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What’s In My Hospital Bag: Second Time Mom

Pregnancy · November 8, 2019

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Kind of crazy to think that I will be in the hospital so soon having this baby! We are just a little over 2 weeks away! Since I have done this before I have a much better idea of what I would actually NEED at the hospital. Last time we didn’t plan to be there for 6 days so I had to send Andrew home at one point to get more clothes. This time we live MUCH closer which is nice. But I figured since I have had a few requests I would share what’s in my hospital bag for a second-time mom.

What’s In My Hospital Bag: Second Time Mom

The bag I am using is a Vera Bradley large duffel. It’s what I used last time and it holds so so much!

For me:


For the baby: *our hospital provides pretty much everything I could possibly need for her so we aren’t bringing much.

I am having a c-section so my hospital also provides a c-section recovery wrap. If you can think of ANYTHING I should pack or add to this please comment below! I always feel like I am forgetting something important.




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  • 12 thoughts on “What’s In My Hospital Bag: Second Time Mom

    1. Kate

      This is a great list – very comprehensive! The only thing I usually take (everywhere!) is wet wipes as they are useful for a multitude of things…

    2. Stephanie

      My hospital bag was definitely different the second time around. The only thing that was hard was being in different hospitals (in different states) for each so we weren’t sure what the hospital provided. But the most important thing I wanted the second time was a bathrobe to wear over my hospital gown. It kept me more comfortable.

    3. Marjie Mare

      Congrats, it always brings me joy to read about new moms, babies, and all the prep. Your post brings sweet memories to me.

    4. Stephanie

      Hey Thanks! Your article has been very informative and me being in my 7th month really needed something like this. Will help us a lot during the delivery time. 🙂

    5. Christa

      This is a great list! I definitely needed my extra long charger and snacks. (Big blunder: packing pre-pregnancy pajamas that didn’t fit right after I gave birth. Whoops.) I’m so looking forward to “meeting” this precious baby.

    6. Courtney

      Ooooo great items!!! It’s crazy what you pack the first time and what you will pack for he second. I only have one kiddo, but I would definitely pack a totally different bag the second time around lol

    7. Nicole GIlbert

      Not sure if you’re breast-feeding, but a breastfeeding pillow and cover. I know all modesty goes out the window with all the doctors and nurses, but with all the visitors I always wanted to be comfy and covered.


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