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Books I’ve Loved Lately

Books · June 24, 2020

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I love sharing all the books I read with you guys, and today I want to share a few books I’ve loved lately. I have been spending more time reading at night and on weekends and I just love getting lost in a good book.

Books I’ve Loved Lately

Beach Read: My book club read this for June and I could not wait to jump on it!  It’s about two writers who are helping each other get over their respective writer’s block. It’s such a cute, fun, light summer read perfect for the beach. See what I did there?

Cobble Hill: The same author who created Gossip Girl wrote this book and it was SO GOOD! It’s about several different families in Brooklyn and how their lives intertwine. It’s got some very quirky characters and it’s very different than anything I have read lately. Admittedly I wanted to read it due to the author but it was really great. It is not out until October.

Charming Falls Apart: The premise is not super new, a girl with the perfect life loses her job and finds out her “perfect” fiancé is sleeping with her best friend. We’ve all see that story but this one is different, it was a really well-written book that really made you feel for all the characters involved. It’s out in August and definitely one you should add to your reading list.

This Time Next Year: This book was like a warm hug. It’s about two people who are born on the same day at the same time and keep bumping into each other as adults. Super cute story and really fun. This book is out in October.

American Royals II: Majesty: First off all big shout out to my girl, Katharine McGee for sending me a copy of this book because it’s SO GOOD! Did you read the first book in the series? If not go read it. This book picks up right where the first left off and we get to see Beatrice become queen and you know ….all the fun crazy stuff that happens next. Out September 1st.

Party Of Two: I am SUCH a huge fan of Jasmine Guillory and I have been plowing through her books so when I snagged an advanced copy of her 5th book, Party of Two is about Olivia and Max. She is not looking to date anyone and he’s a young, hot politician. Lots of secret dates, tabloids. It was such a fun read.

The Lies That Bind: I am a big Emily Giffin fan and not just because I have met her several times and know she’s a genuinely kind person. Her books are all wonderfully well-written with characters that are equal parts flawed and relatable. This book is about 2 people who meet and have an instant spark. Then he goes missing. It’s 2 AM on 9/11.

Clap When You Land This book wrecked me. It was so good and so well written and it just broke my heart reading it. There’s a plane crash and two girls’ lives are forever changed. They have no idea the other one exists and they also don’t realize they share a father.

If you’ve read anything great lately please leave it below! I am always looking for new books!

Happy reading!

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  • 13 thoughts on “Books I’ve Loved Lately

    1. supplynote

      thanks your collection is really good & I really like the book “The Lies That Bind” thanks again for your suggestion

    2. Ashley

      Such a great list! I’ve been surprised with how much more reading I’ve been able to do lately. So this list will come in very handy as I finish books!

    3. Lori Bosworth

      I think I would enjoy Cobble Hill. I also noticed you had Normal People in your photo. I haven’t read the book yet, but I’m currently watching the series and really enjoying it.

    4. Elizabeth O

      Even though you read books that are vastly different from what I select, I think it’s terrific because we can all learn from each other about the wide world of books and reading. There are so many genres and choices to pick from… Readng is such fun.

    5. Natalie

      Really interesting list. I already see some books I might get next. I only wish I have more time to read them all.

    6. Wendy

      I just finished “A Good Marriage” by Kimberly McCreight. It ‘s a Book of the Month selection, and it was very riveting and kept me on the edge of my seat at the end as the murder was being solved.


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