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The Gift Of Sleep

Baby/Parenting · Sponsored Post · December 22, 2017

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If I ask any of my mom friends what they want for Christmas they say “sleep” or “a nap.” Us mamas are TIRED. Right friends?Β  So I want to share with you my secret to having a good nights sleep so you can gift yourself with the gift of sleep!

3 Ways To Get The Gift Of Sleep

Get Your Baby Into A Routine: We started a routine REALLY early on. About 4 weeks in. It’s changed a little as we have introduced solids, but it’s pretty much the following:

  • Dinner solids
  • Bath time (Liam’s fav)
  • Diaper, PJs, lotion massage
  • Bottle in the rocker (he feeds himself I just hold him and rock him
  • Two books (one read by each of us)
  • Blessings
  • Then we say a certain thing to him right before bed every night
  • Then he goes down in his crib awake and is usually out in about 10 minutes tops
  • He also sleeps with white noise

Doing this routine each night for over 9 months has made Liam VERY aware that it is bedtime, and he loves this routine. It’s something the three of us enjoy every day.

The Right Protection:Β When Liam was about 6 weeks old we started using overnight diapers from Pampers. He was starting to sleep more and more through the night with minimal wakes and we wanted him in something that would keep him dry and comfortable all night long. So not only do we get the gift of sleep, but he gets it as well. When we had him in regular diapers he was fine but these have a Channels Innovation with great absorbency. So Pampers has rolled out Pampers Baby Dry diapers and they are basically an upgrade!Β Pampers Baby Dry diapers are now enhanced with Extra Absorb Channels, yet it is the same 12 hours of overnight protection. We use these every single night and they are the diaper we put on Liam right before PJs! We have never had an issue with leaking, bulkiness, or him being uncomfortable. He sleeps 12 hours and is completely fine in these diapers! Pampers diapers underwent extensive testing with pediatricians, dermatologists and moms to ensure products meet and exceed the needs of their most important customers – babies. When Liam wakes up it’s not a super bulky uncomfortable diaper. In fact, most mornings I have to wake him up! Some sizes 3-6 are available now and the smaller sizes will be available in January!

Consistency: We hear all the time that consistency is key, right? But it could not be more true! No matter how rough a day is we stick to a consistent schedule and routine and Liam ALWAYS adapts! No matter where we are: at a family members house, at home, or traveling, he knows his routine and the consistency we have in place helps him sleep well anywhere.

What do you think? Are you looking for the gift of sleep?

This post is in partnership with Pampers. A brand we have used since Liam was born and love!

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  • 22 thoughts on “The Gift Of Sleep

    1. Chelsae

      Sleep is phenomenal! Our little girl is first months and just started sleeping through the night. But, she still hates naps! That is such a process for us everyday. Hopefully those get easier soon. Great tips!

    2. Anita Anderson

      I’m still looking for the gift of sleep as my daughter is 6 and still wakes up early on school mornings and weekends.

    3. Heidi

      Sleep is truly a gift! Even now that my kids are out of the baby stage, routines are still a major part in ensuring we all get it. Excellent tips!

    4. Tamara Goyette

      Sleep does not exist in my house right now and it’s not the kids faults. Thankfully good diapers made all the difference for them sleeping well.


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