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In case you were ever curious about New Zealand Slang….

Hola my ladies and potentially-also-gentleman currently reading this wonderful blog written by the wonderful Neely! My name is Chelsea and I am a 20-something blogger and blog designer at Yours Truly and Yours Truly Designs. I blog pretty often about fashion & style, beauty, blogging tips, and design. A fun fact you may not know about me is that I live in beautiful New Zealand. I am from Vancouver, Canada but my boyfriend is from here and we are living here for a little over a year before moving back to Canada in spring 2013. It’s a really gorgeous country…but the people are a little odd. Sure, they’re laid back and cruisy and fun times, but they have some seriously weird words for things. And they make ME feel like the weird one for not saying their weirdo-words. Today I want to share some NZ {and probably Aussie as well} slang with you. You know, in case you’re ever down under {Australia} or across-the-ditch {New Zealand}, you will be up on your terminology.
1. Sultana bran is raisin bran. Good ol’ raisin bran. Sultanas are like fat raisins…but they’re the same size as the raisins in raisin bran at home. I don’t get it.

2. Your fringe is your bangs. Ha! Everytime I get my hair cut I have to remember to say fringe or the lady looks at me funny. Some Kiwi’s are so oblivious to the word bangs. They have no idea at all what it means. And fringe sounds ridiculous. Okay.. I guess bangs is an odd one too.

3. If you’re wearing a singlet, you’re wearing a tanktop. You say tanktop, they say WTF? Singlet is a pretty general word. It covers your average racerbank, spaghetti strap and even those funny man muscle shirts.

4. Don’t forget your jandels if you’re going to the beach. Seriously, the sun makes the sand so hot you legitimately can’t NOT wear jandels {flipflops and oooooh, got you with my double negative} or your feet will burn and blister. Jandel is possibly the weirdest word on this list. I have no idea where it comes from.

5. If you live in the middle of nowhere/the boonies, you live in the wops. Also referred to as the wop-wops.

6. On your birthday, you shout your workplace morning tea. Morning tea is like recess at school where you get to have a snack. By shout, I do not mean you yell all over your office about morning tea. Shouting is where you buy, you pay, it’s on you, etc. How backwards is that? It’s MY birthday, you buy ME something!

7. If you are a skux, you’re a flirt or a ladies man. You say it like “skucks”. I actually use this word pretty often to describe good lookin’ boys that are good with the ladies. AKA ladies’ men.

8. Sweet as. I’m not sure how to explain this one. Kind of like “that’s good” or just “sweet”. For some reason there’s an as on the end. You can basically ad as onto any adjective, good as, skux as..etc.

9. Mean is a good thing. Aw, bro, that’s mean, means aw friend, that’s so cool.

10. Wear your togs to the beach. This is not Europe, you cannot sunbathe naked. Swimsuits {togs} are definitely required.

11. If you ask someone to open up the hood or the trunk, they’ll just laugh at you. Instead, you open up the bonnet or the boot. Those ones are just not right to me.

I hope you all enjoyed feeling a little Kiwi for five minutes as you read this. You will be masters if you ever come to visit, which you totally should cause it’s beautiful. To convince you, see pictures below {these are all taken by me at places around our home}. Thanks for reading!

the lifeguard tower at bethell’s beach
my boyfriend sliding down the sand dunes on a skim board
at a forest behind bethell’s beach
just up the road from our house
view from a west auckland lookout point
bethell’s beach at sunset
full on bethell’s beach sunset

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  1. Milla wrote:

    Some lovely pictures there! 🙂

    Published 10.20.12
  2. Helene wrote:

    I would LOVE to visit New Zealand! How lucky you get to stay for a while!
    Helene in Between

    Published 10.20.12