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Its OK Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays
Its Thursday and there were some kind of debates last night….not sure I think something about an election???



To not care about the debates: Im voting how I am voting.

To want everything on the Jcrew website

To hate Facebook

To love my job and everyone involved in my job….they are awesome and yes that is very very OK

To think that we may never meet the “mother” on How I met your Mother

To need chap stick real bad ala Napoleon Dynamite

To think that best friends need to never be sick cause I need them around yeah Im selfish

To legit think cold weather solves all problems

Also the show Felicity that too

To realize I am writing this post intoxicated on wine and you know what….

Thats OK.

Nuff Said.

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  1. Whitney wrote:

    I just had to enter my life story to leave this comment… this is all you get.

    The bish from Florida, hollaaaa!

    Published 10.4.12
    • Neely wrote:

      LOL I heart you

      Published 10.4.12
  2. I agree with the majority of this! hahaha
    The debates didn’t change my mind about the candidates….but it did change my mind about certain people on Twitter.
    I was on JCrews website list night and wanted every sweater they have. (In my head I had a lot of money and was buying each sweater)
    I have Facebook which is why I deleted it on Sunday. Last night I was happy to NOT have Facebook. Twitter was going off I don’t even want to think about my Facebook wall…
    And I’m convinced we will NEVER meet the “mother” on How I Met Your Mother….and that annoys me. LOL

    Published 10.4.12
  3. Becca wrote:

    Hey! New follower, linking up for the first time!!!

    Published 10.4.12
  4. Jamie wrote:

    Comgrats on the successful switch over! Happy Thursday!

    Published 10.5.12
  5. Kaolee wrote:

    Haha! Love it!

    Published 10.5.12
  6. Felicia wrote:

    I’m with you.. I think we will never meet the mother in How I Met Your Mother!! LOL!

    Published 10.4.12