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How To Deal With Food Sensitivities

Food · Sponsored Post · August 9, 2016

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When I was five I discovered I was horribly allergic to coconut. How did I find this out? Well I ate some Samoa Girl Scout cookies and ended up in the hospital. The diagnosis was a severe allergy to coconut. Yes, I have tried it other times in my life to see if it’s something I outgrew. Nope. As I have entered my thirties (ugh) I have noticed I am now becoming sensitive to dairy. This was not enjoyable for someone who drinks lattes (milk), has ice cream more nights than not for dessert, and also loves all things cheese and yogurt related. It’s kind of a blow that regular milk can sometimes mess with you. Food sensitivities are a part of tons of peoples lives.

When trying to figure out how to deal with situations where dairy can mess with you, I was happy to discover LACTAID® products. The good thing is I am not lactose intolerant, just sensitive. Some days it doesn’t bother me and some days it does.

I have found that subbing in LACTAID® milk has really helped a lot of things in my life. Since I try to make my coffee at home a lot of days and eat 90% of my meals at home, helping my dairy sensitivity isn’t tough at all.

Here are a few examples of ways to use LACTAID® products for everyday uses.

First things first, coffee. I’m sure if you are a coffee/tea/latte drinker like myself and you have dairy sensitivity it’s your first concern, just as it was for me. Fun fact, I can’t taste a difference at all in LACTAID® vs the milk I use to buy!



Cereal: I could probably eat cereal 3 times a day if left to my own ways. So it’s kind of a blow when you realize that regular milk doesn’t always make you feel great.


We are also huge breakfast for dinner fans around here. Pancakes, waffles, eggs, omelets, the list goes on and on. LACTAID® is a great thing to have on hand!


There are a lot of great LACTAID® products out there too. We keep the cottage cheese on hand because mixed with fruit it can be really great dessert options when staying healthy. Plus LACTAID® ice cream is actually quite tasty! Dairy sensitivity is more common than you think, it actually effects 1 in 5 people in the United States! That’s a lot. That means people you know and interact with on a regular basis are more than likely dealing with dairy sensitivity.


What do you do to try to figure out how to deal with food sensitivities or allergies?


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  • 36 thoughts on “How To Deal With Food Sensitivities

    1. candy

      Many of my friends who have had food problems has turned to growing and buying cows milk, making their own butter, cream etc. and they have been able to eat with no problem. To much junk being added to our food.

    2. WanderTruant

      Have you tried other alternatives like soy or almond milk? I’ve had a lifelong issue with milk and grew up on rice milk. I now drink soy or almond milk and thankfully have outgrown most of my allergy, as I can use normal milk in baking and such. Out of habit though I always gravitate towards soy. I’ve never tried Lactaid and am interested in how it tastes.

    3. Katy

      I have a dairy sensitivity as well, but I used to take Lactaid pills. My mom would get them for me when I was younger, and they worked like a charm. These days, I seemed to have grown out of it a little, but if I drink too much milk or eat too much ice cream or cheese, then I do get a stomach ache. I just limit how much I eat/drink and I’m good!

    4. Shann Eva

      I’m beginning to think one of my twins has a dairy sensitivity, so this is great information. I don’t like giving him soy, so we’ll have to check this out. Thanks for the great review.

    5. Katie

      I used to use lactaid milk all the time, but now I stick to almond or coconut (obviously the latter not being an option for you) as I find that sometimes even if the lactose was removed from the product, it can still mess with my system…so sensitive. haha

    6. Tara Berries

      I have been dealing with a milk sensitivity as well but I have just been avoiding milk and dairy products. Trying lactose-free milk is a great idea and I will for sure try it!

    7. Christal

      I’m so thankful for Lactaid & almond milk! When I first found out I was lactose-intolerant, my only option at the time was soy milk, which is disgusting! Then these two came along and I was finally able to enjoy a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch again ♥♥ I never knew Lactaid made cottage cheese though, I’m seriously going to have give that a try!

    8. Krystal // The Krystal Diaries

      I am lactose intolerant since I was a teenager. I started drinking soy milk and then switched the almond milk but I still drink soy if that’s what’s available when I’m out. I switch all my dairy products – cheese, butter, mayo, cream cheese, and ice cream to vegan or dairy free options. It’s made such a difference in the way my stomach feels

    9. Brandy

      What an important topic to discuss, I know milk makes me all sick. I crave it every so often but when I drink it my stomach will be in knots all night long. I love that there are food sensitivity options available, and I must try some for sure. I have tried almond milk, didn’t like it: ( Guess time to try alternatives !

    10. Heather with WELLFITamdFED

      As a wellness chiropractor who deals daily with patients food sensitivities I have a slightly different take. Our bodies are unbelievably intelligent and know exactly what is right and what is wrong for our particular physiologic make-up. If you are sensitive to dairy then don’t eat dairy. No dairy. Like, ever. I think manipulating food to get it past your immune system is a recipe for disaster. Listen to your body and avoid foods you are inherently sensitive to. Thanks for a thought provoking post! I love it when folks make me comment all doctory. 😉 – Dr Heather DC CCWP

    11. Lauren

      Food sensitivities are so hard to deal with! People with lactose issues are lucky to have a great option! My bf has gluten sensitivity and my son is allergic to eggs…eggs is a hard one to deal with! My bf’s stepdad buys him lactaid ice cream sometimes because he seems to think people with gluten issues can’t have regular’s pretty good!

    12. Steph

      I’ve recently started realizing that I have a sensitivity to dairy products as well. I love a good latte or a bowl of ice cream, but I’ve recently cut back on my dairy intake. I still enjoy a latte from Dunkin Donuts occasionally, but I may have to try out a homemade one with Lactaid!

    13. Jenny

      My fiance is lactose intolerant so all he drinks is lactaid. He still tries to eat ice cream from time to time and regrets it haha.

      xoxo, Jenny

    14. Liz Mays

      I use products like that as well. Dairy is one of those sometimes irritants for me. The problem is that I never know when the sometimes will be, so using things like Lactaid helps.

    15. Mistle

      I am glad that you were able to find an alternative to be able to drink milk. I am not a milk drinker at all. I have not drank milk since I was a little girl. I do however love ice cream, cheese…all the other dairy products. If I ever develop issues with dairy I am not sure what I will do. Thanks for the insight girl!

    16. Rachael Yerkes

      Since I have a lactose intolerance I am a huge fan of Lactaid. Now if only I could find a lactose free ice cream. Food sensitivities are really hard, I am glad we don’t deal with more of them.

      1. Lana @ The Joy Blog

        Try Ben and Jerry’s almond milk line… it tastes like real ice cream and comes in amazing flavors like PB & Cookies, Chunky Monkey Chocolate Brownie, and a Coffee one. I get mine at our Walmart neighborhood market but I swear they are sold in most chains now. Also So Delicious (found also at walmart) sells great coconut milk and almond milk flavors as well. I just got a mint chip coconut milk ice cream that is so good.

    17. Elizabeth O

      This is one of our favorite household food products! I buy it all the time because a couple of us are lactose intolerant and it tastes terrific.

    18. Lindsay

      I went through a period of time where I was sensitive to milk and I loved Lactaid. It has such a nice sweet taste, I prefer it to regular milk!

    19. Akhil Sharma

      I am allergic to honey!
      I drink toned milk regularly, but my doctor suggests full cream (whole) milk due to my skinny structure. However, I think Lactaid is best for people who are sensitive to milk or lactose intolerant.

    20. Lana @ The Joy Blog

      I’m totally lactose sensitive now that I’m in my thirties, too! Here’s what I have found. Lactaid products are AWESOME. Also, there are a lot of non-dairy ice creams now, too. Ben and Jerry’s has a fantastically delicious line of Almond Milk ice cream (tastes like real dairy), and So Delicious has tons of great options too. They are sold at Walmarts in my area and other main grocery chains.

      Whole Foods has a great line of lactose free yogurts by Green Valley Organics and they also sell sour cream and cream cheese by this brand too that is all lactose free.

      And, if you can stomach ANY dairy at all, you can try eating aged and hard cheeses. I have found that the 2 year aged sharp cheddar from Tillamook doesn’t bug me in small doses, like a grilled cheese every few months, or sliced on a sandwich now and then. Goudas, Swiss cheese, parmesan cheese, and other hard cheeses are fine in smaller doses. Also, goat cheese for whatever reason doesn’t bug me. Lactose intolerance doesn’t have to mean missing out on good food! Also, we make a lot of our own pizza, and when I’m feeling a little more sensitive to lactose, I just go cheeseless, and it’s still delicious.

    21. Jhon Marker

      I have been dealing with a milk sensitivity as well but I have just been avoiding milk and dairy products. Trying lactose-free milk is a great idea and I will for sure try it!


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