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How to Heal the Winter Blues

Beauty · Sponsored Post · February 11, 2014

This post was sponsored by Vaseline Jelly through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Vaseline Jelly, all opinions are my own


One of the worst parts about Winter for a girl is dealing with the gross dry cracked feet that come when the cold air blows through and never goes away or so it seems. You hide your feet in boots and socks and just hope and pray that they are soft and ready for sandal season again right?

When I was younger and to this day my mom has always told me to keep your feet from getting cracked during the winter the best key is Vaseline and socks. Sounds gross and weird I know but it works! I am here to tell you this is my go to cure for keeping the cracked, dry winter hands and feet away. Yes Vaseline!

Here is Vaseline’s treatment and I swear my mom says its hers but come on lets be real who do we trust more…Sorry mom!

Healing Foot Treatment

  1. Before bed, apply a layer of Vaseline Jelly to the heels and balls of your feet
  2. Cover feet with a pair of socks and let feet soak in Vaseline Jelly overnight
  3. Remove socks in the morning and wipe off the remaining Vaseline Jelly
  4. For best results, use once or twice a week

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CIMG4002 CIMG4003

I got sent this packages of goodies a few weeks ago and I have been using it religiously and yes it has been helping! Not only are my feet softer but feel so much healthier! Its so much better than going to get a pedicure and having your feet look disgusting 🙁

Plus your feet feel cozy warm in the most comfy socks ever. I am very partial to the ones I was sent!

A few fun facts:

  • Dry skin occurs when the skin’s barrier is not functioning properly

–   Can be caused by poor health, certain medicines, or daily exposure to environmental factors (sun, wind, lack of humidity, etc.), etc.

–   Discovered in 1870 to moisturize and protect dry skin

  • Utilizes a unique skin moisturizing mechanism vs. other occlusive ingredients (e.g., silicones or mineral oils)

Vaseline Jelly penetrates dry skin to create an intercellular occlusive barrier (on surface skin)

My favorite part about getting this package was all the other recipes that came with it too! So many fun recipes I cant wait to try. You should really take a look at the Vaseline website and see all of the things that can be done with it: from salt scrubs, to foot treatments and hand creams etc. Vaseline can also be used on your lips when they get overly chapped!

Like I said at the beginning my mom has been telling me these things for years. I guess it goes to show you. You should really always listen to your mom. They do know best. If only we remembered that when we were arguing with them in our teenage years right?

This post was sponsored by Vaseline Jelly through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Vaseline Jelly, all opinions are my own

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  • 34 thoughts on “How to Heal the Winter Blues

    1. Momfever

      Sounds like a good product. My feet always get very dry both during Summer and Winter. You know, when your heels look like the Grand Canyon? Very unattractive. Maybe I’ll try this!

    2. Sarah

      I should probably (DEFINITELY) do this! I have a weird texture-phobia thing when it comes to vaseline, but my legs are like sand paper right now. It’s pretty sad. Lol! Cute socks by the way, they look nice and toasty warm in this cold weather!

    3. Regina

      Love Love LOVE vaseline!!! I have been doing this for years and it does work. Living at the beach and wearing flops most of the year….well…I would be lost without my vaseline.

      Happy SITS Comment Love Tuesday!!

    4. Rabia @TheLiebers

      Well, it’s not sexy, but I do this with my hands and feet! When they are really bad, I’ve added some Neosporin to the mix for extra healing. I’ve tried to convince my hubby to try it, but he can’t stand to sleep in socks.

      Stopping by from #SITSblogging

    5. Rebecca @ Love at First Book

      Good to know! I’m a native Floridian, but have been traveling with my husband and living in a cold place and my hands and feet are going crazy with dryness. Thank you for the tips!

      Yay for the SITS Girls for giving me the chance to find your blog!

    6. Rachel DeVaughn

      this is awesome!! thanks for posting!! i have done that with vapor rub to help with coughing but i didnt think about putting stuff on my feet over night to help with the dryness. i love the box of goodies you got! 🙂 how fun! (from a SITS girl!)

    7. Erin

      I’ve lived in cold winter yuck Ohio weather the majority of my life & apparently I have been neglecting my feet in the worst way in the cold weather months my whole life. I’ve never heard of using Vaseline with warm cozy socks to keep my feet smooth & unscratchy on my sheets. I’ve just recently started to use some “fancy like” body butter stuff on my feet when I remember after a shower & although I’m a huge non fan of wearing socks to bed, the annoyance of feeling/hearing my feet on my sheets was too much that I’ve had to start putting on socks at bedtime. Perhaps I should give this tip a try here soon; of course I’d have to get the Vaseline to implement this lovely sounding helpful tip!

    8. Rachee

      There is nothing like thick, warm socks on a cold night! My grandmother was always on us about keeping our skin soft and used Vaseline for everything.

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