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It’s OK Thursday

Miscellaneous · October 18, 2012

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Its Ok Thursdays
HI Friends! Happy Thursday 🙂

Im sitting in Jury Duty today doing everything in my power to not be picked so think good thoughts about that.

It’s OK….

That I am pessimistic about Jury Duty

That I giggle when people try to argue politics with me cause I just dont play that game

That I bought 3 sweaters from Jcrew this week because they had 25% off AND I had a 20% off coupon

That I am looking forward to my HS reunion about as much as a root canal

That some people just piss me off

To not want to disclose certain things….MY BIZNAZZZZZ

To watch Gilmore Girls and Felicity in its entirety over and over again

To see my long term blog goals really start paying off

To only surround yourself with the type of people that bring out the best in you

To drink a bottle of wine on a Wednesday….haters gonna hate

To go to the state fair twice durin fair time mainly cause Fletchers corn dogs are the greatest ever!

To get really excited for chilly night time weather cause it makes for the best runs

That I must give a massive shout out to Aly for posting this on Facebook Tuesday night

Whats OK with you this week??

Come link up with Amber and I!!


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  • 13 thoughts on “It’s OK Thursday

    1. Melanie Askey

      Oh I’m so sorry about jury duty! Crossing my fingers that you don’t get selected!

      I saw that photo on my fb newsfeed recently as well. It was the perfect thing to read in-between all of the political posts (everyone just HAS to have an opinion) haha.

      Thanks for hosting this great link-up! I look forward to it every week!

    2. Lilu

      I have, fortunately for now, been able to avoid Jury Duty.
      And sales are always sales, it’s okay =P
      Some people do just piss us off, it’s like an anti-match made in heaven.
      And chilly weather when running, hell to the yeah!
      And aww, I miss being able to watch Gilmore Girls…

    3. Audra

      Jury duty wasn’t TOO bad… at our courthouse they played movies all day, and I brought my laptop and just blogged the whole time 🙂 Plus it got me out of work!

    4. Brie

      I have yet to have to go to Jury duty but I have learned through the years many different ways people have tried to get out of it, haha. You double “couponed” there are women out there jumping with joy at your savy shopping skills 🙂

      Hope you have a pretty quick day!

    5. Amanda

      Fingers crossed that you don’t get picked for jury duty! And I’m glad that you drank a whole bottle of wine last night….I had half of one…in bed 😉 Too bad we don’t live closer!

    6. Melia

      I almost cashed in on that J.Crew sale. But I used my 20% off coupon a couple weeks ago! Also, I’ve become quite the cheap-o when it comes to shipping. I’ll hold out for the free shipping+25% off….sometimes to my detriment.


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