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10 Books I’ve Loved Lately

Books · April 10, 2020

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Since having Charlotte I have not gotten to read quite as much as I’ve wanted to. She has been sleeping through the night for a while now so I am slowly getting back into reading more. Now, with all of us at home for a while, it’s a great time to pick up a new book. So today I am sharing 10 books I’ve loved lately so that you can find a fun new read too!

10 Books I’ve Loved Lately

The day the Jessica Simpson memoir came out I started it! Charlotte was in the hospital and it’s what I would do while she slept. It was so interesting to me and I loved hearing about her life. People also rave about the audiobook since she does it herself.

The most recent book I finished was In Five Years and honestly, it’s probably the best book I’ve read in 6 months at least. It had me from page one and I could hardly put it down. Is stayed up late 3 nights reading it because I needed more. Imagine if you woke up in 5 years and everything about your life was different. But you only spent an hour in that life then went back. That’s the premise.

I read The Jetsetters and while it wasn’t my favorite book I’ve read this year it was breezy and enjoyable. It’s about a dysfunctional family on a cruise in the Mediterranean and it’s pretty fun!

I really needed a book to get me out of a reading rut a few months ago so on a recommendation from the Bad On Paper podcast I picked up, Our Stop. It was great! It was a really lovely, will they won’t they type read and I was here for it.

Another fun rom-com type book was Would Like To Meet. Right now I am all about the sweet fun light reads and this was exactly what I needed.

If you love any of the stories where people’s paths constantly cross you will really enjoy, Miss You. It was very well-written and you will love Tess and Gus.

Mackenzie and Graham have a complicated relationship and that’s the premise of Us, Again. Graham wants Mackenzie back but he broke her heart. Can he win her back? Read to find out!

Probably my favorite non-fiction book in a VERY long time was Save Me The Plums. Ruth Reichl was the editor in chief at Gourmet magazine and she is spilling ALL THE TEA. I really enjoyed this book and I am not even super into cooking!

I am usually first in line for anything Colleen Hoover writes. I will read it! When I got a galley of Regretting You I was SO EXCITED and it did not disappoint! If you have read any of her past books you will love this one.

The Two Lives Of Lydia Bird was another book I had a galley of and couldn’t stop reading. If you ever saw the movie, Sliding Doors you will love it too! What happens if you can live two versions of your life?

These are all fun, great reads that I think anyone will enjoy! With everything going on right now it’s nice to have an escape and no better way than diving into a great book, or ten.

What is a book you’ve loved lately?


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  • 12 thoughts on “10 Books I’ve Loved Lately

    1. Stephanie

      Ooh these are all new to me! I like the idea of In Five Years, I’ll have to look for that one. And I’ve been on a Mediterranean cruise so it could be interesting to read that just because I’ve been there!

      1. Lisa

        I love a good book list and this one has heaps that I’d love and have added to my to read list. I recently ordered Our Stop and have read my first Jane Fallon book called Strictly Between Us which was fantastic and you may like as well. I can’t wait to get into some of these books. Thanks for sharing.

    2. Elizabeth O

      Good for you to keep up with your reading with a little one in tow. I’ve read quite a bit this year and my selections vary. Enjoying audio books on my walks too.

    3. Christa

      Adding all of these to my list! I’m always looking for a great read and these all look like I’d love them.


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