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The 4 Kinds Of Trips You Should Take

Travel · August 11, 2017

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When you look back on your life there are always going to be things you wish you did more of. Even at 33 there are things I wish I had taken advantage of in my 20’s. One of those is travel. While I did travel a lot I wish I had traveled more. I want to share the 4 kinds of trips you should take in your life, at least in my opinion!

The 4 Kinds Of Trips You Should Take

Girls Trip: Big or small, you have to take a girls trip. Some of my favorite memories are traveling with my girls. Having that kind of quality time, married or single is so important. Even if it’s a short weekend or day trip. Make the time with your girls.

Mother/Daughter Trip: My mom and I went on a trip for my 24th birthday to Las Vegas. it was THE BEST TIME! We saw Bette Midler, we ate TONS of food, shopped, had pool time, and just got to spend some mother daughter time together. This is something I wish we had done more of and I hope to do more of soon. Mother daughter time is so invaluable, and as time moves on and I realize how quick life goes I want to cherish those moments with her.

The Single Trip: When I was single I went on a few trips by myself. Sure I had friends in these cities but I stayed in hotels alone and did a lot of exploring alone. It teaches you so much about yourself, navigating a city by yourself and spending time with the one person you really can’t even escape… yourself. Do it!

Pre Marriage Trip: Andrew and I went on a trip to San Diego 4 months into dating. He jokingly said it was a test to see if we traveled well together. Well we did. We have since gotten to travel all over together and we love to take trips. He’s my fav travel buddy. Learning if you can travel well together is so important before you are married. Travel can be stressful. On our honeymoon our flight was delayed and we almost missed our connecting flight! It was beyond stressful but we worked as a team to sprint through the airport and could cheers on the flight with our cocktails.

What do you think is one of the kinds of trips you should take?

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  • 29 thoughts on “The 4 Kinds Of Trips You Should Take

    1. Amanda Maxwell

      I think I have done all of these!! And am just about to take a girls trip next weekend. I spent 6 weeks in China- by myself- in my mid-twenties (one of the best experiences).

    2. Helene

      I wish I could do a pre-marriage trip, but I’m single haha! I do agree about all the other ones though. Love travelling, no matter what!:) thanks for sharing:)

    3. Katie

      I’m hoping to do a solo trip soon. I’ve been in a funk and a friend of mine and I were talking about how I need to not only go on a vacation, but make it a vacation where I’m NOT visiting anyone because they’re never quite as relaxing as I need it to be.

    4. Jennifer

      Been on all of those trips. Although I love traveling with my husband, I still enjoy going on girls only trips with my friends. We laugh and tell stories from high school.

    5. Jason

      I’ve don a bunch of solo trips around the world. It does get a little lonely at times but it also forces you to get super uncomfortable because you need to rely on yourself. Totally worth the experience in the end.

    6. ShootingStarsMag

      These are all great! I’m not sure I could handle a trip on my own, but I’ve gone places with just my sister and those are fun. I like traveling with my mom too! 🙂 I really want to do a girl’s trip with a friend(s).

    7. Brandy

      Those are a great list of 4 trips you should always take. I never did travel or have interest in travel as a single mom to be honest. Traveling wasn’t something that I had interest in until meeting the man I am with now. Even though it has helped me like the idea of traveling, we still stick close to home within the New England area as we usually need to bring along our doggies with us. I would love to do a mother/daughter trip when my daughter is an adult, be a great way to rekindle the bond!

    8. Southern & Style

      My now husband and I went on several trips before we got married and it totally cemented for me that I wanted to marry that guy. We have so much fun traveling and try to make one or two bigger trips happen now each year & I hope that never stops!

      xoxo, SS

      Southern and Style

    9. jill

      I have never been on a solo trip. It does sound like a fun thing to do. I love going on trips with family but rarely get the chance now.

    10. Tami

      I am already married, so the pre-marriage trip is out. I do have a daughter who just turned 18, so a trip for just the two of us would be awesome!

    11. Darcy

      These trips are a great idea. Looking back I loved my mother daughter trips with my mom and this was a great reminder to continue the tradition with my own children!

    12. Tiffany

      A single trip is definitely one thing I want to do. It was on my “divorce” bucket list. I compiled that list right after my divorce. Can you please share where you have been, what did you do, how long, and any other advice? Thanks so much!


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