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Lazy Girl Cleaning Hacks

Organization · Sponsored Post · May 25, 2016

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As much as I love a clean house and an organized space, there are times I just don’t feel like putting in any effort. I know it has to get done, but I just think “must I?” Wouldn’t it be great for cleaning fairies to come in while we are sleeping and just wake up to a perfectly clean house? Well I can’t make that happen for you, but I can tell you my favorite lazy girl cleaning hacks to possibly make your life a bit easier!


Hack 1: Lemons clean everything. Use lemons to get stains off of faucets and handles. Lemon and vinegar will also make a great mixture to clean your stove burners! Harsh chemicals are the worst. Also lemon and water boiled in a bowl in your microwave will steam clean it!

Hack 2: The No Effort Vacuum. Crumbs, dirt, hair, floors get dirty. We have hardwood flooring and tile on the entire first floor of our house. That is a lot of space that gets dirty and dusty and needs cleaning. While we do a huge clean once a week, there are in between days where the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom just need a once over. Let the house work while you play – the Samsung POWERbot will handle the vacuuming for you. It has 20x more powerful suction than the leading robot vacuum brand*, is packed with smart technology that allows it to map out and navigate your home with ease, and it effortlessly adjusts to all floor types. I love that I can control it from my phone. I can be at the gym and hit a button and come home to vacuumed house. Guys this is life changing. I could be laying on the couch and watch my house get vacuumed. If you have a rug on top of hardwoods it goes from the hardwood to the rug seamlessly without getting stuck. Because it has a camera it doesn’t bump into things. It slows down and it learns your house. This helps for it to not scuff up furniture when it’s vacuuming. It also goes to the charger when it needs a charge. It has a remote where you can actually point to dirt and it will go clean it up!





Hack 3: Dryer sheets on baseboards. My mom actually told me about this years ago! Dryer sheets are the best for cleaning baseboards. They also keep them cleaner longer. Do a once over your baseboards with a dryer sheets and thank me later.

Hack 4: Clean your blender in seconds. We make smoothies every single day. The best way to clean a blender? Put water and a bit of dish soap in it and press blend. Then just rinse it out and you’re blender is perfectly clean.

Hack 5: Do you ever have weird smells coming from your kitchen disposal? Clean it up with ice cubes and water! This is great to do every once in a while to prevent smells as well. Simply turn on the garbage disposal and run some cold water from the faucet. Pour in about 2-3 cups of ice while the disposal is running. It will grind up the ice and clean out the disposal. You are left with a perfectly clean and smell free kitchen disposal!

What are some lazy girl cleaning hacks you want to share with me? 

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  • 49 thoughts on “Lazy Girl Cleaning Hacks

    1. Robin Pack

      My go to cleaning/deodorizing is Tea Tree Oil. Of course, it has a smell you have to get used to, but for me, it just makes the house smell fresh! I love using lemons as well…Sarah is right, just the smell is refreshing!

    2. Kristin

      I love using lemons! And the dryer sheet idea is fantastic — truly works. I plan on trying the blender idea soon…and now I have a gift to get my husband for Father’s Day. He’s the one who likes clean floors! 🙂

    3. Heather

      I use lemon all the time – that and vinegar 🙂 I feel like I am constantly running around after my three kids (and husband) to clean – I need this in my life!

    4. Mary

      Holy crap! You can clean a blender that way?! I had no clue. I’m going to have to do that! How much was the Samsung vaccum?

    5. Jenn Leach

      These hacks sound great. I’ve always wanted to try the Lemons one. I bet that citrus smell in the house is amazing. The vacuum is something I’ve wanted for years. Is it really effective? I go through a vacuum every year, no joke, it’s terrible. Just invested in a cordless stick vacuum recently. Makes me wanna vacuum daily ha. The dryer sheets baseboard hack is legit! I also use for my vents.

    6. Rachel

      Great tips! I had no idea about the lemons and that vacuum sounds amazing! I need something like that to help with all the dog hair 🙂

    7. Emma

      So many good tips! Particularly the dryer sheets on the baseboards! I never would have thought of that! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    8. Christine

      I want the powerbot! I absolutely need that but I am sure my hubby would disagree. lol! I used lemon and vinegar for a lot of my cleaning too. I love it! Your tips are great!

    9. Lindsay

      My husband has been toying getting an auto vacuum machine and I’m really not coming with any cons as to why we shouldn’t get one. The dogs might get a bit weirded out but nothing they won’t get used to. 🙂

      MUST clean my baseboards- thanks for the reminder, girl!

    10. Evelyn

      Lemon oil is my friend. I use a lemon oil spray ( on my granite countertops. I also use it in my garbage disposal. And to clean my frig. Great stuff.

    11. Mayra Murillo

      Oh girl I have a similar item and it has revolutionized my life! It helps so much with the daily upkeep. Everything else gets hit with a vinegar/water concoction. Especially my dark hardwood floors.

    12. Jenny

      Love the blender cleaning hack! I actually learned the baseboard trick on Pinterest a few years back and it has been an absolute game changer.

      xoxo, Jenny

    13. Sara Buckner

      These hacks are great! I’ll have to remember the one about cleaning your blender since my mom makes a smoothie everyday. I use microfiber clothes for everything like dusting and cleaning mirrors and windows. 🙂

    14. Taria

      Thank You for your cleaning hacks! I initially thought you were going to have a fairy for me to download ? I will MOST DEFINITELY be using your cleaning hacks!

    15. CourtneyLynne

      Ong I use to have a vacuum like this and loved it!!!! Unfortunately my daughter though it was a toy and broke it -_- so need to get a new one!

    16. Olivia Derby

      The blender tip is so smart. I make a ton of smoothies (only way to get my 2 year old to eat spinach and kale) and I dread the cleaning the part. I can’t believe I never thought of this.

    17. Akhil Sharma

      wow these are some wonderful cleaning hacks. Lemons is natural cleaning agent, but sometimes I use baking soda along with lemon to remove strong stains.

    18. Rebekah

      I want a robotic vacuum so badly! We got a dog this year and switched to all hardwood and tile like you mentioned and now there is always dog hair everywhere! I keep longingly looking at vacuums that will do all the work for me!


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