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9 Items You Need For Your Kids This Summer

Summer is upon us- even though I am nowhere near ready. What helps me to get ready is getting all the summer stuff together. My kids are going to some day camps, and we have some trips planned, but we still have A LOT of time at home. I love to have the right stuff so that we are having fun and spending less time in front of the TV. I have put together 9 items you need for your kids this summer that will make your summer THE BEST!

Items You Need For Your Kids This Summer

9 Items You Need For Your Kids This Summer

A good sunscreen: I feel like I’ve spent the better part of 5 years trying to find the right sunscreen for my kids. We’ve pretty much settled that Coppertone pure and simple is our favorite. It protects my kids and doesn’t irritate their very sensitive skin.

Bug wipes: A MUST! Liam and I are both allergic to mosquito bites and we both get super swollen when we get bit. So bug wipes are a must! I prefer them to spray because I feel like I really get everything covered and honestly I use them on myself too!

Stroller fans: I kind of thought we were out of this stage since only Charlotte is in a stroller now and we don’t even use it that often but with our Disney trip coming up we ended up buying two.

A wagon: We’ve had our Keenz wagon for a couple of years now and it is truly the best. It pushes like a stroller, both kids will sit in it (win), and it has storage!

Something to splash in: We always buy a cheapy baby pool for the summer and a little splash pad that hooks up to the hose. We also have had this water table for the past few years and the kids love it.

Bounce house: This is a splurge item but so great for hot days or just to get some energy out!

Bubble things: If you have a toddler then you NEED the bubble things! Charlotte LOVES this bubble blower.

A good water bottle: SO IMPORTANT! I am so grateful that both of my kids are huge water drinkers. We love the Contigo water bottles and I also love these Simple Modern ones as well!

A bag for all the things: I have this Simply Southern bag and this is our second summer using it! It seriously holds so much! We’ve used it for the pool, the beach, swim lessons, etc.

What items do you need for your kids this summer that I didn’t include?

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  1. Lizzie wrote:

    So many great things on this list! I know the mosquito allergy all too well! My bites have swollen to the size of a baseball at times so bug repellent is a must for warm weather and travel!


    Published 5.16.22
  2. Stephanie wrote:

    I’m not a kid, nor do I have one, but I sure wouldn’t mind a bouncy house right about now haha! This is a great list!

    Published 5.17.22