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My Guide To Books For Babies/Toddlers

Baby/Parenting · Books · June 21, 2019

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This idea came to me when a friend asked on Instagram for suggestions on books for her little one. I ended up sending her about 20 suggestions and then thought I should really write a blog post! I am sectioning this by 0-12 months and 12 months and up! I plan to add to it as Liam gets older! We seriously have over 250 books. It’s kind of insane but this is my guide to books for babies/toddlers. *Note the 0-12 month books can still be read to older babies. We still read them all to Liam. They are just shorter!

My Guide To Books For Babies/Toddlers

0-12 Months:

12 Months and Up:

These are not all the books we have or use but these are my favorites and the ones I think everyone should have! Liam loves books and we keep them in both of our cars, and pretty much all over the house. My favorite places to find great books for a great price are: Marshalls, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Amazon, Half Priced Books, and any used bookstore!

I would love if you suggested more in the comments below for any mom looking to build her family library! Or to give me more ideas!

What’s your favorite children’s book?

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  • 14 thoughts on “My Guide To Books For Babies/Toddlers

    1. Angela

      It’s never too early to start reading to children so I love this list. My boys used to love listening to stories when they were younger.

    2. Stephanie

      My boys love to read and we have so many books. We are doing a summer reading program through the library and they both got to pick a new book to keep while we were. They love the Berenstain Bears books and Dr. Seuss. My mom and my mother-in-law saved all of our books so we have those, too.

    3. Bree

      This is a great reading list! My kids love to read so I always try to update our library so they have fun and interesting things to read!

    4. Claire Lee

      Aw, reminds me of all the books I read when I was young. I enjoy reading and when I do get my own, I will make sure they read a lot too! Thank you for this list!

    5. David Elliott

      Definitely some classic children’s books there. My daughter always appreciated the ones I could put voices along with. She had a lot of fun when I did that. I miss those days of reading to her honestly.

    6. Rosey

      This is a good blog post. I could come up with 20 in an instant too. I love this age where they want to snuggle up in your lap and read.

    7. Elizabeth O

      There are so many great books for kids of all ages. Your curated list is a good starting point for parents who are feeling overwhelmed by all the choices.


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