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Best Tips For Packing Efficiently

Travel · September 7, 2016

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I love to travel. I actually have two amazing trips coming up this Fall! Andrew and I are going on a babymoon to Santa Barbara and Laguna Beach, and then my best friend, Ashley and I are going on a girls trip to NYC. With travel comes packing, so I wanted to share my best tips for packing efficiently.

Best Tis For Packing Efficiently

Best Tips For Packing Efficiently

Tip 1 – Google Keep Lists: My favorite way to make a packing list is on Google Keep. My husband actually showed me Google Keep and we use it for everything now. We use it weekly to keep a grocery list, we also use it for random lists of things we need to get accomplished. But I love it most for packing lists! I highly suggest downloading the app.

Tip 2 – Research Laundry: When we went on our cruise in February, one of the greatest things was the ability to do laundry! This meant that we could pack less sleep clothes, workout clothes, etc and do laundry mid trip! We also did a load of laundry before we left so we would have less to do at home! A lot of hotels actually have laundry rooms you can use. Just ask! This is a great way to pack less!

Tip 3 – Versatile Items: Packing a cross-body that doubles as a clutch, or a jacket that can go from casual day to dressy night. Those are just two ways to pack versatile items. I also love Lululemon leggings because they work as workout leggings or regular leggings to wear with a cute top. Obviously I wouldn’t use them for both without washing though 🙂

Tip 4 – Look at conditions: Obviously when you travel the weather is going to be different than where you live. We did a trip to Northern and Southern California last year that required packing for 60 degree weather and 100 degree weather. It was insane. My solution? Lots and lots of layers! In most conditions, layers are the best way to pack. Lots of neutral colors that can be paired with different things. Try to avoid a lot of distinct patterns and loud prints. They are a lot harder to mix and match and will just take up space. I also suggest a light jacket that can work over a dress or with jeans.

Tip 5 – Edit down the products: I am the worst at editing down makeup. For some reason I think I need to bring everything! My best advice is find a small neutral eye palette like Urban Decay Naked Basics and then a great face palette like this NARS palette or even this NARS duo which is my go to for travel because it has my favorite blush and bronzer. Then take one lipstick you LOVE. I also hoard sample size mascaras, perfume, etc for travel. Whenever you check out online at Sephora, Nordstrom Beauty and even Ulta you can pick samples. USE THIS! They will come in handy for travel!

I’m so glad I got to share my best tips for packing efficiently with you guys, and I would love to know what you would add to this list!

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  • 23 thoughts on “Best Tips For Packing Efficiently

    1. Elizabeth Ann

      I love these tips! I am going to have to look into Google Keep. I am always looking for a good app! I have trouble cutting down my makeup too. I always overpack when it comes to makeup. Thank you for these tips, they will help me cut back on the overpacking!

    2. Jolina

      We make it a point to travel at least once a year as well (what’s the point of working?? LOL). Our list is a sad-looking piece of paper though so I’m definitely going to have a look at Google Keep. Have a wonderful trip!

    3. Nellwyn

      Having access to laundry while on makes packing such a breeze. And I’m a big big fan of travel size makeup products. I have that same NARS blush/bronzer duo.

    4. Grady

      I’ve never heard of Google Keep but I’ll definitely have to check it out! I’m also a big fan of packing cubes, myself – they keep everything so organized! 🙂


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