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How To Stay Organized As A Busy Mom

Inspire · Mom Stuff · Organization · April 17, 2020

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Being a mom is A LOT. Work from home, work away from home, stay at home, whatever it is you do it’s hard! My situation is the best for our family. I work on the blog full time and work from home. Liam is in school 5 days a week 8-3 and I am home with Charlotte. I have help about 10-12 hours a week so nothing crazy. Usually 2 longer days or 3 shorter days. It’s what I did with Liam as well until he started school. Even with all that it can be tough to stay organized. I want to share how to stay organized as a busy mom in hopes that it helps you busy mamas out there.

How To Stay Organized As A Busy Mom

Shared Calendars: Andrew and I have always had a shared Google Calendar and honestly I don’t know how people function without them. Between kids Dr appointments and school functions, our own appointments, meal planning, etc it’s all there. That way if I need to make one of the kids a Pediatrician appointment I know what days are good. Or if I want to get a baby sitter for date nights I know when we are free.

Schedules: I mean for the kids. We are big believers in schedules and sleep training. No comments on this please it’s what works for us and we run everything by our Pediatrician first. We started implementing schedules around 4 weeks with both kids and sleep training around 8 weeks. I think it’s really important for EVERYONE in our house to be on a schedule and for everyone to sleep. We are VERY strict about schedules and I have no issue canceling plans because of them.

Divide and Conquer: Parenting is a two-person job. It took two to create the baby and that’s our approach. Andrew does just as much parenting as I do. But that also means other stuff too. We divide up errands, housework, etc. Some weeks one of us is busier so that person maybe takes on less and less emotional labor. But I think it’s important to divide and conquer.

Check ins: With everyone involved with my kids, my work etc. Checking in with my photographer on deadlines. Checking in with Andrew on things that need to get done around the house or for appointments. Checking in with babysitters and teachers making sure both kids are doing great.

To-do lists: I am a HUGE to-do list person. I keep all my lists in my notes section of my phone or my to-do list app. I usually have longer term lists in my notes section and daily/weekly in my to-do list app. EVERYTHING that needs to get done goes there and gets crossed off when done.

What do you do to stay organized as a busy mom?


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  • 7 thoughts on “How To Stay Organized As A Busy Mom

    1. Stephanie

      Sounds like you run your house/family exactly the same way I do! My husband and I share a google calendar and EVERYTHING is on there! We also split the responsibilities of both parenting and housework here. And I have always had my kids on a schedule. Even now, when we are all at home due to the pandemic, we are still following a (looser) schedule. Especially for bedtime!

    2. Marysa

      I love my shared calendar! It is a great way to stay organized and so that everyone in the family can access it. I like all of your tips and will have to put some of these to use.


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