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Sunday Social

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Hey Guys Happy Sunday Social Day!!!
This Weeks Questions:

What is your ideal way to relax: Wine, a book or reality TV(yes very different) and cuddling with A on our couch.

Where is your favorite place to be: Either my office or our couch

Who do you consider your biggest role model: My mom and dad for sure both of them

What does your life look like in 3 years? Im guessing one kid, new house, and still blogging 🙂

If you could go back and change one decision what would it be? Not a thing…I think that its important we realize that things happen how they should and they shape who we are.


What is your biggest accomplishment in life thus far? Making it to where I am professionally.


Next Weeks Questions:

1. When did you join twitter?
2. Who is your favorite non-celeb to follow?
3. Who is your favorite celeb to follow?
4. Have you ever had a celeb respond to a tweet?
5. What is your favorite store/brand to follow?
6. Give us three tweeps we should be following.

Its Sunday so come get Social with us you know Sunday Social 🙂 Also be sure to link up, spread the word and encourage others to come make some new bloggy friends!

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  1. Jahaila wrote:

    Hey there Bloggers! I had to go and enjoy the sunlight and nice weather we are FINALLY having here in Chicago!! I just finished the questions for today- hope you all can take a look! Please 😉

    Published 3.30.14