really. I was so worried about breaking my tablet before I had a case on it and it’s always fun to get new fun cases!

I would love to know what gifts for the tech lover you would add?

Thank you Echogear and SANUS for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. 

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  • 24 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For The Tech Lover

    1. LizZ Holla

      I love love love a good tech find…but I still have issues with using the wallet. Having all your info online AND in one place? Kinda scary to me still. I’m obsessed with the echo dots though. I want some so much, it would make cooking and baking a LOT less messy LOL.

    2. Jeanine

      Oh yes. This is so helpful my husband is really hard to buy for and hes into this kind of thing so this will come in handy. I always have such a hard time picking out his gifts, not this year!


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