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Closet Organization Hacks

Organization · June 2, 2016

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No matter what size closet you have, closets can be hard to organize and even harder to keep organized! I am a self described Type A neat freak. I hate things out of place and I can’t relax until the kitchen is cleaned. My closet is one place I used to struggle with though. So I can understand how our closets can become the land where things are lost. My favorite closet organization hacks are below and these are LIFE CHANGING things you should implement RIGHT NOW!


Best Closet Organization Hacks You Need In Your Life

Hack 1 Hangers: I read this tip once about turning your hangers the opposite way when you wear something. That way you see within a year what things are still facing the correct way and you can get rid of them. This is a great test to see what you really wear. I mean we all hold on to certain things. There are items such as leather jackets, or special dresses that you may not wear right now or even again but you want to hold on to. I bought a dress specifically for our wedding rehearsal dinner and I know I won’t wear it again but it was such a special dress with a special memory. I love the tip about hangers to see what you wear and what you don’t wear. This is hands down one of my favorite closet organization hacks!

Hack 2 Shoes: As far as organization goes I keep my nicer shoes (heels, flats, boots) in their boxes when I buy them. My other shoes (flip flops, workout shoes, casual shoes) I keep in a cubby I bought at Container Store for easier access. One of my biggest pet peeves and one thing I think make closets look messy is shoes all over the floor! The key to keeping shoes organized it to have a place for them so they don’t pile up.

Hack 3 Re-folding: I have these amazing built in shelves in my closet where I keep most of my workout clothes, summer shorts, and tank tops. They are awesome for storage but they get messy a lot. I know that friends of mine with built in shelves in their closet love them or hate them. I personally have a love hate relationship with mine. I try as hard as I can to keep them tidy, but things just get messed up. Once a month I take everything off one section at a time and refold it. Honestly, it takes me maybe 15 minutes at most. This helps keep my closet shelves organized and tidy looking.

Hack 4 Shelves: The other shelves in my closet are at the top. It is really easy for us to just throw stuff up their and not worry about it. Out of sight out of mind, right? I use most of our shelving up top for nicer shoes and boots. We also use it for boxes that we don’t need all the time that may have items in them. I try to keep all of these things neatly lined up so that even though the shelving is being used for storage, they don’t look like you are just throwing things up there. One hack I have learned is to buy dividers. You can get these at Lowe’s, Home Depot, Walmart, Target, etc. The Dividers can be used to section items off. People can’t usually see them in fact you won’t really see them but they keep things from spilling over on top of each other.

Hack 5 Organization Bins: Several years ago I got some really cute little fabric bins at Target. I now use these for clutches, wallets, small purses, etc. I highly suggest finding a few storage pins like this that you can easily organize them in. These aren’t too deep and so I actually don’t pile them, I line them up so I can easily see each one. I also have a deeper bin I use for workout shorts. They are all folded neatly in the bin. Then I have a REALLY large bin for scarves. This is almost impossible to keep tidy, but I try. I live my life by storage bins.

Hack 6 Purses/Bags: I keep my nicer designer handbags in the dustbags they came in on a shelf in our closet. But what about the less fancy purses? I actually use a hanger and hang 3-4 purses per hanger. This also works great for tote bags. It keeps them from getting piled up on the floor or lost somewhere. It also looks a lot more tidy.

Those are my best closet organization hacks that I use constantly to keep our closets organized and tidy! It takes some work at the beginning but if you implement these things it stays organized well!

What is one of your favorite closet organization hacks?

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  • 38 thoughts on “Closet Organization Hacks

    1. Kiara Catanzaro

      I love my fabric bins from Target/Bed Bath and Beyond! I use them to separate my bags from my hats to flip-flops! Thanks so much for sharing all these hacks! I’ll be tackling my closet for summer hopefully this weekend, and I’ll be sure to keep these tips in mind!

    2. candy

      Shoe bins that you can see through is a must and your right keeping the shoes off the floor really helps keep everything tidy.

    3. Megan Gonzalez

      These are great ideas! If you don’t have one already, you should check out the Miracle Fold board. It makes laundry day so much easier and then all the clothes sit in neat, even stacks in the closet.

    4. rachel

      That hanger hack is GENIUS! Seriously, I have so many pieces that I do not wear anymore and I just don’t part with. But I am going to do this. I just moved and my lease is a year so if I haven’t turned the hanger by the time I need to move again I need to get rid of it!!

      Thanks Neely!

      – Rachel |

    5. Katie

      Containers are a MUST! Living in a rental means that I don’t have super fancy closet organization and so it’s on me to find things that work and adding my own (cheap) stand alone shelves and using bins is huge to keeping my space organized!

    6. Jess Benoit

      I am definitely pinning this because our closet is a disaster. It’s really only being used to stuff things in that have no real place in the home. The only clothes hung up in there are ones we never wear! Thanks so much for these tips.

    7. Laura

      The hanger tip is AWESOME! I’ve been doing it for a few years now and it really does help me figure out what I’m not wearing (It also makes me realize “omg how have I NOT worn this?” for some items)

      I’m with you on the shoes tips too, I have a shoe-drobe in a nook in my closet, but keep the fancy ones in boxes.

      I like to buy felt covered slim line hangers too, and try to organize by item!

      Laura @

    8. Libby

      These are all amazing hacks! I too have the love/hate relationship with those shelves! I had never heard the hack about the shoes and keeping shoe boxes for certain shoes but i love that idea! My closet is definitely in need of some attention!

    9. Marci Smith

      These are great tips! The main thing I do with my closet is only hang the clothes I’ll be wearing that season, and storing the rest. It frees up A LOT of hangers!

    10. Jessica bradshaw

      I love clear bins. I have a ton of them so I can see what is in them! These are great. I’m a weirdo about having an organized closet so I keep mine clean (unless I get super behind on laundry. Haha)

    11. Susannah

      These tips are great! I have a tiny closet so I can’t use most of the tips but if we get the house we’re hoping to buy I’ll have a walk-in!!!!!

    12. Tabitha

      Great tips! I have a few storage bins in my closet, and my main one is for my tank tops. I have so many, so I used the Kon Mari method of folding, and I love how I can see what colors I have. I never thought about putting tote bags on a hanger, though. That’s a really good idea!

    13. ashley lee

      I have a 3 shelf cubby thing for my shoes. I do not really know if I like it or not. && I love how our closet has lots of shelf space at the top. Easy for storing stuff and bins.

    14. Ivanna

      These are great tips! I want to get rid of my drawers and just have shelving in the closet honestly. Its the hardest thing for me to put my clothes away into a drawer I’d rather just grab them from a shelf.

    15. Marie

      I love the idea of taking the time to refold items on the closet shelves! I usually put something away and never think about it again until I pull it out to wear and that can lead to cluttered shelves if I pull on something folded in the middle. Refolding is an excellent way to keep it tidy.

    16. Jenny

      My shoes are all over the floor currently so I need to get a new shoe rack for myself. I haven’t really organized my closet since our move so I need to work on that soon too. Thanks for all of the tips.

      xoxo, Jenny

    17. Roxy

      I def need more closet space to accommodate these hacks. I totally agree shoes all over the floor makes me a crazy lady. Any hacks for small closets??

    18. April Hammond

      I like hanging my scrafs on shower hooks and then I put them on a hanger. This is such a great list, I wish my hubby would let me get rid of some of his unneeded clothes. He takes up more closet space than me, lol.

    19. Nicole Escat

      I like the see through shoe bin, I think this is a great idea especially if you have many shoes!

    20. Emma

      Aah! Shoes piling up is my downfall! Keeping them in the boxes is such a good idea – don’t know why I didn’t think of that. As always, love your posts!

    21. Keating

      So many great tips! I use hangers to keep all my scarves organized. I think they each hold about six scarves. I then use shower curtain hooks for purses! My walk-in closet that I used to have had a wire shelf that went around it so I hung my bags from one section of them. It worked out perfectly. My fingers are crossed that our next home has a walk-in closet again. I’m the queen of keeping it neat and organized haha

      xo, Keating | Keating & Co.

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