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Miscellaneous · November 20, 2012

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So about 10 days ago I discovered a lump on my back. The exact same looking kind of lump my dad had when he was diagnosed with Lymphoma…needless to say I had a giant meltdown of scare.

My mom after looking at the lump said to call my Dr which I did and made an appt for yesterday morning.


Turns out its an infected cyst(which can happen) and they put me on 2 weeks of antibiotics before they remove it in December. All things are OK just a scare.


It got me thinking though about how careful we should be when we notice something on our bodies that just aren’t right. We know our bodies best and know when something is out of the norm. It is SO important to be safe than sorry because you don’t want to push things back or say its not a big deal to avoid a Dr bill or to avoid possible bad news. Take what my family has gone through this past year as reason enough to go to the Dr when something is not right.

You can really never be too careful.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and good thoughts for me yesterday. While I did not think it was anything deadly or really bad I just really hate going to the Dr and I honestly need to have a few months where there is only good health news.


Also for those of you contributing to the twitter conversation Saturday night about those painful under the skin zits that hurt my Dr gave me a cortisone shot(yes in my face…hurt like a mofo) and its almost gone! He said if I get another to come in and it only takes a second….ummm yes this will be happening from now on. Just a little info from me to you guys!


And because we all need a laugh


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Have a great Tuesday!


Do you go to the Dr when you notice something is wrong? Are you a rather be safe than sorry person?

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  • 20 thoughts on “Scare

    1. Kate

      I’m definitly a rather safe than sorry…I spent more time at the pediatrician’s office this year than anywhere else it felt like. I know it was expensive, put a lot of miles on my (very cool, full of swag) mini-van but I dont care. Peace of mind is worth it!

    2. Christina

      I’m super paranoid.

      For a few years I let the fact I was feeling run down slide. Didn’t think much of it.

      Went in for a check up on something completely different (the flu I think)

      Came out with a diagnosis of anemia, no big deal. I’ve been anemic my entire life and diet and supplements never really helped. They did some tests and I wasn’t just a bit anemic, I was extremely anemic.

      To the point I had been sent to an Oncologist/Hematologist. It took 6 months and weekly treatments and several transfusions in order to get my iron levels to a somewhat safe level. I was put on bed rest because of the combination of low iron, medications, narcotic pain meds and physical exhaustion.

      Needless to say now any time I feel run down, I am in the lab getting blood work done.

      I’m glad things worked out and it’s not what you thought!

    3. Kait

      Oh my gosh, I’m so happy it was only an infected cyst! You are right, you can never be too careful about medical things. I’m the first person to go to the doctor as soon as I see the slightest thing wrong, because I never know what it could be and I’ll admit..I’ll think I’m dying. Dramatic, I know. But I have too many people close to me who have had awful things happen to them! Glad you’re doing Ok!

    4. Kate

      So glad to hear everything’s ok, and thanks for putting it out there to always get everything checked out. You never know, and if you catch it in time it can be lifesaving! You have a lot to be thankful for this year 🙂

    5. Meghan

      So glad you’re okay, lady. I’ve been losing a lot of hair lately. My stylist says its the weather, but I don’t buy it. Doctor, here I come!!

    6. Melissa

      So glad to hear that everything is okay!! :):)

      Seven years ago I found a lump in my breast and freaked out, I was only seventeen but many forms of cancer run in our family, needless to say my doctor took it out immediately and I get checked regularly now. There is no substitute for being educated and knowing your own body.

      The laugh = Truth! LOL

    7. Micah

      I’m so glad all is okay. And points to you for noticing something wasn’t right and doing something about it. It’s too easy to just breeze over those changes or deny that they need attention.

    8. Pamela

      So glad to hear that everything was okay! I must say I do put off things if something is going on with me, just because I am so busy, homeschooling, business, kids, etc but then my hubbie will say you need to make an appt for that, and its like God was saying it!

    9. Heather

      So glad that you’re OK friend!!! You definitely have it right in saying that when something is out of the norm that we need to visit the DR. I’m one of those who’d rather pull my teeth out than visit the ol doc, but sometimes it’s necessary!

    10. Chelsea

      So glad you’re okay Neely!!! Lymphoma is a huge part of my health anxiety. I found a small lump in my neck in nov of 2010 and went to many doctors to have it checked out and had many nights of crying myself to sleep (that’s the anxiety part). They all told me it was nothing but I never believed them. I have a couple of other lumps in my neck as well which also freaked me out. Anytime I got sick and my glands got swollen I would get crazy paranoid that I had lymphoma. Google is a big feeder of my health anxiety, ugh. Search “lump” and lymphoma is everywhere, it sucks. I had another bout of anxiety and paranoia about having lymphoma when I got to NZ and my eczema started getting really bad, and my lymph nodes in my like pelvic area started swelling. Went to doctors a few times for that too and none of them though it was anything horrible, eventually one decided it must be because of my eczema and the timeline totally fits. When my eczema gets really bad they get quite swollen, and when it goes away they settle down. so PHEW, my anxiety can rest for a bit. So glad you’re okay and good vibes to your dad forever! xoxo


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